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Voice Actor
Why? "I knew she had talent as a child (Finster) but as I grew up I learned of her prowess more and more"
Why? "Simpsons aside an amazingly versatile voice who can fit into any animated role. Megavolt Robot Devil etc memorable thanks to him"
Why? "Voice Acting GOD!"
Why? "Anyone who can convey the range of emotion that Ikue Oktani conveyed in one word Pikachu....deserves to be in a Voice Actress Hall of fame"
Why? "Not so much for range or versatility but because of his instantly recognizable booming dominant voice. Mufasa, Vader wouldnt be them w.o him"
Why? "Timing is impeccable and in my opinion Hercules would've flopped without his brilliance"
Why? "A fantastic imitator and innovator of voices with an amazing range.....along with ppl like Welker gave hope to the post Blanc era of voice"
Why? "Surprisingly good range of voice talents. Stemming from a teenage Hercules to the greatest portrayal of Spider-Man my ears have ever heard"
Why? "94 and still going strong...."
Why? "Martin Billany is a man who turned dreams into reality for many members of the aspiring voice acting community an immense respect to him."
Why? "Not only has an amazing range with instantly recognizable characters, but revolutionized Voice Acting as we know it."
Why? ""Don't have a cow man!" Do I even need to say more than that? Amazing Actress with an astounding array of vocal talents."
Why? "Extremely underrated especially when one considers the level of energy he brought to a character. Freakazoid/Dark Lord Chuckles."
Why? "Comedic Genius onstage and in voice"
Why? "Seth MacFarlane brought life to 3 shows....2 of them good, and made me completely re-imagine infants with his Rex Harrison Imitation"
Why? "Canadian pride/ amazing range of characters/ Timmy Turner/ Versatility/ Timmy Turner"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Its Robin Williams doing what Robin Williams done best. Heavily improved performance makes this character hilariously loveable in every way"
Why? "Not a traditional Disney Villain voice and it works amazingly well because of it. Kudos James Woods"
Why? "So friggin menacing as a child. Really the ONLY Disney Villain to get a job fully done."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show