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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Steve Blum
Why? "One of the most versatile voice actors i've ever had the pleasure of listening too."
Why? "All-around awesome actor, Period."
Why? "Born to play 60's batman"
Why? "Great as Brainiac 5"
Why? "Don't know why everyone hates this guy, He has a great voice."
Why? "My favourite Norman Osborn without a doubt."
Why? "Skilled live action actor that's dabbled in voice acting."
Why? "Solid British actor."
Why? "Skilled nerdy voice actor."
Why? "Great buffyverse actor"
Why? "Just Adorable."
Why? "Not as high-profile as other voice actors but still considerably talented."
Why? "Great Batman"
Why? "Great as Black Queen in Wolverine and the X-Men"
Why? "Skilled at playing evil scientists/corrupt authority figures."
Why? "Yet another actor who excels at playing villains."
Why? "Recess"
Why? "Played both venom and spider-man."
Why? "Awesome as Patrick"
Why? "Assortment of Voices on Futurama."
Why? "Great replacement for John Rhys-Davies as Hades."
Why? "Established himself as an extremely talented voice actor in all roles."
Why? "Surprisingly Versatile."
Why? "As a devout conroy fan, He is an awesome Batman."
Why? "made a creepy Toyman"
Why? "Reminds me of a younger Phil Lamarr."
Why? "Voice of Die Fledermaus from the Tick."
Why? "Respectable list of voice credits to his name and was quite surprised by his Bane."
Why? "Great as padme"
Why? "Completing my Powerpuff girls set."
Why? "Respectable log of performances (comedic and villanous) to his name."
Why? "Pretty good Nick Fury."
Why? "Solid Green Arrow"
Why? "Great performance on TMNT."
Why? "Still an amazing voice for Spider-Man."
Why? "This man has done it all"
Why? "One of my all-time favourite type-cast villain voice actors."
Why? "The credit he gets for Doctor Doom is well deserved."
Why? "Amzing as Wasp."
Why? "Another voice actor with impeccable range."
Why? "Great performance as Slash"
Why? "Another of my childhood voice actress's."
Why? "Badass voice suited for both heroes and villains."
Why? "Booger"
Why? ""Homer Simpsosn""
Why? "Great Old-time Spider-Man."
Why? "Very Talented."
Why? "Creepy as hell as Zsasz"
Why? "Played Venom & Bane."
Why? "would it be redundant to point out how incredibly awesome his performance of zuko is? Well I'll say it anyway it's awesome"
Why? "Skilled with a wide range of charismatic/funny voices."
Why? "Solid voice actor"
Why? "Solid as Hal Jordan"
Why? "someone put in a voice clip of Mako already."
Why? "Jimmy Olsen, Human Torch and Danny Phantom."
Why? "Growling voice makes him a great choice for any number of villains."
Why? "One of my all-time favorite voices."
Why? "Diverse and Incredibly skiiled voice actor."
Why? "My favourite voice for War Machine"
Why? "Quite a bit of good voice work to his name."
Why? "Awesome as Alfred."
Why? "Actress i enjoy and am glad to see getting into voice work."
Why? "Another great voice actress from my childhood."
Why? "Great as the Invisible Woman."
Why? "Amazing does not do this man's talents justice."
Why? "Plays the greatest monster"s."
Why? "Another versatile actor gracing the field of animation."
Why? "Good tv actor with a penchant for voice acting."
Why? "A great voice actor, without the second best voice for Superman."
Why? "Oh My"
Why? "great as both a VA and on-screen actress."
Why? "Good replacement for sarah michelle gellar"
Why? "Made a great Loki"
Why? "He is an awesome michelangelo."
Why? "Awesome english voice actor."
Why? "Arguably my favourite voice actress"
Why? "Solid take on Bane."
Why? "Princess Bubblegum and Starfire."
Why? "Great Black Panther"
Why? "Smooth voice and great as Doctor Strange."
Why? "Spike voice actin? Also awesome."
Why? "Live action actor with a great voice for animation."
Why? "Sinestro and Ras Al Ghul."
Why? "Made an awesome Kid Flash."
Why? "Great range of accents."
Why? "The definition of voice acting versatility."
Why? "Jewel amongst voice actresses."
Why? "One word: FINN"
Why? "Great as Captain Marvel"
Why? "Incrdibly cute voice."
Why? "iconic voice actor from my childhood."
Why? "Great impressionist and actor."
Why? "Underrated British actor."
Why? "Great actor with astounding vocal range."
Why? "J.Jonah Jameson."
Why? "Great looney tunes voice actor."
Why? "Hilarious actor with great versatility."
Why? "Bender and Jake Nuff Said"
Why? "Has voiced quite a few epic villains from both Marvel and DC"
Why? "Xanatos"
Why? "His performance as dr. connors was one of my favourite things about the 90's spidey show."
Why? "My Personal favorite Spidey voice actor (puts drake bell to shame)"
Why? "Amazing voice actress, easily one of my top ten."
Why? "Great as Maria Hill"
Why? "Great as Tails and Scarlet Witch."
Why? "Great actress from my childhood."
Why? "The definitive voice of spawn."
Why? "The dude is good."
Why? "Bad-ass voice"
Why? "Good actress ideally suited to voice acting."
Why? "Great oriental voice actor."
Why? "The definitive voice of Batman."
Why? "One of my favourite voices of all time(suited for ether villain or hero."
Why? "Most loved voice for both Cyborg and Blade."
Why? "Great as Batgirl."
Why? "Perfectly suited for badass characters"
Why? "Very distinctive voice."
Why? "Good Actress"
Why? "Geordi from next generation."
Why? "Seasoned and gifted voice actor."
Why? "The best Nightcrawler"
Why? "Robin and Iron Fist."
Why? "Good actress period, with plenty of voice actor cred."
Why? "Another Immortal voice (RIP)"
Why? "One of my favourite actors period."
Why? "Great Iron Man and Tony Stark"
Why? "Should voice She-Hulk more often."
Why? "Found quite a niche in voice acting."
Why? "Worthy successor to Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor"
Why? "Classy actor."
Why? "Great canadian voice actor"
Why? "Another Versatile voice actress."
Why? "Immortal as Mr. Freeze (RIP)"
Why? "A Kingpin of actors."
Why? "Another awesome voice."
Why? "Such an awesome voice."
Why? "Another underrated voice actor."
Why? "Excels at playing sniveling characters."
Why? "My favorite live-action Lex Luthor and the best voice of the Flash."
Why? "Would love to see him take on a marvel character."
Why? "Voice ideally suited for villanous/dark characters."
Why? "Great as Speedy."
Why? "Cute actress, glad to see she's venturing into voice acting."
Why? "Yet another whedon actor cast buy andrea romano."
Why? "Awesome, Brilliant champion of geeks."
Why? "Not primarily known for voice acting but he's awesome when he does it."
Why? "Personification of awesomeness."
Why? "Another of my childhood favorites."
Why? "Skilled in portraying creepy and cheerful characters."
Why? "Another versatile, talented actor."
Why? "Yet another actress who can hold her own in both live-action and in voice roles."
Why? "TY LEE"
Why? "Skilled at voicing father figures"
Why? "Good at playing Emotionless."
Why? "Great at playing bat**** insane."
Why? "Actor good at playing tough characters."
Why? "Long-working and versatile voice actor."
Why? "One of the greatest "nerd' actors ever."
Why? "Great at playing comic book characters."
Why? "This guys voice is Badass"
Why? "Another voice actor who's played both Spider-man and Venom"
Why? "Great Deadman"
Why? "A model of acting versatility(live and animated)"
Why? "Skilled at voicing evil characters."
Why? "Quite a sleazy voice he has."
Why? "Another who's voice is ideally suited for supervillains."
Why? "Perfect as Thor."
Why? "Great as both Spider-man and Batman"
Why? "Voice acting god from my childhood."
Why? "The only voice for Harvey Bullock."
Why? "Freddy Krueger voice acting? Awesome."
Why? "Very underrated as Iron Man"
Why? "T-1000"
Why? "Underrated but skilled voice actor."
Why? "Mad Hatter"
Why? "Great as Sonic the Hedgehog/Captain America, and it looks like he'll be a great Batman too."
Why? "talented in both live action and animation."
Why? "Made a very bad-ass Robin."
Why? "Versatile actor (all i have to say)"
Why? "Great youn voice actor."
Why? "Great voice for villains."
Why? "Great doing all those voices on Spongebob."
Why? "Has played two DC universe main female characters very well."
Why? "Unique Voice."
Why? "Pretty good norman osborn."
Why? "Pretty Good in Beware the Batman."
Why? "Wonder Woman"
Why? "Was great as madame web in Shattered Dimensions."
Why? "Like what I've heard from her so far."
Why? "One of the of my two favorite voice actress's"
Why? "Awesome as Poison Ivy."
Why? "Awesome as Mace Windu."
Why? "Greg weisman favourite"
Why? "Awesome at voicing thug characters."
Why? "Great villanous voice actor."
Why? "Unquestionably the best Superman voice actor."
Why? "Yet another versatile voice actor and the best Magneto/Ultron."
Why? "Skilled in both comedic and serious voice roles."
Why? "Great voice (RIP)"
Why? "Another african-american actor with an awesome voice."
Why? ""Spooons""
Why? "Another impressively ranged actor."
Why? "Arguably the most versatile voice actress ever."
Why? "Awesome as Black cat."
Why? "Great range of voices."
Why? "Voice actress of impressive range."
Why? "Needs to be in more things."
Why? "Great range of comic book characters he's given voices too."
Why? "Good voice actor."
Why? "Skilled at alternating between serious and goofball voices."
Why? "A respectable actor."
Why? "Underrated actor, Great as Mysterio."
Why? "Great voice actor with the potential to voice Spider-Man if he ever chose too."
Why? ""Steven Universe""
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My personal favourite superhero."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    TV Show
    Batman: The Animated Series
    Why? "Quite honestly the best animated superhero tv show i have ever watched."
    Why? "This show is so math"
    Why? ""Incredibly funny""
    Why? "Got into it a year ago and it's stuck with me."
    Why? "Solid interpretation of my favourite comic book character."
    Why? "One of the funniest shows out there, Shame it won't be coming back"
    Why? "Disney Classic in every sense of the word"
    Why? "Incredibly underrated but extremely clever show"
    Why? "DBZ without the filler"
    Why? "Quite possibly the greatest fighting show i've ever seen"
    Why? "Shame it's getting cancelled again"
    Why? "A show from my childhood that's even better than i remembered."
    Why? "I just got into it."
    Why? "Now this is real vampires"
    Why? "Responsible for introducing me to the larger DC universe."
    Why? "I likewise grew up watching this show."
    Why? ""If you're really good at something, You can make anything plausible and anything fun""
    Why? "Smartly written and genuinely adult comedy done right."
    Why? "Got me into the character of spawn."
    Why? "Iconic show from my childhhod"
    Why? "One of the best Disney shows yet"
    Why? "Just a great addition to the Star Wars mythos"
    Why? "Combines likable characters with an intriguing storyline."
    Why? "Amazing rendition of the iconic character in animation."
    Why? "Got me back into Ninja Turtles."
    Why? "A worthy addition to one of my most beloved franchises."
    Why? "Great"
    Why? "Definitely one of my favourite superhero show's."
    Why? "Took a while to find it's footing but became a truly solid Batman show once it did."
    Why? "Cartoon Network classic"
    Why? "One of my all-time favorites."
    Why? "So much better than the ultimate variety."
    Why? "Clever satire of superheroe's"
    Why? "Definately one of the best disney shows currently"
    Why? "A solid cartoon network addition and an example of a slice of life stroy done right"
    Why? "Prefer this to the original X-men."
    Why? "Undoudtedly one of the best animated tv shows based on DC comics that i had the pleasure of watching."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Toy Story
    Why? "Perfect family film"
    Why? "Inseparable from my childhood."
    Why? "Definitely lives up to the hype"
    Why? "Best superhero movie origin"
    Why? "Some of Mark Hamill's best work as the character"
    Why? "Just amazing, That's all there is too it"
    Why? "Best movie featuring Batman if 2016"
    Why? "Textbook example of a Batman movie done right"
    Why? "Widely considered the best of the MCU and it's difficult to argue that opinion."
    Why? "An underrated gem."
    Why? "Best Pixar movie made in quite awhile"
    Why? "Beautiful"
    Why? "A classic in every sense of the word"
    Why? "Excellent movie centering on Superman's moral stance"
    Why? "Still far and away the best superhero movie made yet."
    Why? "Pixar and superheroes, A winning combination."
    Why? ""Everything is Awesome""
    Why? "Strong film in the Disney Renaissance"
    Why? "Disney continues it's winning streak"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Voice Compare
    Why? "He's freakin spider-man"
    Why? "Always there for Bruce no matter what."
    Why? "Without a doubt the second best villain the X-Men have crossed paths with."
    Why? "Anyone makin fun of him might want to remember, he rules most of the frikkin planet."
    Why? "Peter's Rock"
    Why? "Great nazi villain."
    Why? "Everything great about batman, except a girl."
    Why? "He's the Godamn Batman"
    Why? "So many civilized and intellectual voices for this great character."
    Why? "Underrated batman villain thats picking up on street cred."
    Why? "Father of the Black Panther"
    Why? "Truly underrated and awesome marvel hero."
    Why? "One of the most interesting heroines in the Marvel Universe."
    Why? "Textbook definition of badass."
    Why? "Superman's second most important enemy."
    Why? "One of the most tortured characters in the entire marvel universe."
    Why? "One of the most psychotic characters from any comic book"
    Why? "The Flash's oldest rogue."
    Why? "By far my favorite of batman's various girlfriends."
    Why? "Wonder Woman's arch-nemesis."
    Why? "One of the best disney villains ever."
    Why? "One of the more tragic batman villains, depending on which one."
    Why? "Loyal member of the X-Men with a surprising number of voice actors."
    Why? "Can't wait till Kurtwood Smith is added."
    Why? "One of steve blums best roles."
    Why? "Many have worn this suit."
    Why? "Always had a soft-spot for him, even if he is the designated square of the X-men."
    Why? "Underrated marvel hero and one of my definite favorites."
    Why? "One of the greatest Dc Villains ever."
    Why? "Boston Brand we hardly knew ya"
    Why? "Merc with a mouth."
    Why? "Top assasin in the Dc Universe."
    Why? "Best assassin in the DCU"
    Why? "Arguably the greatest villain in the entire marvel universe."
    Why? "He's got the master plan."
    Why? "Spidey's number#2 bad guy."
    Why? "Sorcerer Supreme"
    Why? "Has a way with machines"
    Why? "Most powerful magic-based villain in Marvel."
    Why? "Spider-man's bruce banner."
    Why? "Alter-Ego of venom"
    Why? "Classic spider-man villain with alot of voice actors."
    Why? "Another underrated Batman villain"
    Why? "The greatest "speedster" super-hero without a doubt."
    Why? "Flash of the old generation"
    Why? "Literally and figuratively a giant amongst comic book villains in general."
    Why? "One popular mutant"
    Why? "A Cultured Phantom"
    Why? ""PRECIOUS""
    Why? "He's come so far from just being Batman with a robin hood fixation."
    Why? "Spidey's Arch-nemesis."
    Why? "Guy you love to hate"
    Why? "Awesome DC superhero with quite a few talented actors to his animated resume."
    Why? "Great addition in Justice League."
    Why? "Great ring slinger in his own right."
    Why? "Spidey's doomed love interest."
    Why? "Pretty much impossible to imagine the Joker without her."
    Why? "Hopefully he'll get more to do in the avengers sequel."
    Why? "Interesting JSA Member."
    Why? "'The Astonishing Ant-Man"
    Why? "Another underrated but formidable enemy of the Dark Knight."
    Why? "Can't believe i favourited bruce first."
    Why? "Great Cocky character."
    Why? "badass anti-heroine"
    Why? "Youngest of the original X-Men."
    Why? "Heart of the Fantastic Four."
    Why? "pretty good love interest"
    Why? "I liked him before RDJ made him cool."
    Why? "One of the all-time great supporting characters from any comic book anywhere."
    Why? "One of the greatest telepaths of the marvel universe."
    Why? "Yin to jameson's yang."
    Why? "May very well be the Greatest villain in the entirety of DC comics."
    Why? "Yet another badass character cursed with a ****ty live action movie."
    Why? "Definately the X-Men's most popular mutant villain."
    Why? "Really diggin her in Beware the Batman"
    Why? "Wally west but younger."
    Why? "Terrifying villain if there ever was one."
    Why? "Great supporting character."
    Why? "Pretty good villain from early fantastic four."
    Why? "Irreplaceable co-protagonist in the sonic game series."
    Why? "Unquestionably supermans greatest enemy, one of the top tier of dc villains and one of clancy brown's best voice roles."
    Why? "Great "jekyll and hyde" esque villain."
    Why? "The Main Man"
    Why? "The Original Superhero Love Interest."
    Why? "Sad but tragic Batman villain."
    Why? "In the top 2 villains of the Marvel Universe"
    Why? "Iron man's Arch-Nemesis."
    Why? "More evil robots"
    Why? "Heart of the Justice League."
    Why? "How have i missed this one for so long? My favourite superman villain."
    Why? "Sonic's best friend"
    Why? "Classic member of the Rogues."
    Why? "Any compare with Keith David is awesome in my book"
    Why? "Arguably the smartest guy in the marvel universe."
    Why? "Makes my top 5 favourite bat-villains easily."
    Why? "Great X-men villain."
    Why? "Some good voice actors for a reasonably minor character."
    Why? "Wide range of fittingly dramatic voices."
    Why? "great comic femme fatale"
    Why? "Great character with an impressive range of actors in both animation and video games."
    Why? "Great X-Men Member."
    Why? "Robin all grown up."
    Why? "Alter-Ego of the green goblin."
    Why? "Father of Thor."
    Why? "Barbera still makes herself more than useful."
    Why? "Son of Darkseid"
    Why? "Long running batman villain thouh not the most popular anymore"
    Why? "One of the best comic book love interests ever."
    Why? "Mesmering vixen this one."
    Why? "Quite evil in Flashpoint Paradox"
    Why? "Underrated female member of the X-Men."
    Why? "One Anti-Hero you don't wanna screw with"
    Why? "Might just be Batman's second greatest enemy."
    Why? "Got the most attitude on the team."
    Why? "Arguably the best Nazi supervillain from any comic."
    Why? "Great supporting cast member."
    Why? "One of the immortal batman villains."
    Why? "Can't imagine Batman without him."
    Why? "More than worthy replacement to dick grayson."
    Why? "Yet another tragic member of the X-men just the way we like them."
    Why? "Underrated"
    Why? "Best character in the book."
    Why? "One of john vernon's best vcal performances"
    Why? "Wolverines mortal enemy."
    Why? "My favourite Batman villian"
    Why? "Quite a tragic character."
    Why? "Long running Spidey villain."
    Why? "Anti-Hero of the Sonic Universe."
    Why? "Can't imagine the X-men without her."
    Why? "Underrated Spider-Man villain."
    Why? "Respectable number of fittingly evil voices."
    Why? "Thor's girlfriend"
    Why? "Great DC Villain with some impeccable voice talent."
    Why? "Pretty cool in the new TMNT series."
    Why? "My personal, favourite original video game character."
    Why? "very badass underrated anti-hero"
    Why? "The True spirit of vengeance"
    Why? "Great teen hero"
    Why? "Needs to appear in more things."
    Why? "Frquent & powerful member of the X-Men."
    Why? "The first Superhero."
    Why? "Daughter of the demon."
    Why? "All-time great tragic character."
    Why? "My favourite god superhero without a doubt."
    Why? "Underrated evil mutant."
    Why? "Hal jordan's best friend."
    Why? "Alter-Ego of Iron Man, Need i say More?"
    Why? "On of the most complex and interesting comic book villains anywhere."
    Why? "Awesome in Young Justice."
    Why? "One of the Greatest ani-hero's of all time in my opinion"
    Why? "Classic Spider-Man Villains"
    Why? "Alot of solid actors giving great takes on this character."
    Why? "Original Avenger."
    Why? "Over-Exposed? Perhaps. Still arguably the most bad-ass character in any comic book anywhere? most definately."
    Why? "Greatest heroine in the DC universe with plenty of diverse voice talent."
    Why? "Founder of the X-Men"
    Why? "Great magician from the DC universe."