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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Katsuyuki Konishi
Why? "He has established the rapport of being one of the most reliable & versatile voice actors, in other words Seiyuu with the most acting range."
Why? "He can be seductive & cruel in an instant, at least in his voice and gives his 100% in every character he portrays. A legend indeed!"
Why? "Oujisama Kisho has a voice of a prince (literally!!!) and he sings like a dream...need I say more. Love him & can't get enough of his music."
Why? "Noto chan was outstanding voicing Sawako Kuranuma & no one else can outperform that voice acting :)."
Why? "Momo can surprise anyone with his versatile voice acting and mesmerize with his singing. There is just no looking back for this mamo-chan."
Why? "Miyu chan is becoming mature with every anime he works in & definitely a seiyuu to watch out for his extraordinary portrayal of characters."
Why? "She can voice a boy, a kid, a girl with an equal panache. One of the most versatile Seiyuus among her compatriots, I just adored her as Bel."
Why? "He's the excellent new breed of seiyuus who can fit in any role/character with finesse. Loving him as Kise in Kurobasu♥ & Kimi to Boku."
Why? "Miki sama is a vetran and god his voice makes me weak in my knees (Hijikata sama)♥♥♥I hope to see more of his work in the "
Why? "He can play toughie,angsty, villainous, romantic and idiotic roles to perfection & is the handsomest lot among male seiyuus."
Why? "He has shown his versatility in recent animes and is also gaining popularity in both Yaoi anime and Otome games. Loved him as Dojou & Yukina"
Why? "Yuu chan can portray an character superbly even with a few words and well he is also blessed with a scrumptious voice ;)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Len Tsukimori
Why? "He made fall in love with violin & music altogether. The quiet & sophisticated Tsukimori is one of my fav bishies anime characters♥♥♥"
Why? "Daaabuhhhh...that one word will make u fall in love with Belbo...doesn't matter if he is a demon kid...ain't he adorable♥"
Why? "One of my fave character bishies...Ikuto was the no.1 reason I watched Shugo Chara...simply suteki♥♥♥"
Why? "SR becomes most enjoyable when Harima arrives & what a comic :D you'll laugh all the way."
Why? "The beautiful, flamboyant "Male" himesama, Kura is just amazing as a cross-dresser and all credits goes to Mitsuki san's brilliant voice."
Why? "Natsu is one heck of an entertaining character and a kick ass portrayal of a rebel & Kakpi's one of the best works :D."
Why? "Adorable & awesome, Nyanko sensei is the best neko/cat to watch & Kazuhiko san's voice did every justice to the character."
Why? "Seiji was lovable delinquent, with a heart of gold and quiet different voice acts done by Kishio san as well :D."
Why? "Oga is a delinquent with a heart of gold...& he plays a simply adorable though loud Dad (sorta) of Bel, but that's what made me love him."
Why? "Another awkward Sawako version, but she's an adorable "Jellyfish Otaku" fan and Hana chan was just brilliant voicing her♥♥♥."
Why? "Even though a toughie bishie, his character was an adorable tsundere & Saku pyon was again awesome with his voice skills for Kanda♥♥♥"
Why? "Ahhh...Zero gets a 100 & always makes me go weak in my knees. What an angst portrayed by Mamo-chan...scrumptious vampire to the core ♥♥"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Death Note
Why? "This anime just gives you the creeps... made with such realism that u just can't help but watch it again and again."