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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Rob Paulsen
Why? "Funny guy with a heart of gold! Narf!"
Why? "Psst, he's Batman"
Why? "Aye Laddie he's Scrooge McDuck!"
Why? "Not just Beaver's mom but Nanny too!"
Why? "Rita!"
Why? "Ummm he's Patrick!"
Why? "What an amazing talent! One of the greats."
Why? "Good News everyone! He's awesome! :)"
Why? "So talented!"
Why? "H-h-he he's P-p-p-Porky Pig"
Why? "Dexter and Sweetie Pie!"
Why? "She's Angelica"
Why? "You lookin at him? He's Pesto!"
Why? "Mr Krabs :)"
Why? "Homer and Robot devil and a few others ;)"
Why? "Cooler, and lots of my brother's childhood faves"
Why? "Not just Uncle Joey, Animal, Bunsen and others! Love him!"
Why? "Bosley and Grandpa Lou"
Why? "Legend!"
Why? "Chuckie Finster's sister :)"
Why? "He's Don Mesick nuff said"
Why? "Tommy Pickles!!!!"
Why? "Because this humble man is a voice over legend and from what I understand one of the most humble sweet guys on the planet"
Why? "Candie Chipmunk, Shirley the Loon an she's Bobby's Mom dontcha know"
Why? "Fozzie, Scooter and he was a Turtle! Wow!"
Why? "Great job with some of the classics :)"
Why? "W-O-L!"
Why? "Tommy and Dil's dad!"
Why? "Theodore and the Chipettes"
Why? "Max! Nermal! Great voice :)"
Why? "He's a Wascally Wabbit all right!"
Why? "Cuz he's Faboo!!!"
Why? "Pooh, Tigger and so much more! What's not to love?"
Why? "I loved Yakky Doodle when I was little"
Why? "Sufferin Succotash! Sylverster and Plucky and wow! :)"
Why? "He's Bender baby!"
Why? "Fuhgeddaboutit, he's Bobby!"
Why? "Minerva Mink deserves a shout out!"
Why? "The Grand Dame of voice acting!"
Why? "Leela and Spinelli's mom!"
Why? "Baby Rowlf and other Saturday morning faves"
Why? "Batman!"
Why? "Eliza Thornberry and Tanya Mousekewicz!"
Why? "Amy!!! Connie and Minh too!"
Why? "Baby Piggy!"
Why? "Luke Stinkin' Skywalker and the Joker, need I say more?"
Why? "Yes! The Brain! Are you pondering what he's pondering?"
Why? "Tommy and Dil's mom, also a very funny lady"
Why? "Plastic man!! Angelica's dad and Chuckie Finster's Dad! Wow!"
Why? "So talented!"
Why? "Elelator go down the hole...."
Why? "Spinelli and Bobby Hill, and she's awesome!"
Why? "She was Ursula and the baddie in Pound Puppies!"
Why? "One of the legends of voice acting!"
Why? "Froindleven!!!!"
Why? "He's Hermes mon, and a great voice actor :)"
Why? "Squidward! The Chief!"
Why? "Creator of, and voice of Dave and Allllllvvvviiiinnn!!!!!"
Why? "So many wonderful characters(who knew she was Baby Gonzo) but most of all she's Minnie Mouse :)"
Why? "Awesome funny lady! Love it when she does Voice Over(Nose Marie!)"
Why? "Great actress and writer!"
Why? "A legend!!! Pete Puma and a goofy gopher!"
Why? "Narrator extrodinaire, and Darwin!"
Why? "Skipper!"
Why? "Love her!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "THOG!!!! Dontcha just want to give him a big hug?"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Animaniacs is a classic!!!! Rob, Tress, Jess, Mo, need I say more?"
Why? "Love Montery Jack!"
Why? "So many of my favorite voice actors all in one show!"
Why? "The Muppets! Classic! Down at Fraggle Rock!"
Why? "Guh, it's Futurama"
Why? "Mel Blanc AND June Foray in the 80's nuff said"
Why? "It's the Muppets, nuff said :)"
Why? "They're Tiny They're Toony, they're classic!"
Why? "Ahhh childhood memories!"
#1 All Time Favorite