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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Steve Blum
Why? "Does such an amazing job on everything and he's an amazing too."
Why? "perfect Nick Fury"
Why? "Mirror Master"
Why? "BEST Storm Shadow and awesome as Hat"
Why? "Awesome characters"
Why? "a sofa...whoops...Ahsoka"
Why? "Shao Kahn, Balrog, Gorobei, and Sig Curtis"
Why? "Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad, and my personal favorite James Gordon"
Why? "Tim Drake"
Why? "The best Bane"
Why? "Hidan"
Why? "she has huge - uhhhh i mean shes a good actress and wonderful in all-star superman"
Why? "Chloe and Cheetah"
Why? "Slash"
Why? "Quantum Ranger AND Vergil"
Why? "jack spicer, hotstreak, and dave"
Why? "Ra's Al Ghul"
Why? "Frodo and Beck!"
Why? "I went a long time finding him annoying and ruining a lot of shows, but TigerClaw in TMNT disproved me"
Why? "Mutant Leader & Uncle Ruckus"
Why? "the brain"
Why? "Loki, Shaw, and his roles in the Uncharted games! 8)"
Why? "Guldo, Ganta, and Heihachi"
Why? "Beast Boy, Kevin 11, USP Iron Fist, and 2012 Mikey!!! =P"
Why? "starfire"
Why? "hello there children, big salty balls, and various other SP catchphrases"
Why? "Avanlache, Private, Johnny Quick, and Xigbar-Braig this guy can pull it off"
Why? "Awesome characters"
Why? "Kid Flash, Razer, and Lux"
Why? "Amazing as Dick Grayson and Roxas"
Why? "I like his Deathstroke voice"
Why? "he wrecked it"
Why? "Q & Mr. Twister"
Why? "3rd best deadpool"
Why? "I don't even like Fringe but his voice is epic!"
Why? "Kang, Atrocitus, and Galactus"
Why? "Dat voice. and hes "the partner""
Why? "Sly."
Why? "Aqualad & Cyborg"
Why? "falcon, cutler, and soon-to-be ra's al ghul"
Why? "Spock, Galvatron, and Sentinel Prime."
Why? "Noted"
Why? "hawkgirl and she-hulk"
Why? "shaggy"
Why? "gas powered stick...Gas Powered Stick...Gas Powered Stick!!!....GAS POWERED STICK!!!!"
Why? "leo"
Why? "he does good big-people voices"
Why? "Tobi & Jet!"
Why? "His voice doesnt really 'act' but its still awesome"
Why? "Ventress, Lady Jaye, Sif, and Pandora"
Why? "Franky, Bob, Scorpion, Ragna, and Sloth"
Why? "Doc Ock, Ivo, & Mad Hatter"
Why? "Warhawk"
Why? "Sir George"
Why? "Jon Stweart GL, Static, Samurai Jack, and his comedy performances!!!"
Why? "Ginyu, Kambei, & Whitebeard"
Why? "sully"
Why? "Amazo"
Why? "Donatello, Teddie, Phoenix Wright, and his work in the Tales Of games"
Why? "raph"
Why? "Krillin, Usopp, Bardock, Maes Hughes, & Kyuzo"
Why? "He's the StarLord respect him!!!.....and he's Master Chief too...."
Why? "Amazing as Wan"
Why? "Kratos and Mace Windu"
Why? "Lexington, Klarion, and Tinkerer! (all Greg Weisman shows)"
Why? "Nigel Thornberry AAAAAAHHHH"
Why? "spoon"
#1 All Time Favorite
Optimus Prime
Why? "THE commander of life"
Why? "I hated her at first, but her development was good to becoem a good character."
Why? "i find him amusing"
Why? "they see my rollin"
Why? "Great man. Sad that he died."
Why? "slap slap slap clap clap clap"
Why? "i love his powers"
Why? "BOOYAH!"
Why? "He's not quite as cool as Maul but still cool"
Why? "he dimmedon't give a ****"
Why? "100-hand slap!"
Why? "he's basically Scyther"
Why? "he's basically General Zod"
Why? "He had a vision"
Why? "the performance of her in storm 3 had me tearing up"
Why? "Phil's performance and adding "ism" to everything makes him awesome"
Why? "He's a jerk, but a lovable jerk!"
Why? "It's basically Dwayne McDuffie!"
Why? "I always dug this character"
Why? "Do you have the moves like Haggar?"
Why? "mhm kay"
Why? "you know who else has him as a favorite character? MY MOM!!!!"
Why? "Blargh! Smashing! Lord Nelsons Trousers!"
Why? "Hilarious running gag"
Why? "gotta love the autotone woooaaahhhh"
Why? "han solo, if he were a duck"
Why? "He/she can be anything you want."
Why? "I hope he appears on YJ"
Why? "I relate to him and he's awesome"
Why? "token, you're black, you can play bass"
Why? "He fights for the users!"
Why? ""..maybe you're not a BAD guy...""
Why? "Didn't really care for him...until his sacrifice in YJ"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
South Park
Why? "very underrated"
Why? "Really underrated kids sci-fi gem with dark elements, a lot of filler, and was misused by cartoon network."
Why? "Best He-Man show"
Why? "Everything you want in a show and ending to the DCAU"
Why? "I never liked scooby doo, but this show is great. Probably due to the characters being human and able to relate with."
Why? "Not as good as the new clone wars, but still good."
Why? "Improves from the movie and each season, and its official canon. Better then episode 1 & 2 of the movies, and then old clone wars tv show."
Why? "Excellent writing and good addition to the TRON lore!!"
Why? "Best X-Men show!"
Why? "Everything about this show is sssooo addicting"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Avengers
Why? "Everything you want in a movie and sets the bar for adaptation comic book movies."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Why? "dat voice cast & character list"
Why? "Sets the bar for fighting games and i doubt Capcom could pass that pass set by NeatherRealm"
Why? "hard as hell but still well made"
Why? "The experience. Nuff said"
#1 All Time Favorite
DC Showcase: Green Arrow