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Voice Actor
Why? "Agito! Man was hilarious as that character in Air Gears!"
Why? "Man was awesome as Lupin/Wolf! I think he was the fit for the character IMO"
Why? "The man's performance as Hayato Shingu in Project ARMS was absolutely insane! His furious outbursts/yells were a whole new level of rage!"
Why? "Her silly and crazy voices are hilarious! Patty and Lunar are the best examples!"
Why? "I give him props for trying to do 25 characters on DBZ in the original funimation dub. Didn't realize it til I looked it up."
Why? "The guy had a dynamic sounding narrator voice and had a specific speech pattern that was hard to replicate. Loved his Ginyu too!"
Why? "Man has an awesome sounding Goku voice that's very hard to replicate! It's smooth and easy on the ears! Wish I could sound like his Goku!"
Why? "His performance as Godai was hilarious! Felt it showed off his emotional range! And loved his Raditz voice too! Wish he never retired. :/"
Why? "Amazing Villain Voice! His performances in The Soul Taker, DBZ, and Project Arms are prime examples!"
Why? "His Goku voice had the right amount youthful and serious for the character! His screams were intense and his acting was amazing as Goku!"
Why? "He was by far my favorite portrayal as Bruce Wayne/Batman while growing up!"
Why? "He had a calm fitting voice for Jigen, didn't sound forced or too old. Felt he was the best portrayal for him. Wish he did him more."
Why? "His performance in Project ARMS as Keith Red and Turles in DBZ were amazing! The way he performed made them enjoyable to listen to! Loved it"