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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Aya Hirano
Why? "She is legendary when it comes to Anime. She does a lot of main characters and has a certain charm you just have to love."
Why? "*ahem* TETSUOOOOO Also he is great as Kratos, Liquid Snake and a bunch of minor characters in Dragon Age."
Why? "Everyone knows him as Mario and the others from the Mario games. But to my surprise he even do awesome voices like Paarthurnax. What talent!"
Why? "I really respect him for all of his hard work when it comes to the Dragonball Z franchise."
Why? "Heihachi and Mr Satan. Also just had an awesome voice overall."
Why? "What an amazing vocal range this guy has. He does so many characters, and very few sound the same."
Why? "I love him for his voice for Finn the Human."
Why? "John does a lot of great voice work, in tv shows and videogames. His voice is quite unique as well."
Why? "He just does cool voices. Not much more to say."
Why? "I like him for his work with Zoro and Wakka."
Why? "I really like Kyle for his voice range. Also you just gotta love him as the narrator for DB Z"
Why? "Dude... its Mark Hamill. Thats my reason."
Why? "She is what makes Luffy well... Luffy. If she is replaced before the end of the series i dont know if i will bear to continue watching it."
Why? "This is THE MOST BAD ASS voice actor in the world. His voice can make anything sound cool."
Why? "For his role as Justice from Afro, Lich King from Adventure and Slade"
Why? "I really do wish he had more roles. He is great as both Vegeta and Hermit."
Why? "Its Samuel L Jackson. He will probably kill me if i dont favorite him."
Why? "I like his version of Goku. Boring reason i know."
Why? "He does such good work and brings humor to his characters. The best parts he brings to his characters must be his laugh though."
Why? "She does so many characters i like. I Especially like her for Rikku though"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite antihero/villain."
Why? "Auron is like the definition of a bad ass."
Why? "Its hard to write about why she is a big favorite without spoiling anything so yeah. I just really like her for who she is."
Why? "I just like his design. His relationship with his son also reminds me a lot of my own relationship to my own father."
Why? "This is the kind of girl every anime and game nerd dreams about. Funny, cute and that she likes anime and games."
Why? "He mad bro"
Why? "If you like crazy characters, you will love Ladd."
Why? "The hero that everyone wish they were like. Handsome, smart, silent, strong and even funny. And he is good with animals."
Why? "Even though Lloyd can be pretty annoying he has a good heart and is all in all a great hero type character."
Why? "Marcus as a character is not very likable, however without him there would be no Gears of War."
Why? "Who doesn't love Mario?"
Why? "My favorite character from One Piece. He believes in companionship and strength. And i admire that."
Why? "I fail to understand why so many people dislike Tidus. He is a well written character who stays true to his character all trough the story."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Why? "My absolute favorite anime. Why? Because it does everything it does right."
Why? "I was not sure what to expect, considering its suposedly a tv show for kids. But i was hooked after just 1 episode. Filled with easter eggs,"
Why? "I just love this series. It has a bit of everything in it. Violence, humor, style, murders, mystery and so on."
Why? "Loved this a lot when i was a kid. It holds up too :)"
Why? "It was my first proper anime, well after pokemon and Digimon."
Why? "One of the funniest cartoons made. This still holds up pretty well, if you haven't seen it, you should."
Why? "There is nothing else quite like this show. Its like Powerpuff Girls for adults."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "My favorite Final Fantasy so far. ( Havent played v-IX)"
Why? "The most fun game to play with friends, if you have friends ofc."