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Voice Actor
Yuri Lowenthal
Why? "Lots of roles, but mostly because of Persona 3 and Tales of the Abyss."
Why? "Slayers, Hellsing, Durarara!! There's more, but I figure that's enough of a reason."
Why? "How can you even be some of these different people?"
Why? "He does so much, including directing."
Why? "Star Driver He's good in the other things I've seen, but I feel in lover with Star Driver."
Why? "How can you play that many characters, in one show, and have them all be distinct?"
Why? "Any time I'm shocked by almost all the roles I know is a good sign."
Why? "Layfon, Rin, and Shin"
Why? "Eternal Sonata, primarily."
Why? "Consistently good even when not perfect and seems to pay attention tot he fans."
Why? "Mustang, and his role in Ergo Proxy."
Why? "Yuri and Kanji, also Vincent. I haven't heard a lot of him yet, but I have heard I've really loved."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's over the top and never takes himself too seriously. What else could you ask for?"
Why? "One of my favorite characters in Tales of the Abyss."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Definitely my childhood."