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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Grey DeLisle
Why? "She has an incredible voice. I loved her as Sam, Frida, Frankie, Vicky, Tootie, Riley and many other. She sings very beautiful too."
Why? "Cadence !"
Why? "Her voice is awesome and beautiful"
Why? "His voice is awesome."
Why? "His voice is unique. I like his roles like Danny Fenton, Marty Mc Fly and Stuart Little."
Why? "He makes a gazillion of awesome charaters!!! WOW"
Why? "Hiccup :3!!!!!"
Why? "She voices great characters."
Why? "Forms part of my childhood"
Why? "Her voice is so beautiful."
Why? "He is a great voice actor! I like all of his roles"
Why? "She makes the adorable togepi and ducky!"
Why? "Her voice is so cute!"
Why? "Rarity, Pucca and Pashmina! Awwww, such adorable characters. She has a really elegant and beautiful voice."
Why? "Her voice is so awesome and funny! Her roles had at least made me laugh at once. My favorite ones are Timmy, Bubbles, Dil, Raven and more."
Why? "His voice is! He looks and sounds like he is a nice person. I like his roles as: SpongeBob, Ice King, Spyro, Dog and much more!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Danny Fenton
Why? "He is handsome! He is really funny and his personality is enchanting and awesome!"
Why? "Her voice just cute!"
Why? "Her Personality is great."
Why? "He's the coolest and funniest imaginary friend."
Why? "Such an adorable character!"
Why? "To Infinity and Beyond!"
Why? "He has a cute personality."
Why? "He is hilarious!"
Why? "I love the face he did when he got scared."
Why? "He is funny."
Why? "H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S."
Why? "He's nice and adorable."
Why? "He has an awesome personality."
Why? "She is awesome."
Why? "Great character"
Why? ""I can fix it!""
Why? "Like her style and her personality. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle!!"
Why? "meow :3"
Why? "My favorite character. Sometimes her personality may be not godd, but she is really a nice person"
Why? "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile"
Why? "She can be shy, but she is cute and has a beautiful personality."
Why? "Not my fave but..She is crazy and awesome! I love her personality."
Why? "I am snowball and fun times"
Why? "I identify with her in the fact that we sometimes want to be more mature.."
Why? "He's adorable! I would like to have him as my pet. he's fluffy! but he has an evil side..but he's cute!"
Why? "he's round and adorable!"
Why? "just funny and so sweet"
Why? "He's shy personality is so cute."
Why? "Greatest blond ever!"
Why? "Like his personality"
Why? "She is great."
Why? "he's cute!"
Why? "Cute, Cynical, Smart, what else can he have? He is my favorite male from the show. I don't like the fact that he is lazy."
Why? "Best Villain of the show! I really like this episode"
Why? "He is just hilarious! Who you callin' pinhead :D"
Why? "He's HILARIOUS!"
Why? "She is so optimistic and happy! C"
Why? "He's cute and adorable!"
Why? "Best pony ever! She is so generous and has a beautiful heart. Her voice is so elegant and beautiful and I love her dramatic moments."
Why? "She has nice personality and she is beautiful."
Why? "She is incredible! I LOVE her personality and her concept about individuality."
Why? "Epic just epic character"
Why? "He is super hilarious. It very funny that he is a sponge. Thanks to him, I don't see sponges the same way.."
Why? ""WE LOVE YOU!""
Why? "Awesome voice and personality."
Why? "cutest pokemon ever!"
Why? "She has an awesome personality!"
Why? "He is really funny!"
Why? "I´m just like her!"
Why? "She can be evilest babysitter on earth, but she is awesome!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Danny Phantom
Why? "Incredible Show! This show gave me a new concept about ghosts and I loved all of the characters and I really like the design."
Why? "This show is just awesome and epic!and I really like the set and the characters personalities."
Why? "This show is enchanting, beautiful and incredible!"
Why? "Awesome cartoon!"
Why? "This show was scary! but i watched it almost every day."
Why? "When I used to go to my aunt´s house. I watched this show"
Why? "This shows is part of my childhood. It was a great show."
Why? "I always woke up early the watch this show when I was like 5."
Why? "This show was pretty epic."
Why? "Great Show"
Why? "Funny,Hilarious"
Why? "Awesome show. I love all of the Imaginary friends."
Why? "This show is awesome!"
Why? "Part of my childhood."
Why? "Best show ever! It show great lesson and it´s so cute!"
Why? "Great Anime. I like the action and the comedy."
Why? "Funniest and greatest show ever! This show marks all my childhood."
Why? "Great Show. This show really makes me wish I had Fairly Odd parents, but sometimes the wishes can get a little weird in this show."
Why? "This show is part of my awesome childhood."
Why? "A really great show. Great design. I identify with one of the characters:Gwen.I love the challenges"
#1 All Time Favorite
How to Train Your Dragon
Why? "This has to be my favorite movie of all time. It´s a cute and amazing movie and the concept is just so flawless and the characters amazing"
Why? "Best Disney Classic. I love this movie a lot. IOt has a beautiful lesson and I like the character´s personalities."
Why? "Pixar Movies arwe the best!"
Why? "Flawless! This movie made me cry and smile. Really awesome moie with beautiful scenery and awesome guardians! I highly recomend this movie!"
Why? "Very awesome movie! I love it! It really teaches you a very good lesson."
#1 All Time Favorite
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