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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jamie Marchi
Why? "legend!"
Why? "Brina is incredible! totally amazing as our young earl Phantomhive! and Holo! oh.. and Shiro! epic woman!"
Why? "TIEN!!"
Why? "the guy is a legend!! he voices so many characters in dragon ball z... seriously he owns the dbz world!"
Why? "Trunks and Yuki Sohma.... nuff said. seriously though Eric is great at what he does!!"
Why? "does there really need to be a reason? seriously Greg and All of his work is stunning! nothing more to it. also.. Kaoru Hitachiin!! *heart*"
Why? "Sebastian!! but seriously this guy is amazing! his work is stunning! his voice is so durable he doesnt voice a character, he owns it!!"
Why? "Ronald Knox!!!"
Why? "Mitsukuni and Alois *heart!!*"
Why? ""
Why? "obviously goku.. but the man puts great effort and emotion into all his work, thus making it pleasing to watch and listen to. awesome guy!!!"
Why? "i see big things to come from Terri!! and i cant wait! also.. TAS FTW!!"
Why? "the guy's a legend. nuff said."
Why? "yep he's amazing."
Why? "vic is. well he's crazy awesome! he has portrayed some of my fave characters and brought them to life. amazing singing for the DBGT opening!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Goku Son / Kakarot
Why? "goku is epic! i love everything about him! and whats not to love? the guy is to most powerful being on the planet! :P GOKU FAN FOR LIFE!"
Why? "he's perfect."
Why? "he's Ash Ketchum... and he wants to be the very best."
Why? "he's crazy!! "
Why? "Ciel.. is badass! he knows what he wants, and will stop at nothing to get it. even willing to sell his soul to a demon.. that is EPIC!"
Why? "seriously. whats not to love?"
Why? "he reminds of Goku in ways... he's badass!, he fights for whats right and just never gives up! and the short jokes are hilarious!"
Why? "seriously. best priest EVER!!"
Why? "i love France!! & Tatum!"
Why? "those eyes.. really. i looovvee Hanabusa!"
Why? "she's Holo the wise wolf.. need i explain?"
Why? "he's Kaname..... "
Why? "my favorite Hitachiin twin!! i love Hikaru too! but but Kaoru is cool and calm and awesome and yeah i could go on.."
Why? "SHADOW KING!! i looove Kyoya!! thr real brain behind the infamous host club. and obviously.. J.Michael Tatum!! who did an awesome job!"
Why? "most hilarious character in dbz. go Roshi!"
Why? "Onsokumaru is NUTS!! easy! totally hilarious, perverted and all over the place! funny as hell! Sean Schemmel did a great job!"
Why? "He's bloody Pluto! No need for any other reason.. Demon hounds FTW!!"
Why? "Sebastian Michaelis is awesome! and totally hot! and 'dat voice' sometimes ive forgotten he even a demon, credit to the amazing voice actor!"
Why? "Shigure needs a show of his own! He's so funny and never ceases to crack me up.. But when he serious. You just feel it and go with it."
Why? "'erhm' 'uhum' 'mm' am i forgetting any one liners? .. haha Mori truly is awesome! just so chill! well when he's not protecting Hunny.."
Why? "does there really need to be a reason? he's the prince! he' Tama chun! I LOVE TAMAKI!!"
Why? "whats not to love about Tanaka? he's awesome! especially little Tanaka!"
Why? "Vegeta is BADASS! need i say more?"
Why? "Yuki is a cutie! mouse or human form ^.^"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Dragon Ball Z
Why? "Dragon Ball Z started my love of anime, and is so awesomely consistent! i can never get enough! and Goku is my all time favourite character!"
Why? "whats not to love? it's awesome and there's nothing more to it."
Why? "love it!! animation is fantastic, characters are awesome (and totally addictive!). credit to the voice actors who did a great job!!"
Why? "Black Butler is awesome!!! Sebastian fan for life!!"
Why? "love black butler!! and OVA's were awesome!!"
Why? "ssj4 Goku, ssj4 Vegeta, ssj4 Gogeta.... need i say more?"
Why? "i love FMA! and Edward Elric!!! :) nuff said."
Why? "Ninja is hilarious!! there's no more to be said."
Why? "does there really need to be a reason? i mean come on, an endless amount of overly beautiful guys then add the comedy and viola! = awesome!"
Why? "its incredibly well written and the VA's did a great job! its a pleasure to watch! oh and Okabe's totally nuts! and Mayuri is a cutie!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
Why? "easily my favourite DBZ movie. Gogeta, Veku, jenemba... whats not to love?"
Why? "because the mad hatter is crazy as hell!, the red queen is nuts and the rabbit is skitty! funny little wabbit! ;)"
Why? "love all three Broly movies!"
Why? "Gohan is badass in this movie!"
Why? "Tapion is awesome! and Hirudegarn is creepy as hell!"
Why? "oh-dear-god! Depp is hilarious!!!"
Why? "my favourite LBT movie!"
Why? "it a classic..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "as much as i love J.Tatum, and he did do a great job! i think people are choosing fandom over work/skill/experience ect. Chris gets my vote"
Why? "Both amazing actors! Duh!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Why? "awesome game! totally addictive!"
Why? "my favourite game!!! (for ps2)"