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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "because who dosen't love ADAM WEST!"
Why? "Chrisma, awesome voice, and he is funney"
Why? "this guy has an amazing voice it's a shame he dosen't get very many imiportant roles IMO he's a better deidara then the ACHUAL VA"
Why? "i've never seen anyone with a more sinister voice"
Why? "I'll be honest this is my idol right here"
Why? "Who dosen't love Steven Colbert"
Why? "is it not obvioius"
Why? "his voice is the very defination of iconic every time i hear his voice i'm like "hi Mr. Lowenthal" he is the voice of Protagonists"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "because "bite my shiny metal ass" thats why"
Why? "because HE'S DEADPOOL!!"
Why? "Ron Pearlman's Deathstorke made me think Sladestroke is an amazing villan"
Why? "woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop"
Why? "the king of anime deserves recognition"
Why? "perfect villen, interesting, evil, and with a killer evil laph"
Why? "He is single handily the definition of manliness, HAIL TO THE FIRST SAGE"
Why? "he just seems so cool not only is his concept beyond radical but he is so entertaining and he has such a cool voice (in every iteration)"
Why? "talk about a character that build childhoods, HAIL THE SECOND SAGE!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "proof that CN studious can still make great cartoons... when they arn't making horribly annoying abominations"
Why? "the best of the MacFarlane Cartoons in my and most other people's opinion"
Why? "everything about this show works, the characters, the story, the art, the music, the acting, everything is just phenomenal"
Why? "the defination of underrated anime"
Why? "this is one of those shows that is awesome yet sadly gets ended super early"
Why? "best digimon because you really do get to know the characters"
Why? "this show made anime popular to americans and I CHALLENGE you to find a more influenchial anime to americans"
Why? "lets be honest you compare your circle of closest friends to Ed Edd and eddy"
Why? "Everything aobut this show works, it's so goddamn entertaining"
Why? "fantastic action, fantastic acting, fantastic characters, fantastic story, and groovy as f*ck soundtrack"
Why? " i relly need to say it"
Why? "when i think of this show i think...HEROIC!! and that badass theme song"
Why? "fantastic, as a show, not just comparing it to the normal anime"
Why? "it's like my generations Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...if you don't count TMNT(2001)"
Why? "everything about this show just works in such a way that i think it's for all extensive purposes perfect"
Why? "this show made the less popular batman villans awesome and that is no easy feat, best batman show IMO"
Why? "it took the longest for any Nicktoon to stop being good...pretty impressive"
Why? "SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE 80s ONE, MY GOD!!! As true as that is the reason is it's not just a coat of paint it's a better running vehicle"
Why? "this show has STYLE"
Why? "this show is awesome, great action, memerable characters, and story twists that make my chest a good way"
Why? "Darkest, coolest, and best written of the Yu-Gi-Oh series once you get past the "card games on motorcycles" it is just fantastic"
Why? "do i hear people talking bad about the english dub of this, shame on all of you"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "this is a fun movie, with a great cast, and an awesome villen"
Why? "a disney classic for my generation"
Why? "probably one of the best of the Pokemon movies, although in consideration of Pokemon games...the whole Entai thing doesn't really make sense"
Why? "this movie is just "delicious""
Why? "waited many years for this movie and my god is it awesome"
Why? "this movie is the best holiday movie ever, only problem is which holiday movie it's supposed to be"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Why? "one of the best if not the best, game on the Wii, and one of my favorite games of all time"
Why? "There is so much to this game, great fighting system, interesting story, and it's extremely funney"
Why? "shaping up to be a super impressive game"
Why? "i love kingdom hearts and this one takes the cake for just unbelivable scale it's bigger then any other KH game out there"
Why? "this game has amazing voice work and is just an all around great game"
Why? "game is just awesome"
Why? "because the game is better at telling the story and looks gorgeous while doing it"
Why? "The Pokemon series always gets better over time and this is no exception, beautiful environments, and of coarse beautiful ending"
Why? ""kicking @$$" quote from the back of the box"
Why? "this game is phenonimal, even after i played League of Legends this game just has more going for it"
Why? "amazing game with an entire voice cast featuring a legacy of spider man voices"
Why? "so awesome...SO AWESOME"