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Voice Actor
Dameon Clarke
Why? "Best voice actor FUNimation will ever have! No other male VA in their talent pool comes even close in range and acting ability."
Why? "FUNimation's best voice actress & one of the best VAs in the anime dubbing biz. Looking forward to even more great performances! Go Jamie!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Perfect Cell
Why? "My favorite Shonen JUMP female protagonist. Jamie Marchi as Hilda or the dub can GTFO..."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Funimation's best English dub"
Why? "Not as good as the other series but it had some good moments"
Why? "Japanese cast got worse but the English cast improved and now the dub completely crushes the sub. Funimation has redeemed themselves. 10/10"
Why? "While everyone was caught up in AoT hype in 2013 many probably missed the 2nd half of this underrated anime. Do yourself a favor & watch it!"
Why? "One of my favorite English dubs in recent years!"
Why? "Better than expected. One Punch Man a better anime but MHA has better English dub. Good casting & acting for lead duo which OPM's dub lacked"
Why? "Fantastic anime; one of the best in years. English dub is a massive disappointment though; such a waste."
Why? "Potential AOTY if J.C. Staff stays faithful to the manga. Hopefully English dub won't suck (*hint* Jamie Marchi as Mari or Meiko = success)"
Why? "English cast crushes the Japanese cast; it's not even a contest. One of FUNimation's best dubs they ever produced. Very underrated anime!"
Why? "Pretty good show. Dub however was a big disappointment IMO. Several miscasts, iffy script (modern words/slang have no place in this setting)"
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Voice Compare
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