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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Alli Mauzey is Super Awesome as Lioness cool how she teams up with JAT like i said she is awesome."
Why? "Andrew did a good voice for Kord Zane, Max Steel and Jaller in Slugterra, Max Steel and Bionicle he does a second great Canadian voice."
Why? "A rare but awesome actress as Pepper, Sam and Katherine from Iron Man, MCB and Slugterra."
Why? "Chiara is very awesome in Storm Hawks and Bionicle not to mention my top female voice of all time."
Why? "Cool actor i especially liked him playing Axel from Alpha Teens, Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank and Green Arrow in BTBATB"
Why? "The best Sith Lord Voice ever is James Earl Jones as Darth Vader."
Why? "Jim Cummings is a great Tigger and Morocco Mole best American male voice after James Arnold Taylor."
Why? "Sam is my top male voice actor he does Aerrow the best followed by Eli Shane and then Pidge he is awesome."
Why? "She is cool as Trixie Sting (Slugterra) and Youngmee Song (Littlest Pet Shop)."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Aerrow and his friend Piper are the super cool characters in Storm Hawks in any TV SHow really."
Why? "Best A.I ARIA makes me smirk when she is sarcastic."
Why? "One of my favorite Imperial Officers."
Why? "Cool girl and very sensible."
Why? "One of the best characters in Slugterra."
Why? "she's a cool villain girlfriend person if you get what i mean plus i wish she became a proper Batman foe."
Why? "Awesome character hope she appears in Season 5."
Why? "Cool one-shot character and Booster and her make a good pairing."
Why? "My most favourite train in Thomas and Friends followed by Percy, Paxton and Oliver"
Why? "Eli Shane is so cool as his actor Sam Vincent reckless but awesome and means well."
Why? "Awesome dude makes the series comically at times."
Why? "Cool Character too bad she was minor but still cool."
Why? "James Bond Jr is as awesome as James Bond himself."
Why? "Best member of the Skysurfer Strike Force in my opinion."
Why? "Lioness one of the coolest characters on Alpha Teens and TV."
Why? "Cool character I felt sorry for her at the end of the 3rd stage."
Why? "Oliver one of the coolest engine in Thomas and friends along with Percy, Duck and Paxton."
Why? "Cool character not to mention Turbo Teen the series couldn't be the same without Patti."
Why? "One of my four faves others being Duck, Percy and Oliver also he is very funny."
Why? "Percy Thomas' best pal and very awesome tank engine with Duck and a few others enough said."
Why? "Piper is one of the best girls on TV and along with Aerrow the best character in Storm Hawks."
Why? "She's a cool tracker and one of my fave's in the series."
Why? "My fave in Littlest Pet Shop he is so amusing if you get what i mean."
Why? "Cool character and very funny when taking down the Hooligang."
Why? "Cool Teen Pirate and very funny."
Why? "One of the best characters one of my sister's favorites."
Why? "Favorite character in reboot of Max Steel. She and Max are awesome together."
Why? "Cool one-shot character and was cool with Gear."
Why? "Cool character bossy but loveable"
Why? "One of the best James Bond Jr Villains."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Storm Hawks
Why? "Storm Hawks super awesome and a worthy plot about saving their planet from an Evil Empire."
Why? "Alpha Teens was one of the coolest shows back in my Teen Days I'll never forget."
Why? "one of the best shows shown last century and it was enjoyable."
Why? "James Bond Jr is one of the coolest mild successful cartoons that was ever created I wish they could have done more on it."
Why? "One of the best cartoons for pre-teens during the 2010's."
Why? "Very amusing and cool voice cast for the Star Wars characters."
Why? "Brilliant Voice cast having voices like Sam Vincent and Tabitha St Germain team up with Billy Dee Williams and Tom Kane."
Why? "Max Steel is one hero that has made my life very interesting fighting all those strange villains he is brilliant."
Why? "Cool Sci-Fi Knight so to speak."
Why? "Great show of 90's along with a few others also Sliced Ice is cool."
Why? "Slugterra along with Storm Hawks are my favorite Nerd Corps shows and Slugterra is amusing."
Why? "I've liked Thomas when i was a kid and he is still awesome now."
Why? "Young Robin Hood is super cool I haven't seen every episode but I can see Robin Hood as a great hero even as a teen."
#1 All Time Favorite
Robin Hood
Why? "Best Disney film ever!"
Why? "Loved it when Sally blasted the Hooligang out of her cavern making Trixie say the Hooligang must be losing their touch. HA! HA!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Tigger is the best character in Winnie the Pooh."
Why? "My only favorite character in Spiderman."
Why? "One of my faves out of the X-Men others being Jean Grey, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler."
Why? "One of the best Star Wars Characters."
Why? "best Batman foe ever!"
Why? "one of the best out of the X-Men fave female followed by Shadowcat out of the X-men."
Why? "A worthy villain in my eyes."
Why? "fave female out of the non-X-Men not to mention one of the best Marvel people of the Centry."
Why? "Secret Squirrel is the best animal spy and what got me in TV stuff about spies."