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Voice Actor
Steve Blum
Why? "One of the best VA's of all time. Spike Spiegal, Onizuka, Wolverine, Amon, Orochimaru, Leeron, Mugen, Darcia, Kazuma, Guilmon, and lots more"
Why? "Shinichi Izumi from Parasyte. :D"
Why? "Anders in DA2 and Xenoblade's Shulk."
Why? "Lana Kane"
Why? "Midna from LoZ Twilight Princess, and Cammy, Juni, and Juri in Street Fighter Alpha 3."
Why? "Maya Amano, Alicia, Annie Barrs, Diva, Haydee, and lots of boy roles like Spyro, Riku, Tsuwabaki, Shin, Gaspard, and even Harry Potter."
Why? "Gaara, Zexion, Amane Nishiki, Athrun, Xellos, Rion, Kuja, Byakuya Togami, Kaworu Nagisa, Katsura, Saburo, Fisheye, Shin, Reid, and the P3 MC"
Why? "L Lawliet from Death Note and Gambit from X-Men Evolution :D"
Why? "Ms. Swann and her roles in Family Guy and Robot Chicken."
Why? "Lightning Ferron, Mary and Shelley Godwin, Karin, Emina, Anime Emma Frost, Presa, Burroughs, Palutena, and Liara T'soni."
Why? "Mhairi, Samantha Traynor, Calista, and the Inquisitor from DA:Inquisition."
Why? "Jubilee and Claire Redfield."
Why? "Yukiko, Mimiru, Rei, Alita, Rally, Pandy, Magnolia, Maria, Haru, Ulala, and Argilla. :D"
Why? "Nina Cortex, Salsa, March, and Norma Beatty."
Why? "Reptil, Pit, and Dark Pit"
Why? "Raava, Susan, Black Queen, Maria Rivera, Death, Christie, Aphrodite, Selveria, Ms. Marvel, Barbarella, Lucrecia, and her work on South Park."
Why? "Tsubaki Yayoi, Kurisu Makise, and Dragon Crown's Elf. Darn good singer to boot as well."
Why? "Ellie, Gretchen Grundler, Gwen Tennyson, and Terra."
Why? "Not big on her Rise, but did enjoy her other roles such as Mayuri Shiina, Freckles, Sasha, Rei, Cassie Cage, Tiny Tina, and Chloe Price."
Why? "Creepie from Growing Up Creepie and SWTOR's Jedi Consular."
Why? "THE Lady for sultry babes and witches. Slan, Trish, Caster, Ultimecia, Bayonetta, Poison, Kaine, Konan, Alice, Hibana, Motoko, and Lisa Lisa"
Why? "Touma Kamijo, Tobin, and Daisuke from Chaos Rings 3."
Why? "His moaning as Aoba from Drammatical Murder XD"
Why? "Haruhi, Konata, Lucy, Misa, Monaka, Dende, Lumiere, Menchi, Migi, Nanael, Katja, Polka, Prishe, Carla, Zephie, GWFHN, Neon, Hana,and Layla."
Why? "Saber, Gwendolyn, Elie, Nodame, Mayu, Fuu, Silmeria, Leina, Melfina, Mika, Atoli, and Kokoro."
Why? "Naota Nandaba, Granny Chiyo, Torogai, Laharl, Lady Vashj, Elder Akane Kuroshiki, and Rita Repulsa."
Why? "Jet Black, Oji Tanaka, Ben Jackson, Ay, and I'm looking forward to hearing him again as Barret Wallace in the FF7 Remake."
Why? "A man with lots of range, especially in works such as Futurama, CatDog, and Ren & Stimpy."
Why? "Bojack, Sig Curtis, Makabe, Cuba, Syn Shenron, Shao Kahn, and Balrog."
Why? "RIP Bob, aka Heat Guy J, Lios the Pighead, Varin Omega, Grigori Rasputin, and Principal Uchiyamada."
Why? "The Canadian Mamoru Miyano. Light, Setsuna, Kuro, Rock, and even Nightcrawler and Jin Kazama."
Why? "Garrus Vakarian, Everyone's Favorite Mass Effect Character"
Why? "Takato, Walter, Renzo, Rivalz, Yumichika, Monokuma, Luthier, Keita, Ulf, Himuro, and Dengaku Man."
Why? "I hope she recovers from her accident. Anyways Tsukasa, Elk, Jr., Pamela, Emiziel, Jim Hawking, Mithos, Angol Fear, and her Digimon roles."
Why? "KOS-MOS, T-elos, Atoli, Namie, Asakura, Irisviel, Nia, Raquel, Muzuho, Belldandy, Jeri, Mima, and Lain."
Why? "Ciel, Chopper, Arale, Artemis, Cupid, Elle, Rei, Juvia, Nina, Maho, Ai Enma, Yin, Juliet, Tamama, Hideyoshi, Lyuze, Mad Moxxi, and Holo."
Why? "Mainly for Cammy White, but also did Winry, Elma, Hannah, Rose, Decapre, Vivi, Isis, Axela, and Haruhi Fujioka. Great singing as Janice."
Why? "Male Blood Elf, Freddy, Corrin, Simba, Crescendo, Decad, Ryudo, Flounder, Leonardo, Liquid Snake, He-Man, Will Raynard, and Kratos Aurion."
Why? "Sandy Cheeks, Cindy Vortex, Orel Puppington, Ms. Sunshine, Zoe the Fairy, Elora, and even Ashley "LEON HELP!!!" Graham."
Why? "Has a queenly voice, also for her work in Bioware titles like Dr Chakwas in Mass Effect and Bastila's Estranged Mom in KOTOR."
Why? "RIP Princess Leia T-T"
Why? "Satsuki, Casca, Mami, Mina, Yankumi, Xiaoyu, Irina, Lailah, Lux, Moon River, and Mitsuki."
Why? "Shirley, Cissnei, Artina, Scylla, Celica, Mokona, Lisanna, Hakufu, Miu, Angol Mois, Monad, Chaos, Rihoko, Rakka, Ran, Maromi, Lua, and Solty"
Why? "90's Jean Grey, RE3 Jill Valentine, and her MVC2 roles."
Why? "Mainly for her work as Mission, Vette, Padme, and Penelo."
Why? "Near from Death Note, Garcia Lovelace from Black Lagoon, Cybersix, and her MLP:FIM roles."
Why? "Nia from Xenoblade 2."
Why? "His work in the Mario Franchise."
Why? "Angelica Pickles"
Why? "While mixed on her Maka Albarn, her Phi is just as great as Karen Strassman's take."
Why? "Litchi Faye-Ling, Xelha, Arforire, and even Supergirl and Angelica Pickles!? Also very easy on the eyes too. XD"
Why? "Taokaka, Aoi Asahina, Chloe, Nancy, Homura, Natsumi, Senna, Louise, Tamamo-no-Mae/Caster, Two, Metis, Patty Fleur, and Yona."
Why? "Gladiolus Amicitia and Junkrat."
Why? "The JYB of Houston. Turles, Ayato Kamina, Hajime, Sousuke, Greed, Creed, Ichiro, Ikki, Yuto, Keima, Fakir, and Tatsuhiro Satou."
Why? "I dare you to compare her Izumi Curtis from FMA to her Keichriou Miyanoshita from Ghost Stories. BEH HAH HEH HEH HAH!!!"
Why? "RIP Dexter, Chuckie Finster, Oblina, Gosalyn Mallard, Babe the Pig, Birdie the Early Bird, and Bunny."
Why? "Greg's older brother. Not only is he Frieza since Kai, but also does Prince Soma, Corset, Toma, Kei Kurono, and Chouji Suitengu."
Why? "Dhalsim and Japan, also directed some dubs of titles I am familiar with."
Why? "A lot more range than I expect of him, Fav Roles of him are The Emperor from Dissidia and Rufus from Street Fighter 4."
Why? "RIP Saruman, Diz/Ansem the Wise, and Count Dooku."
Why? "Detective Stabler, why are you on this site? XD"
Why? "He's Kirbopher on YouTube."
Why? "Garland, Ninja Slayer, Giroro, Rome, Garterbelt, Ayame, Rom, Hak, Kurogane, Kuwabara, Armstrong, Zoro, Roy, Saiga, and half the cast of DBZ."
Why? "Ren from Even Stevens, Yuffie Kisaragi half the time when it's not Mae Whitman, and of course Kim Possible."
Why? "Android 17, Android 13, Garlic Jr, Emperor Pilaf, Hiro Nohara, Kululu, Dr. Franken Stein, Austria, Ashe, Shou Tucker, and Hiei."
Why? "Say what you will about her Amy Rose, but keep in mind she's Labrys, Mikhail, Zero III, Balsa, Libra, Legretta, Queen Beryl, and Makoto."
Why? "Mr. Krabs, Lex Luther, Silas, Long Feng, Captain Black, Ratso, Mr. Sinister, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dark Dragon, and Savage Opress. Always Villains"
Why? "As much as I detest Ginza from Speed Grapher, I will admit Clarine nails her role greatly. She's also did China, Laura, and Chequita"
Why? "Morrigan from Dragon Age. :D"
Why? "Ino Yamanaka, Tails, Yoshino, Nelliel Tu, Suzy Mizuno, Wasp/Janet Pym, EP2 KOS-MOS, Jazz Fenton, Genis Sage, and Alicia Melchiott."
Why? "X-Men Evolution Mystique and Rem from Death Note"
Why? "Leliana, also the French VA for the Wii Fit Trainer"
Why? "Juhani, Jack, Ada Wong, Starla, and the Fallout 4 Protagonist."
Why? "Jet from Avatar, Beat from TWEWY, and Sagi from Baten Kaitos Origins."
Why? "Kyon, Balmung, Sakaki, Albedo, Alucard, Togusa, Albel, Heat, Zetta, Holland, Zelgadis, Tsume, Shizuo, Hideki, Straight Cougar, and Winston."
Why? "Noel, Nu, Lambda, Killua, Homura, Cerebella, Compa, Four, Shantae, Monaka, Morgiana, Riven, Alisa, Fujiko, Sailor Mars, Hawk, and Marinette."
Why? "Botan, Chi-Chi, and Mitzi Nohara."
Why? "Cell, Proxy One, 03 Scar, Future Gohan, Scarmiglione, Younger Toguro, Rolento, and Handsome Jack"
Why? "Dan Green makes even the most butchered 4kids dubs tolerable with his deliciously hammy voiceovers."
Why? "Grell Sutcliff."
Why? "Shuji Itsuki, Igor, Byakuya, Yang, Gille de Rais/Caster, and Arthur."
Why? "Prince Zuko and Jake Long."
Why? "Valkorion from SWTOR, Reinhardt from Overwatch, and now Ardyn Izunia in FF15."
Why? "Bayonetta's Father Rodin, Ben 10's Tetrax, and Lee Everett from Telltale's The Walking Dead. Also is the announcer on Hulu."
Why? "Kakashi, Kefka, Cliff, Bun-Bun, #74.239, Henry, Katsuya, Upchuck, Saito, Cielo, Gaspard, Sora, Teddie, Leon, Welkin, Ponygon, and Fulgore."
Why? "Solid Snake and the Jedi Knight in SWTOR."
Why? "Wesker, Legion, Raven, Dylas, Noir, Jazz, Gabi, Taihaku and Azrael :D"
Why? "RIP Lulu Pickles, Nana Possible, Madame, Charlotte A. Cavitica, and Aggie from the Halloween Town Movies."
Why? "Shame she retired from VA'ing a long time ago. Interesting to see she played Cammy. Though I shall remember her the most as Mia from .Hack."
Why? "Need someone who can really play smug, creepy jerk-faces like Gin, Hazama, and Vega? Then get this Guy. 8D"
Why? "Not only is he Murdock from the A Team. But also a versatile VA. His work in Final Fantasy 10 and Chef Mung Daal are his most memorable."
Why? "RIP Yzma and Queen Vexus :("
Why? "RIP Fuhrer Bradley"
Why? "Who knew she was "Claudia Lenz". Marie, Tico, Estelle, Rena, May, Isabeau, Sherry, Accord and the twins from NieR. :D"
Why? "Frodo Baggins anyone?"
Why? "Tommy Pickles, Hinoka, and Buttercup."
Why? "Courtney from TDI and Alice from Bakugan."
Why? "Mainly for Juri Han, but also Saya Otanashi, Saya Takagi, Sayaka, Yatterman-1, and Yuka from Corpse Party."
Why? "As Robyn from Anime America once said, this guy is a chameleon."
Why? "Asahi, Uzume, Kotoko, Magilou and now Barbie!? Definitely new vocal talent to look forward to in the near future."
Why? "Akiza, Piplup, Astonishing Emma Frost, Dark Magician Girl, Wave, Blaze, Hildegard Valentine, and Seong-ah from the White Day Remake."
Why? "Cid Raines, Soma, and the 1st voice of Hazama/Terumi before Doug Erholtz took over."
Why? "Nazz, Chie, Teepo, Alkaid, Sakubo, Agnes, Bullet, 003, Quark, Rachel, Parasoul, Midori, Trisha, Ion, Sync, Cheiron, and Polka. :D"
Why? "Mao, Nago, Kaname Kuran, Franz d'Epinay, Fred Luo, Ioshua Jerand, and Aeon."
Why? "Used to watch quite a lot of "The Nanny" on Nick&Nite."
Why? "This guy has some much range and roles. And his Hulk is on par with Lou Ferrigno."
Why? "Not too familiar with his live work aside from Fred, but does shine in his voicework as James Vega and Iron Bull"
Why? "Superman, Sephiroth, Nooj, and Theodore Rex XD"
Why? "Vanille and Raina Temple."
Why? "Fenris, Steve Fox, and Balthier."
Why? "Beast Boy, Chiro, and Kevin Levin."
Why? "The Grim Reaper from Billy and Mandy, Sperg, Gantenbainne Mosqueda, and Aku Aku."
Why? "Cullen, Anders in DA: Awakening, Cait Sith, KOTOR 2's Mical the Disciple, and even Rocket Racoon."
Why? "Surprising Range. I dare you to compare his Jecht to Odie to Hunter the Cheetah."
Why? "Paine from FFX-2 and Domino from X-Men."
Why? "Star War's Han Solo and Indiana Jones."
Why? "Colette, Shiki, Ducky, Amy, Viola, Kokoro, Yonah and Queen. :D"
Why? "Heather Mason."
Why? "Yuna, Rosie, and Agrias."
Why? "Bayonetta! :D"
Why? "King of Bishies. Heero Yuy, Marth, Akihiko, Firion, Bedman, Fei, Alo, Hayate, Mikage, Zelgadis, Xingke, Ryuho, Leon Magnus, and Sakamoto."
Why? "Chloe, Tessa, Rosette, Menchi, Milk-Chan, Fuko, and Satsuki. :D"
Why? "The Japanese Patrick Seitz. Notably Germany, Agni, Chad, Elfman, Raven, Agil, Guile, Hoozuki, Nekomaru, Asura, Natsu the Bear, and Azrael."
Why? "T.K/Takeru, Lilith, Boo, Bridget, Elena, Lisa Silverman, and Silky from "Im Gonna be an Angel". A shame what happened to her career as a VA."
Why? "Melan Blue, Jiraiya, and Xigbar/Braig. Has some interesting dubbing roles under his belt too. Also heard him in an infamous yaoi title. XD"
Why? "Princess Fiona in the Shrek games and Nadia Grell from SWTOR. Her Black Cat is also nice. Hope she appears in more projects in the future."
Why? "Great Onscreen Actor, especially as Wolverine in the Fox X-Men films, hope the upcoming "Logan" movie will serve as a nice sendoff."
Why? "Starfire, Blackfire, Madame Rouge, Breach, Princess Bubblegum, Nia, Penny, Euryale, Permafrost, Viridi, Coco, and Alice."
Why? "Gandalf and Magneto."
Why? "He is the Space Dandy. :D"
Why? "Hatchin Morenos, Adelie, and Mira Yurizaki."
Why? "Ratchet, Tidus, Shuyin, Wooldoor, Jack Sparrow, and Obi-Wan."
Why? "Sports one of the most manliest voices in history. Also does Ovan, Iron Tager, Malik, The Count, Rider, Jelly Jiggler, Reeve, and Algol."
Why? "RIP Josie McCoy, Judy Jetson, Gradmama Addams, Jun/Princess, Penelope Pitstop, and Pebbles Flintstone."
Why? "XJ9/Jenny Wakeman, Ami Onuki, Kim and Kam Chan, Sonya/83, Lee/84, Gi, and Yuzu Kurosaki."
Why? "Kreig, Beerus, Lord Ilpalazzo, Miles, Bandou, Chiyo's Cat-Dad-Thing, and Claude Faustus."
Why? "Kiyo, Ryuho, Bartz, Kid Flash, Vulpes Inculta, and Razer."
Why? "Clara Oswald and Melia."
Why? "Ms. Keane, Jean Grey, Cinderella, Bastila, Black Knight, Princess Morbucks, Madison, Flora, Sheena, SWTOR Trooper, Aayla Secura, and Shepard"
Why? "Nam, Jimmy Kudo, Rebuild Kaworu Nagisa, Russia, Kyo Sohma, Eis Shenron, Barry the Chopper, Akito Hayama, Lau, Natsuno, and Claire Stanfield."
Why? "Dudley Puppy, Spencer Shay, and Crazy Steve."
Why? "Roxas, Ventus, and Young Justice's Robin/Nightwing."
Why? "Flame Princess, Lumina, Malina, Lexi Bunny, Maggie Pesky, Olette, and Leanne/Reanbell."
Why? "Pi, Juri, Muzet, Diablo 2's Amazon, and Shizuno Misaki from Zegapain."
Why? "Creator of Regular Show, also voices many characters in that show, most notably Mordecai."
Why? "Hawke, Imperial Agent, Ciri, Meyneth, and Jennifer from Rule of Rose."
Why? "Kurama, Tien Shinhan, Seishin Muroi, Switzerland, Fried Justine, and Shigure Sohma."
Why? "RIP Canderous Ordo, Solidus Snake, and Melfice T-T"
Why? "Over 600 roles now. Including Wakka, Kimahri, Dr. Drakken, Fu Dog, Jake the Dog, Schnitzel, Jann, Marcus Fenix, and of course, Bender."
Why? "The Black Power Ranger. Guy, Kuhn, Renton, Yang, Artemis, Bojiggler, Izaya, Koizumi, Johnny, Kiba, Ichigo, Lelouch, Yu, Adachi, and Vash. :D"
Why? "Best known for Kirei Kotomine. Also does Giroro, Alucard, Nyanta, Monte Cristo Count, Luxord, Bandou, Dark Oak, Roy Revant, and Sol Badguy."
Why? "Tai Kamiya, Dio Eraclea, Cyborg 009, Tetsuo, chaos in Xenosaga 2 and 3, Crown Polisher, and Hige."
Why? "Rachel, Falsetto, Hilde, Holly, Chisato, Tsubaki, Kokonoe, Ai Ebihara, Cordelia, Severa, Ai Tanabe, Milly, Yukari, Taiga, and Emil."
Why? "Koro-Sensei, Lelouch, Yukio, Onion Knight, Kyle, Maximilian, Albert, Roy, Teruteru, Watanuki, Shinra, Grell Sutcliffe, and soon the P5 MC."
Why? "Escher, Seymour, Takashi, Aomine, Jaeha, Tseng, Grimmjow, Lars, Michel, Undertaker, Yasha, Life Sexy, Yamato, Venom, Relius, and Archer."
Why? "Akio Ohtori, OVA Jotaro Kujo, Asuma Sarutobi, Cort, Arlong, Alexei Dinola, Nohman, Nobunaga Oda, and a few more."
Why? "FF7Machinabrigded Cloud. Nice to see him getting some anime roles."
Why? "He's Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho. Also his DBZ work such as Raditz and Super Buu."
Why? "Mainly for Ichise from Texhnolyze. Also Arthas in Warcraft III and Captain America in Ultimate Avengers."
Why? "Oscar, Lemongrab, Rick, and Morty."
Why? "Just like Christina, she does Noel, Nu, and Lambda while making them distinct. LOVE SO BLUE"
Why? "Nanako, Aigis, Kallen, Nina, Ogin, Delphine, Phi, Helena, Kitana, Mileena, Lisa, Poison, Olivia, Gwendolyn, and her League of Legend roles."
Why? "Over 400 roles now. Including Celty, Fuu, Haruko, Saber, Blue Rose, Emma Frost, Ashe, Jeera, Jeane, Saya, Anemone, Diva, Karin, and Raine."
Why? "As much as I dislike Sakura as a character. I enjoy Kate for her singing and her roles like Pascal, Ami, Two, CC, Nodame, Talim, and Tina."
Why? "Wendy, Alice, and Kairi's Grandma."
Why? "Captain Bosch, Kaim Argonar, Marluxia, Lightning McQueen, and Bloo."
Why? "One of the least typecasted VA's I know. Brown, Zasamel, Simon Belmont, Johan, Tatsuya, Mikoto, Coyote Stark, Zen, Ulrich, Zack, and Hisoka."
Why? "Mainly for Visas Marr. Also does Stacy Hirano, Chesire, Okiku, Mayumi, Mirimoto, and Karai"
Why? "Sango, Nana/Hachi, Mystique Sonia, Louise, Mammoth Mutt, Shino, Greenback Jane, Diana, Barbie, Hitomi, and Evolution's Scarlet Witch."
Why? "Batman and Captain Sunshine XD"
Why? "Cyborg, Hex, Black Mantra, and Aqualad."
Why? "FF7Machinabridged Aerith, Arternia Venus, Seraphina, Miyako, Honoka, Marie, Izumo Kamiki, Kuroyukihime, and Edna. Goes by Rina-Chan online."
Why? "Teru Mikami, Evolution Scott Summers/Cyclops, Cole, Prince Aikka, and Miroku."
Why? "Kristeva, (SM) Cybil, Yukino Mayuzami, and Naomi Kimishima."
Why? "Morag from Xenoblade 2."
Why? "Little Mac, Strider Hiryu, Alpha 3 Fei Long, Nash, Yun-Seong, Kiba, Yuri Lowell, Eikichi, Junpei, Ishimaru, and Akira from Togainu No Chi XD"
Why? "Sailor Moon, Excel, Misato Katsuragi, Mireille Bouquet, Christie, Boa Hancock, Harumi/Maria Chouno, Peko Pekoyama, and Juri Arisugawa."
Why? "ANSWER: Because he voices the HK Units in The Old Republic era Meatbags."
Why? "Gohan, Kamina, Aizen, Kiba, Ryuji "Ban", Mitsuo, MCQ, Mr. Legend, Ominas, Lindow, Arumat, Dias, Frederick, and Ryu since Street Fighter 4."
Why? "Won me over as 9S from NieR Automata. Also Mika from Gundam IBO, Shinji from F/SN UBW, Aoba from Durarara x2, and Zeroken from Disgaea 5."
Why? "Mainly for Ivy Valentine, but also played Eve, Maya Amano, Nancy Drew, Sindel, Sheeva, Rouge the Bat, Eriko Cristy, and the Night Mother."
Why? "Kari Kamiya, Dinky Juju, Scheris Adjani, Widget, and Juniper Lee."
Why? "Goes from Keiko, Tohru, and Kid Trunks at start to Kaine, Rise, Maka, Platinum, Bloodrayne, Kira, Chun-Li, Catherine, Lucina, and Lust."
Why? "Litchi, Leia, and One from Drakengard 3. :D"
Why? "Amy Wong, Numbah 3, Jinx, Gizmo, Dana Tan, Tasumi, Joo Dee, Minh, and Connie Souphanousinphone."
Why? "Shame she retired. Anyways she played Milly, Dorothy, Chun-Li, Judy, Natsume, Aura, and her best role IMO Shion Uzuki."
Why? "Vincent Law, Gaara, Kain, Akihiko, Dio, Grimoire Weiss, Endrance, Nightcrawler, Lezard, Caius, Tenma, Gollum, Yasuo, Illidan, and Asura."
Why? "While I have mixed feelings regarding her take on Frieza, she was a great choice as Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho."
Why? "Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect, didn't knew she had a brief stint in Anime in Blood Plus."
Why? "Proof that great singers can also act well. Aigis, Aerith, Shiki, Lightning, Reika, Mari, Hitomi, Lisa, Xiaoyu, Alisa, Crona, and soon Mila"
Why? "Mainly for Katara. But also does Tinker Bell, Yuffie, Little Suzy, April, Rose, and her Lady Gaga in Robot Chicken was hilarious."
Why? "Estelle, Peppo, Rena, Nagisa Furukawa, May Wong, and Juvia "GRAY-SAMA!" Loxar"
Why? "Her singing is soothing. She's also Luna, Diana, Ai Enma, Fuuka, Merlina, Elena, Mercedes, Kotomi, Three, Alex, Rin, Sawako, and Jun Kazama."
Why? "You cannot escape from this guy. Okabe, Ignis, Ling Yao, Flynn, Kid, Tamaki, Light, Riku, Killia, Cilan, Saruhiko, Rin, Zero, and soon Ryuji"
Why? "Guts from Berserk. I'll admit his Zoro is one of the few good things in the otherwise awful 4Kids dub of One Piece."
Why? "Hawkgirl/Shayera, Paulina, She-Hulk, and Theresa Russo."
Why? "Musiea from Chaos Rings, Rei Miyamoto, Yoko Littner, Ayesha, Christie, Shu, Kohaku Hearts, Alicia Melchiott, Armin Arlert, and the P3FMC."
Why? "Over 300 roles now. Notably Luke Skywalker, The Joker, Skips, Larry 3000, Evil Cat, Eraqus, Stickybeard, and Firelord Ozai."
Why? "He does grow in his role as Commander Shepard over the course of the trilogy. Also was my voice for my male elf mage in Dragon Age Origins."
Why? "He's LittleKuriboh"
Why? "Her musical work in Silent Hill is fantastic. Also Major Kusanagi, Helba, Nina, Jenna, Bordeaux, Jagura, Rosso, Nuriko, Hilda, and Julia."
Why? "Revy from Black Lagoon. Also Gilda the Griffon, Wang Liu Mei, Susan Test, Anime Bubbles, and Tabby."
Why? "Because he's Auron from Final Fantasy X."
Why? "The Brianne Siddall of Funimation, voicing all them boys like Sealand and Al, and some cute girls like Elizabeth and Ellis. Also Crona."
Why? "Gwen from TDI and Jen from 6teen."
Why? "Caster, Five, Viletta Nu, Mai Valentine, Re-L Mayer, Viola, Sif, Ashlotte, Edy, Celine, Rangiku Matsumoto, Nurse Joy, and Lenneth Valkyrie."
Why? "Shuichi Saihara. Also does Rei Ayanami, Batgirl, Ai Habara and Amono, Jessie, Faye, Lime, FemRanma, Paprika, Shannotto, and Lina Inverse."
Why? "Tier Halibel, Yukito Tsukishiro, Ken Amada, Sailor Uranus/Haruka, Toei Yugi, Princess Emeraude, Shinji Ikari, Makoro Naegi, Nagito Komaeda."
Why? "Square Enix must love this girl if Paine, Aqua, Meracle, Qun'mi, and Elena means something. Also Winry, Rosie, Yukari, Revy, Junko, and Dawn"
Why? "Rachel Alucard from Blazblue and Three from Drakengard 3. Also does Erika from Durarara, F/SN's Rin Tohsaka. Has a band, "Magnolia Memoir"."
Why? "Maki, Neptune, Tyria, Rider, Tio, Haruka, Yuzu, Gaz, Yumi, Rika, Welch, and Edward."
Why? "Merlina, LoL Ashe, and Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead."
Why? "Maria Ross, Launch, and Android 18."
Why? "Gopher, Jin Uzuki. Deckard Cain, and his roles in Spyro and Shrek."
Why? "RIP King of Pop T-T"
Why? "Origami Cyclone, Mikey Simon, Leonardo, Dean Venture, Gwin, Orphan, Jackal, and Yew Geneologia."
Why? "Persona 4's Margaret and Ayane Matsunaga."
Why? "Rukia, Fujiko, Carl, Yuki Nagato, Yukari, Yoko, Shanoa, Luna, C. Viper, Anri, Rita, Lucia, Katherine, Desco, Eliza, Etna, Chii, and Elie."
Why? "Haruka/May, Nana "Hachi" Komatsu, and Marin Asagi. Even if Marin's screaming for dear life was way overdone."
Why? "Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Baby, Goeman, Jean Havoc, Paul Phoenix, and Charlie Nash. Also directs a lot of dubs for well known anime titles."
Why? "Dr. Eggman in the Sonic Franchise"
Why? "Meg Griffin, Jackie from That's 70's Show, and her robot chicken roles."
Why? "Milla Maxwell. Even if the poor microphone quality harmed the performance quite a bit."
Why? "Conan Edogawa, Mia, Emilio, Ascot, Dilandou, Pit, Mithos, Brotherhood Envy, Hajime Hinata, and Pai-Chan. JUST WILD BEAT! COMMUNICATION!"
Why? "Aki Ross, Ellen Yin, and most importantly Mulan. :)"
Why? "Lessica from Chaos Rings 2, Cater from Type 0, and Yuki Nagato. Her song in Skelter Heaven's Opening is the only good thing about the OVA."
Why? "So far for Sakura Kasugano, Reimi Saionji, and Edna. Also does Iggy, Eve, Yin, Eruka Frog, Crystal Chibiusa, Kurumu, Maika, and Oshawott."
Why? "Not big on her Elk, but sports one of the most androgynous voices in Anime history."
Why? "RIP Anna Nishikinomiya, Magical Sapphire, Maria Renard, Lailah, and Chihaya Mifune."
Why? "Mainly for the fact she's Elly Houten, Elara Dorne, and gives a chilling performance as the creepy homunculus Daniella from Haunting Ground."
Why? "Known her since Kite from the .Hack games for the PS2."
Why? "The Wendee Lee of Texas. Her voice is like pure sugar. Also nice to know she can do more than play the high school sweetheart."
Why? "Terra Branford, Kisala, Pandora, Elise, and Kinzie Kensington."
Why? "Hawke from Dragon Age 2."
Why? "Fran from Final Fantasy 12"
Why? "Marlene, Joan of Arc, Drew Saturday, Mira Nova, Franny Robinson, Luna, Muriel Goldman, Joan Quagmire, and best of all, Shego."
Why? "Most notably for Nathan Drake, Jedi Consular, Vossler, Martin Walker, Desmond Miles, Cyclops, Superboy, Vashyron, and Deadpool."
Why? "Germany, Koshiro, Ragna, Isshin, Simon, Fenrich, Bob, Garrosh, Scorpion, Franky, Dracula, Gamagori, Laxus, JP, Joji, Grimmer, and Dio Brando"
Why? "Grandpa Max Tennyson, Colonel Roy Campbell, and Professor Hojo."
Why? "Xemnas, Virion, Leomon, Wormmon, Gregor, Leonard, Michael, Cornell, and Joachim Valentine."
Why? "Ouka, Atrocia, Honeydew, Jihl Nabaat, Sylvia, Fuuka, Camilla, and Lulu."
Why? "Golbez from FF4 and Zangief since SF4."
Why? "Mimi Tachikawa, Beauty, Maria Renard, Old Toph Beifong, Sakura from Tokko, and best of all Taokaka."
Why? "Jaesa Williams, Jodi Yanarella, Tifa Lockhart, and her Robot Chicken roles. Im not too familiar with her live action work though."
Why? "Her Pokémon roles and Utena."
Why? "Pino from Ergo Proxy and Aina from .Hack GU."
Why? "Fang from Final Fantasy 13. Seems to be doing a lot of voicework for Funimation apparently."
Why? "Carth Onasi and Kaidan Alenko. Also saw him on an episode of Law & Order SVU LOL"
Why? "Azura, Akane, and Emma Millstein."
Why? "Dante and Ken Masters"
Why? "Sadly Forgotten VA. Kenshin Himura, Legato Bluesummers, Blanca, Kurando Inugami, and Lenny Curtis."
Why? "Inspector Lunge, Batou, Ansem, Baofu, Ziggy, Jigen, Joker, Raiden, Poseidon, Old Man Joseph Joestar, Zangetsu, Danzo, and Bobobo-bo-bobobo."
Why? "Inuyasha, Allelujah, and Quicksilver."
Why? "Raz, Daggett, Billy, Harold, Alpha 5, and Invader Zim."
Why? "Zack Fair, Gippal, and his My Gym Partner roles."
Why? "Queen of Tsunderes! Best known for roles such as Kagura, Happy, Taiga, Louise, Shana, Melona, Quark, Al, Annie, Rise, Haruka, and lots more."
Why? "The Amanojaku from the Ghost Stories Dub XD"
Why? "Sorey and Tuxedo Mask. Newer Talent to look forward to in future projects."
Why? "Delita, Origin, Faldio, Diablo 3's Male Demon Hunter, Yasha, Luxord, and Travis Touchdown."
Why? "Ezio, Sonic the Hedgehog, Siegfried, Zagi, Chris Redfield, Martin Reest, Forge, Gilbert, Deidara, Kyo Sogoru, and his work on Regular Show."
Why? "Mojo Jojo and Ghostface, His Bates was the only good thing in Clock Tower Struggle Within."
Why? "Slade from Teen Titans, Hellboy, and his narration in 1000 ways to die."
Why? "Bubbie, Cake, and Witch Lezah."
Why? "Ino, Satsuki, Tokiko, Reala, Trixie, Cattleya, Airachnid, Arceueld, and her Brigadoon roles."
Why? "Terra, Zero, Byakuya Kuchiki, Toriko, 2003 Scar, Tatsuya Kazami, Alucard, Cent, Argo, Lee Chaolan/Violet, Dymlos, Gaius, and Akio Furukawa."
Why? "Dokoro-Chan, Nina Einstein, and Beryl Benito. The Terrible Trio of Trouble. LOL"
Why? "Shenhua from Black Lagoon and Junko Saotome from NANA."
Why? "Like JG and William, he also does many roles in Regular Show, including Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man."
Why? "Silabus, Mephisto, Viral, Yoshii, Teddie, Donatello, Jude, Taniguchi, Six, Little Slugger, and Phoenix Wright."
Why? "Double D. Im also surprised by how much range this man has."
Why? "Princess Peach, Baby Peach, Toad, and Toadette."
Why? "One of the few American actresses that can do "moe" roles well."
Why? "She brings Kreia's character to life in a excellent fashion."
Why? "Mainly for FF7 Machinabriged Tifa. But also Sayaka Miki, Nonon Jakuzure, Chihaya Mifune, Uni, Lisbeth, Mist in Heroes, Jinx, and Peacock."
Why? "The Japanese Colleen Clickenbeard. Eluca, Erza, Selveria, Margeret, Carmilla, Milly, Yuuko, Ai, Valmet, Layla, Masaki, Irisviel, and Hilda."
Why? "Robin, Red X, Max, Zephyr, Young Albedo, Red Herring, Ma-Ti, Kevin French, and Lloyd Irving"
Why? "Son Goku, Nail, King Kai, Gonard, Dr. Crowler, Lucario, Sun Wukong, Black Doom, and Ricardo Gomez. Lots of 4kids roles to prove his range."
Why? "Chris Griffin, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, and his work on Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum."
Why? "Larxene and Millyald."
Why? "Cheza, MOMO, Child Faye Valentine, Peppita Rosseti, Shelinda, Shiva, and Manah."
Why? "Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles, Crow from 5Ds, SF5 Alex, Kyo from Zegapain, and Watashi from Tatami Galaxy."
Why? "Loghain, Judge Zargabaath, Admiral Han'Gerrel, and Kain."
Why? "Juli, Mae Hughes, Krillin, Bardock, Giru, General Blue, Lupin III, Drossel Cainz, Apachai, Usopp, Koro-sensei, and the 1st voice of T.O.M."
Why? "Say what you will of his wimpy boy roles like Shinji and Rolo. He does shine in other roles like Ringabel, Atsuro, Arakune, and Tyrann."
Why? "The Go To Girl for Shy, Busty Gals who have the hots for MC. Mikuru, Nui, Tharja, Hinata, Eureka, Nanoka, Metis, Airy, Usagi, and Orihime."
Why? "Wonder Woman, Viper, and Shaak Ti."
Why? "Roberta, Scary Godmother, Shana, Rarity, Naomi Misora, Technovore, Heloise, Martha Lorraine, Pucca, Ring Ring, and more. Surprising Range!"
Why? "Potemkin, Dr Baldhead/Faust, Carmine, OVA Toriko, and even Ludger Will Kresnik."
Why? "There's a good reason why he's the most prolific seiyuu in Japan. Also Kululu, Touga, Tatsuya, Jade, Lezard, Zato-1, Red Magnus, and more."
Why? "Trunks (Both Future and Kid), Kyoichi Saionji, Dororo, Cress Alvein, Ky Kiske, and even dubbed T.O.M. of Toonami fame."
Why? "Akuma/Gouki from Street Fighter since IV."
Why? "Eizen, Adon, Navarre, Cain, Bruno/Zacharias, Rufus, Injustice 2 Flash, Edge, Snake, Sword, and a fine replacement for England from Hetalia."
Why? "Temari, Agnes, Eva, Mitsuru, Elizabeth, Tron Bonne, Anna, Setsuka, Hrist, Thage, Tokiko, Russian Boss, Claves, and Zero from Drakengard 3."
Why? "Rikku, Raven, Timmy, Omi, Seth, Bubbles, Toot, Clara, Harley Quinn, Juliet, Twilight, Ilana, Truffles, Young Ben, Ingrid, Presea, and more."
Why? "Kaliyo Djannis, Ultimecia, Arkham Games Poison Ivy, Sniper Wolf, and Maria Amino."
Why? "Ban, Junpei Tenmyoji, Ren Hojo, Yuuji Sakamoto, Valvetorez, Makoto Tachibana, and Noctis Lucis Caelum."
Why? "Jango and Boba Fett, most notably in the battlefront games."
Why? "Shing, Zeroken, Red Savarin, Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi, Prompto Argentum, and Morishige from Corpse Party."
Why? "Lots of range, most notably Professor Utonium, Him, Mr Herriman, Yoda, Monkey Fist, Darwin, Magneto. Also a joy to listen to as a Narrator."
Why? "Son Hak from Yona of the Dawn. :D Also heard him as Hwoarang in SFXT before then."
Why? "RIP Utena-Sama T-T"
Why? "The Emperor of BL. Also Mitsurugi, Charlie, Ryu, Minato, Isshin, Tekkaman Blade, Naraku, Takumi, Griffith, 90's Spiderman, and Sephiroth."
Why? "Laura Bailey's Husbando. Always sporting a nice baritone whenever he's an authority figure, hammy villain, or just plain calm and polite."
Why? "She's got a lot a range, also surprised she's Irwin from Billy & Mandy."
Why? "Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, Yoshimori Sumimura, Mao, Vishnal, Fai D. Flowright, Ikkaku Madarame, Goemon, Burter, and Junpei Iori."
Why? "Lady Integra from Hellsing and Doc from Texhnolyze. :D"
Why? "It's Vin Diesel"
Why? "Phineas and Hope Estheim."
Why? "Vahn in Legend of Legaia, Okayasu Nijimura, and his Capcom roles like Hugo and Zangief."
Why? "Mainly for his work in Yu-Gi-Oh!, TMNT 03, and Pokémon. His Ruka Tsuchiya from Utena is also well done too."
Why? "One of the most influential actors in the dubbing industry. Haruhi Suzumiya, Konata, BlackRose, Faye, Sera, Dokoro-Chan, Xianghua, and more."
Why? "Chica, Mrs. X, Burdine, and Beautiful Gorgeous."
Why? "Lion-O, Fang, Seifer, Blue Beetle, Jaster Rogue, Doyle, Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis, and Ron Stoppable."
Why? "Aqua from Kingdom Hearts"
Why? "ME3 Mordin Solus, WoFF Cid, and his Regular Show roles, most notably Rigby."
Why? "I normally don't like Loli voices. But her Elroux from Chaos Rings 3 gave me diabetes in a good way. XD"
Why? "Ken Masters since Street Fighter 3: Third Strike."
Why? "Orihime "KUROSAKI-KUN!!!" Inoue, Hermana, Nana, and Alisa Boscanovitch."
Why? "Alpha Era Chun-li, Asuka Langley Soryu, 1997 Casca, Aisha Clan Clan, and Larxene."
Why? "Ivy Valentine, Raine, Lenneth, Elly, Urd, Helba, Gardenia, Ling Xiaoyu, and Lei Fang."
Why? "Anthy Himemiya :D"
Why? "Miranda Lawson and Aya Brea."
Why? "Mainly for Aang. also Pablo, Andrew, and Lucas Nickle."
#1 All Time Favorite
Tifa Lockhart
Why? "My 1st gaming crush when I was a young boy. Can't wait to see her in the remake. The SJW's needs to leave her figure alone."
Why? "DAT @$$, and she's well rounded."
Why? "Eren Jaegar's and Ken Kaneki's secret love child. But manages to be far more endearing than both of them could ever be."
Why? "My other gaming crush when I was a little kid. Too bad she had to take a katana to the chest. T-T"
Why? "Probably the most outstanding party member in P3."
Why? "Role that made me a Matt Mercer fan. Also an interesting take on the team mole trope."
Why? "WOOBIE!!!"
Why? "My favorite Keyblade User despite only so far playable in one game."
Why? "Who doesn't like a bad*** princess in a tiny pink skirt?"
Why? "In my headcanon, he's the lead, not Vaan."
Why? "He's more than a Mr. T knockoff."
Why? "Also should have been the male lead instead of Vaan."
Why? "Love me some Femme Fatales."
Why? "Wouldn't mind being raised by her and live in her mouth. :)"
Why? "Trolling for over 70 years now"
Why? "Guilty Pleasure Character. Don't like her obsession with Corrin, but did her other features like utility, some supports, and Sawashiro-Sama."
Why? "My main street fighter."
Why? "Even though the writers threw her into a corner in Act 5. I found her to be the more flawed and interesting lord. Erica Lindbeck's VO helps."
Why? "One of the more well varied lords in terms of personality. Matt Mercer and Tonokazu Sugita also does really nice job potraying Chrom."
Why? "So far the best "Cid" in the franchise IMO."
Why? "The poster boy for the JRPG Hero Archetype."
Why? "A charming, mysterious, and sinister space vampire smurf out for Revenge. Both Jamieson and Joji are excellent in this role as well."
Why? "Sooooooo love to hate XD"
Why? "Makes me fear pop idols."
Why? "He's such a sweetheart. hope he makes an appearance in NieR Automata."
Why? "Looks can be deceiving Indeed."
Why? "She's like Chewbacca if he was a sexy playboy bunny."
Why? "The original anime femme fatale. Meow "
Why? "Bad@$$ and Adorkable."
Why? "A snarky british talking spellbook voiced by Liam O'Brian."
Why? "Gin Ichimaru meets Michael Jackson on crack. One of the biggest trolls in gaming history."
Why? "So fabulous, and sooooooo freakin creepy as heck."
Why? "Cool Weapon, Nice Figure, Nice Hair. And just plain Awesome. My main in Soul Calibur."
Why? "This actually quite messed up."
Why? "It's so interesting to hear Jamieson Price in such a comedic chewtoy role."
Why? "Should have been a major villain. She's way too sexy and sadistic to be tossed aside like that. T-T"
Why? "Definitely one of the cooler Myrmidons in the FE Series that didn't need to be the dark and broody type. Todd Haberkorn also a nice casting."
Why? "A nice foil and bud to the MC."
Why? "Favorite SF4 newcomer."
Why? "He and Rydia are the most memorable characters in FF4, and Liam gives him a sexy baritone."
Why? "She's a walking M rating XD"
Why? "They really need to make her playable and Important in KH3. She has so much potential."
Why? "Most Favorite Dude in P4."
Why? "Love how snarky and ruthless she can be. My favorite voicework from Julie Ann Taylor."
Why? "Before there was Aigis, there was KOS-MOS."
Why? "She's one manipulative old hag, but that's what makes her fascinating in KOTOR2."
Why? "The epitome of "Dude looks like a Lady""
Why? "Such a delicious sadist that makes me want to smack her into Oblivion with the Keyblade."
Why? "Role that made me a Laura Lauda fan. Also gets so cool points for protecting you know what later in the game."
Why? "Best Bimbo Character"
Why? "One of the best units in Awakening. From Travis's calm and smooth deliveries, to wrecking foes apart. Also has Tatsumi Saiga's haircut."
Why? "When a Baron has more brains than the entire cast of Fates. XD"
Why? "xX-L00t-Xx has entered the lobby."
Why? "Interesting Boss Fight. He's also hot, fighting style reminds me of Gambit from X-Men, and is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes and Joji Nakata."
Why? "The original Persona was practically her own story."
Why? "He's basically Jesus with awesome blue emo hair."
Why? "Makes the color Pink and Roses look deadly."
Why? "Best Xenoblade 1 Girl!"
Why? "Wish she had more relevance to the story, but who doesn't like a sexy redhead bounty hunter turned jedi sentinel?"
Why? "Cute and Useful Wavemaster. I'll probably remember Sandy Fox for this role the most."
Why? "Sexy redheaded Ice Queen. Tara Platt plays her pretty well too. Her A.I needs work though. MARIN KARIN"
Why? "Most favorite girl in P4."
Why? "A world weary man willing to do whatever it takes to save his daughter, even if it means unknowingly dooming mankind."
Why? ""OOOHHHHH YYYYEESSSS!!!", Not the most positive LGBT Represention, but he's a cool and interesting rogue with a naughty side to him."
Why? "While outclassed in her own game, Nino is quite an interesting and tragic young maiden."
Why? "Underrated Villain, you will love this hate this guy by the end of Persona 2."
Why? "Trollvan redeemed himself....kinda."
Why? "Gotta love how much of a floozy she is. Jamie is perfect in the role."
Why? "HI! IM DAISY!"
Why? "A fave PPG villain due to how much of a rich brat we love to hate on."
Why? "Cute alternate counterpart of P3 MC."
Why? "Love his design and personality. Doug Erholtz's great performance helps a lot too."
Why? "While he was mediocre stats and limit breaks, I do like Red as a character, even his arc at Cosmo Canyon was rather memorable."
Why? "Such a deliciously sociopathic B-Word."
Why? "Terminmaider"
Why? "I dig his character development and Brad Swaile fits him like a glove."
Why? "Im not that big of a One Piece fan, but Zoro's pretty rad."
Why? "One of the more memorable characters from FF4."
Why? "MOON SHINE DOWN!!! GAH GAH BEGONE!!! MOVE ASIDE!!! GRAGH!!! Also Kirk Thornton plays him."
Why? "Cute and Interesting pair of twins."
Why? "LA LA LA, LA LA LA, LA LA LA..... Such a hilariously annoying girl lol :p"
Why? "Dat Accent"
Why? "Just a Sweetie, my favorite role from Carrie Savage."
Why? "A certain "special" kind of protagonist of the Castlevania Franchise"
Why? "Actually has more personality and relevance compared to Deen. Also has an attractive redesign and Tara Jayne did a really good job."
Why? "She's like me when it comes to gluttony over sweets. Monica really nails her to boot as well."
Why? "Quite the Cutie, also has arguably the most tragic fate in Genealogy."
Why? "Hot Manipulative @-hole who's also amusing at times. Ian Sinclair's performance helps too."
Why? "The role that made me a Chris Sabat fan. Also one heck of a photographer."
Why? "Adorkable as heck. Wish Travis is still voicing him. Though I actually don't mind Bryce that much as Theo."
Why? "My Kind of Crazy Psychopath."
Why? "Much more charming and subtly hidden than the villain from ERASED."
Why? "Best Character in an otherwise meh show full of forgettable redshirt fodder."
Why? "The most sympathetic Intoner, and kudos to Kate for her performance in the Two DLC. T-T"
Why? "Proof that even a cute pink haired girl can be a bad@$$ prince."
Why? "My life...for yours."
Why? "Fun Personality, Voiced by Bender with a Jamaican Accent, Gets over his racism throughout the game. And a consistently strong party member."
Why? "Stupid Sexy Yata."
Why? "The most pimpin self insert MC in history. He was pretty funny in the anime and one of JYB's best roles."
Why? "She may be a thieving brat, but there's something oddly charming about her."
Why? "Love how blunt and aggressive this girl was. Probably my fav role from Tara Platt yet."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Ed Edd 'n Eddy
Why? "My favorite Cartoon Network show growing up. ^-^"
Why? "Definitely one of the best shows Nickelodeon has ever produced. Great World Building, Characters, and Infamous shipping wars. Avoid the film"
Why? "A childhood fav growing up."
Why? "A strange and obscure show that turned out a lot better than I expected to be. The music is great and Marin and Melan are good characters."
Why? "A celebrity based show actually done well. Shame it was quickly canceled and forgotten. Songs are very catchy despite repetitive lyrics."
Why? "A show I enjoyed watching on adult swim when I was a kid (Guilty). Pretty much introduced me to VA's like Steve Blum and Wendee Lee as well."
Why? "A show I oddly enjoyed when I was a kid back when it aired on Adult Swim (Guilty!)"
Why? "An interesting take on the classic novel. Although Albert was a weak lead, the Count is one fascinating villain protagonist."
Why? "A hilarious trainwreck from start to finish, especially with it's English dub XD"
Why? "Best show about Incest since it handles the topic seriously than pander to the basement dwellers. Patrick and Stephanie were great as well."
Why? "Cheesefest I enjoyed when it aired on Nick Jr years ago."
Why? "A shamelessly vulgar show with an excellent dub cast. Probably outdoes Black Lagoon and Speed Grapher in terms of swearing."
Why? "While the games are the definitive version. The Anime is actually a pretty good adaptation, which really says something unlike most attempts"
Why? "Despite the lack of an overarching plot, it's a decent surreal comedy, and a funny dub by Funimation that sadly got discountinued."
Why? "Chris Sabat did excellent directing the dub and voicing Roy."
Why? "A guilty pleasure from studio GONZO."
Why? "Nihilism: The Anime."
Why? "What happened to this show? :("
Why? "Shame that this got Cancelled."
Why? "An interesting satire of Reality TV competition, though it's loses it's luster by the 4th season."
Why? "Another show I used to watch on Cartoon Network growing up. It's like Charlie's Angels aimed at a younger audience, but still has hot chicks"
Why? "Needs a season two. Never enjoy a pseudo reverse harem/fantasy like this one. Hak is best boy so far."
Why? "A Old School Shonen that I actually liked that I saw years ago as kid on Toonami. Memorable characters, and a solid dub effort by Funimation"
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Final Fantasy VII
Why? "Only faving it so far for the original ps1 version. But I hope SE and CC2 do a very fine job on the remake."
Why? "Growing Up: The Game Trilogy"
Why? "Glad they brought the voice cast back after a decade. Also a really good remaster for many people to get into the series."
Why? "An arcade remake that I like to see get the console treatment and localized eventually. Shows a lot of promise as a fighter."
Why? "FF1 was fun, if repetitive. FF2 was disappointing though :("
Why? "Can't wait to play Zodiac Age when it comes out."
Why? "A go-to example on how to remake a very old videogame title."
Why? "A Decent Mobile Game that unites many of it characters from all the games in the series. Even giving old school characters nice voice acting"
Why? "While glitchy and not the most visual appealing. Does a great job getting the atmostphere down and make some hilarious online matches."
Why? "An overlooked JRPG on the PS1. With great music and interesting combat system. Also rather difficult if you don't know what your doing."
Why? "A sequel that lives up to it's predecessor. With improved gameplay, great OST, solid English dub, and an interesting narrative and cast."
Why? "Underrated SMT Spinoff. Cool characters with great English cast. Heard the Quantum Devil Saga novels goes into greater detail than the games"
Why? "Best SpongeBob Game."
Why? "Favorite installment in the Star Ocean series."
Why? "My gateway entry to the franchise."
Why? "My gateway entry to the Warcraft. Still holds up as a Strategy Game."
Why? "Interesting Story, Some cool characters, and Really solid British Dub Cast too."
#1 All Time Favorite