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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Luci Christian
Why? "Luci is my absolute favorite voice actor. She gets me psyched every time she voices a new character. Luci you're so awesome."
Why? "She definitely has the range with a lot of versatility. Kurumu Kurono is my favorite of all the fantastic characters Brina has voiced."
Why? "Voices awesome characters such as Kirito from SAO and really enjoying his performance as Rin in Blue Excorsist. Outstanding Voice Actor."
Why? "Was hooked on her in her performance of Meldy in Fairy Tail and am loving her as Kotori In Date A Live. My favorite new Voice Actor."
Why? "Caitlin is an amazing voice actress who I've adored since performing the voice of Winry on FMA."
Why? "Cool voice actress with a unique voice. loved her as Mai Mizuki and Koyomi from G.B."
Why? "Great voice and fantastic acting. Thought she was out standing in SAO as Sugu and Leafa."
Why? "She plays the most adorable character and her voice fits perfectly. I was hooked when she voiced Primula for the series Shuffle!!"
Why? "Sosuke Sagara, Turles, Akito Sai, Keima Katsuragi......Need I go on."
Why? "Roles like Stein, Hiei, 17, and his latest role Loki on Divine Gate. Awesome voice actor and director. One of my absolute favorites"
Why? "She's just AWESOME!!!! Every role she voices is very well done!"
Why? "When I saw Future Diary, that's when I found out how bad ass she can be. Outstanding resume as a voice actor and really enjoy her work."
Why? "A real solid young voice actor and a lot of potential."
Why? "Great Voice....Awesome talent. She can do it all."
Why? "Haruna in Is This a Zombie and will voice Lashara Earth XXVIII in the new Tenchi Muyo series War On Geminar. Can't wait, GREAT voice actress"
Why? "Every role Jamie performed has been stellar. Just a terrific voice actor and definitely one of my absolute favorites."
Why? "Very good voice actress. Jessica always interacts with her character and is a real pleasure to listen to!!!"
Why? "Videl, Nymph, and definitely has a cute voice."
Why? "Been a fan of Kari's for the last 10 years. Love her roles. Fantastic voice actress."
Why? "She has such a cute enthusiastic voice she gives to characters such as Keiko Yukimura . Absolutely hilarious as Shin on shin-chan"
Why? "Love her as Suzuka, Eri in School Rumble, and Nodoka in Negima"
Why? "Is there any other reason then providing the iconic voice for the legendary Disney Princess Jasmine?"
Why? "Great young voice actress. enjoyed her work baka and test and CPC."
Why? "Ellis, Crona, Alphonse, Lilith, Shina. Need I Say More."
Why? "Rukia, Miharu, Anri, Euphy. 'Nough said."
Why? "Good up and coming voice actor. Really enjoyed her performances in U.O.T. and World Break!"
Why? "She voices the cutest characters and is an outstanding V.A."
Why? "Great talent!!! Unique Voice. Was great in Girls Bravo"
Why? "One of my new favorite Voice actresses from Funimation. Great voice, awesome range. Loved her in CPC as Eris!!!"
Why? "Her delivery and approach is legendary, especially in her works in Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "The baddest character in the DB universe in a good way."
Why? "He's the demon King, whether he want it or not!!!"
Why? "Asuna has an interesting back story to her. I love how she constantly keeps Negi in check. Great character and portrayed perfectly by Luci"
Why? "The cutest, yet possibly the dumbest, most skilled soul reaper you may ever come across."
Why? "Awesome fighter, especially when his emotions are his guide, Mystic Gohan is Awesome!!!"
Why? "The Greatest Saiyan to ever Live."
Why? "What can I say, Junko has it all. She's a beautiful skilled warrior with attitude but still shows she's a girl through and through."
Why? "She's hilariously crazy at times, especially when Sagura does something she dubs not normal."
Why? "Awesome.......Just simply awesome!!!"
Why? "Ms. Na is the coolest teacher. Her tough lady attitude demands respect because you cross her your in for 1000 laps!!!"
Why? "Nagisa is very determined. Her strength is incredible despite her weak condition. She is one of the sweetest characters in Anime."
Why? "She's the world's greatest thief and navigator and doesn't lack attitude, she won't hesitate to keep Luffy and the other straw hats in line."
Why? "She's so child like and innocent that her idiocy comes full forth at times. Can't cook, has no special skills yet she's so cute and lovable"
Why? "One of my favorite characters in DBZ. Love her strong will and loyalty towards Gohan as well as her heroic nature. She is so damn CUTE!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Dragon Ball Super
Why? "Awesome characters, awesome fight scenes, and it is a Dragonball Series! Need I say more?"
Why? "Awesome story arcs even the filler. Love the fight scenes keep you on the edge of your seat."
Why? "Love this series. It's so nostalgic and faster moving than the original without the filler of course. May surpass the original."
Why? "The very first series that got me hooked on anime. It will always be one of my favorite series of all time."
Why? "Great action and humor. I love the characters and the chemistry or lack there of from the Straw Hats."
Why? "Terrific plot to go along with a terrific cast. Kora's character development along with the other support characters are well thought out."