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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jeff Bennett
Why? "Has very similiar voices but seems to treat them all as their own characters, making them nothing alike."
Why? "So creepy yet so fun to listen too"
Why? "Has a very sweet charming voice. Its just so fun to listen to, and her accent is just awesome!"
Why? "Sure he's hammy but he has a very warm friendly aspect to his voice."
Why? "Jet Black may be the only role I remember him for, but he made sure that you could remember him with the performance he gave!"
Why? "Talented with most impersonations, a pretty good range, and GREAT comedic timing make this man admirable!"
Why? "He didn't do much but he leaves a creative impact I can't deny. Plus he Crash screams and yelps are awesome!"
Why? "Very cool and unique voice"
Why? "In my opinion he is the Johnny Depp of the Voice acting community ( And I mean quirky )"
Why? "He had quite the range and had a latta emotion being put into his characters. The contrast of wheel jack and starscream is amazing. RIP"
Why? "If he is not the king of it, he is certainly among royalty in anime voice acting. He has reused his voices but its only because they work."
Why? "Crystals.... OF COURSE! .... D'OH!"
Why? "Pretty sure he was the first voice actor who I ever knew the name of, so he was a good introduction to my interests"
Why? "Zemigata is PERFECT for him and he does it well. After seeing Secret of Mamo I was happy to hear him in the tv show as well!"
Why? "He has a very lovable charm and although he only really showed it in Fairly Oddparents, he has a very neat range and can be very funny too."
Why? "Coop of course! And he has a lot of charm just like his father had!"
Why? "While I admit my liking of him is mostly because of Metal Gear, he helped shape my perception of acting and gives something to remember."
Why? "I just heard his clips and they are all amazing. This guy does great voices."
Why? "Mandark was always a blast to watch and listen to as a kid"
Why? "This mans voice is insanely deep and its extremely natural sounding"
Why? "Very talented, has done very iconic voices and I find it inspiring how she just started off with impressions and singing gospel!"
Why? "He gave a great performance as Stu and it really showed in the episode where he and dede had to help tommy go to sleep."
Why? "Great as shredder, his death scream in Fist of the North star movie is awesome and also "Pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes!""
Why? "Based of his voice clips he has a pretty decent range. Hope to hear more from him!"
Why? "One of the main reasons I got into voice acting"
Why? "Brings a very distinct spice to the personalities of his characters. That and the fact that he was J Jonah Jameson and Cave Johnson"
Why? "He just has so much energy in that voice of his. I honestly don't think he would ever have been sucessful if not for it!"
Why? "He's done a lot of voice work and he has done a couple of some of my favorite characters"
Why? "While his voice lingers around the lower range his acting is very solid and impressive"
Why? "He really sold the performance of Triton as a some what pompous but genuinely caring father."
Why? "Probably one of the most famous and widely recognized VA's out there. Plus, he adding a lot of character to his voices!"
Why? "What can I say? He's a great voice actor and has become one of the best in the field!"
Why? "I loved him as money bags as a kid, and his voice has a very nice distinctness to it"
Why? "Have always loved his portrayal of Revolver Ocelot"
Why? "I've learned a lot of tricks from interviews he has done and he helped a lot with learning how to make voices. Plus, he is really talented!"
Why? "Having played the Monkey Island Games recently I can now see his range in perspective. Its amazing!"
Why? "Always give this immature and obnoxious vibe to his better known characters, and he still makes them lovable instead of annoying"
Why? "Nobody voice acts like Gaston!"
Why? "Funny, talented, and very inspirational when it comes to creativity in a voice"
Why? "He is always fun to listen to and he always delivers perfectly!"
Why? "While some of the voices are a bit boring some of them are just really creative and fun to listen to"
Why? "He always give off this joyful energy with his voice that just screams "I LOVE MY JOB!""
Why? "His voice gives me goosebumps just hearing it!"
Why? "Did a great performance as Chie. Shame she hasn't done much else"
Why? "I grew up with him on Jurassic Park so I always think of how he said "WE HAVE DODGSON HERE!""
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I didn't even grow up with the turtles but this Fraley did an amazing job giving his voice so many layers!"
Why? "I am an angry.. ANGRY SCIENTIST!!! I always said that as a kid XD"
Why? "I haven't even seen any of the movies that he's in but from clips I've seen it is a very, very cool sounding voice."
Why? "One of the funniest and best scottish voices I've heard and helped me learn how to do a whee bit of scottsman banter!"
Why? "As a former addict to certain web content and as a christian, I felt the character was relatable and down to earth. Oh and Tony Jay is great"
Why? "Always fun to watch and see as he causes trouble and solves it for things like food"
Why? "His voice and his character won me over"
Why? "Very unique character that's delivery can be used as inspiration for passionate anger or insanity."
Why? "I always quoted him when I was little. He was my favorite villain on the show!"
Why? "A character who I grew up with in a sense."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Paranoia Agent
Why? "It was what taught me that anime can be personal, deep and psychological and not all about girls with overly sexualized bodies."
Why? "Funny, creepy, surreal, Courage the Cowardly Dog did it all with a variety of characters and its own strange sense of humor."
Why? "This show means a lot to me. The music is phenomenal, the characters are outstanding, and what really got me back into anime. Bang"
Why? "Its the Monty Python of Anime. HE ATE MY PENCIL!!!"
Why? "Very rude and very witty, the humor is something that hasn't been touched upon in the correct doses in a long time"
Why? "Largely built on suspense, Deathnote delivers even during its "lesser" story archs. Also contains one of the worlds best evil laughs EVER!"
Why? "As a kid who missed out on the Dragon ball phenomena, this dub gave me the best experience I could ever have. Its on par with the japanese!"
Why? "Its an animated classic!"
Why? "While yes it is campy this show is a classic and has two very memorable characters. The Robot and Dr Smith"
Why? "This was my favorite show as a kid and from what I've seen of it, its holding up quite well!"
Why? "For better and for worse this shows peanut gallery has affected me and my "humor""
Why? "Corny, clever, over the top and zany, this is one of the funnier shows to be found"
Why? "Half of my room is anime/manga stuff, the other half is church stuff... Yeah I'd say it would have an impact on me. Also my first anime!"
Why? "With the cinematics of Bay, the mythology of the original, and the story telling of beast wars, this show is awesome!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Its fun, violent, and best of all well executed and great pasing! ( Okay the violence is the best part, but you catch my drift! )"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "It had me thinking in a different perspective to give my vote."
Why? "A lot of good actors and choosing a favorite was pretty difficult"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "I was ADDICTTED to this game as a kid. Also the voices are great for such little material given for them!"
Why? "Probably my favorite MGS game because of the replay value and all of the cool hidden stuff."
Why? "While I am still not very far in it ( just got it the other day ) the game is fun and has REALLY GOOD VOICE ACTING"
Why? "LOOOOVE This game! Very scary, and atmospheric. It had a great mix of psychological scares and jump scares to even things out."