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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Wes Johnson
Why? "He's done countless voices for the Elder Scrolls series, one of my favorites being Sheogorath! :D"
Why? "She's so amazing! I fell in love with her voice when she played Carmelita Fox from Sly 2 Band of Thieves"
Why? "I love this man... LIKE A BAUSS!! :D"
Why? "Luv this guy! :D"
Why? "I miss him so much... ;_;"
Why? "Amazing voice actress! :D"
Why? "The Original voice for Sebastian Michaelis"
Why? "Prince Zuko and Jake Long... my two favorite characters that he voices! :D"
Why? "I love him almost as much as Steve Blum"
Why? "I love him in Ghost Stories! :D"
Why? "He's awesome as Commander Zhao! :D"
Why? "He's a fabulous actor and I love, love, LOVE his voice!"
Why? "He is the man with a million kajillion voices! :D"
Why? "Love him as Dhoulmagus! He brought life to this villain! :D"
Why? "He has such a great voice for Sly! :D"
Why? "I saw him at Ketsucon 2012 and I totally didn't know he was the narrator of DBZ (I'm so STUPID!)"
Why? "She's amazing :D"
Why? "Little soldier boy comes marching home. Brave soldier boy comes marching home... :'D"
Why? "Awesome voice actor"
Why? "Incredible voice for Leon S. Kennedy!"
Why? "I love her as Trudy! :D"
Why? "She's really amazing!"
Why? "His voice is like no other! A great man who plays a great role for Kratos from God of War! :D"
Why? "That's my Nigel Thornberry! :D BLAAARRRRGH!! XDDD"
Why? "Two words: Roy. Mustang."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Bold, daring, and fueled by his passionate fury to end Zeus' life, Kratos has sliced his way into my heart and became one of my top VGC"
Why? "Aang's frickin' awesome!"
Why? "Best frickin video game character EVAR!!! :D"
Why? "I"m not destroying the world! I'm saving it!"
Why? "MY first real Video Game love! :D"
Why? "She's sinister and brilliant"
Why? "Love her voice in the second game. And besides her voice, she's an all around great character! :D"
Why? "Three words: "Please Wake Up""
Why? "Courage is like the best dog ever. He's so scared of everything, but will do anything to make sure Muriel is safe! :'D"
Why? "He had an excellent villain's voice :D"
Why? "He's the best villain in the show. Hell, he's a great villain in general, imo!"
Why? "I remember playing as him in Sonic Adventure DX. I also remember crying like a baby when he died. D':"
Why? "I don't need a reason, do I? It's frickin' Ezio!"
Why? "Funniest character from the game in my opinion"
Why? "Wait-- Hero had a voice?"
Why? "Hubie's so nice! :D"
Why? "I've always loved her voice! :D"
Why? "Brain Blast!!! :D"
Why? "I actually had a crush on Johnny as a kid. lol And I always felt bad when he got rejected by all those pretty girls XD"
Why? "I love him and his... er... personality"
Why? "Paul's Bunion cream has the SOOTHING formula! XD"
Why? "I simply love him! :D"
Why? "Tortured, troubled, and psychotic, she is the first murderer I had actually sympathized with"
Why? "He was a great subvillain. Tormented by his past, he fought endlessly to achieve greatness within the Holy Order! But he's still an asshole."
Why? "Another one of my favorite characters from the game... Ragazzo! lol"
Why? "The best villains are the ones who only look out for themselves..."
Why? "Tim Curry really brought this character to life. He was one of my favorites from the show... and STILL IS! lol"
Why? "She's so sweet and caring! I loved this character in DQ8"
Why? "Evil villain! I couldn't wait to kill him at the end of this game! >:D"
Why? "The English dub is SUPERB! Hilary Haag did an AMAZING job!"
Why? "Cool villain. He's on my top villain's list along with Naraku :D"
Why? "This guy was one of my favorites from the show"
Why? "The vilest mask I know. lol"
Why? "Powerful voice, powerful character"
Why? "DISHONOR ON YOU!! DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!! lol I know that's not right, but I still love Zuko! XDD"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Ghost Stories
Why? "You have to watch the English dub to know why. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed (if you like humor, that is...)"
Why? "Tara Strong was awesome in this show! :D"
Why? "Series show that's a part of my childhood"
Why? "Clad butler in black that does everything you tell him to... and all it costs me is my soul? HECK YEAH I WANT ONE!! :D"
Why? "OMG TWO BUTLERS?! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack of sheer joy :D"
Why? "The first time that I fell in love with Johnny Yong Bosch's voice! :D"
Why? "Steve and Blue made me feel so smart as a kid! :D"
Why? ""Get those Japanese words off me" And just like that, I was hooked."
Why? "I loved the dark humor of this show. I'll never forget the zombie episode, so long as I live! :D"
Why? "Whoever doesn't love this duck has no soul... or he's a child born in the 21st century"
Why? "This was one of the few English dubs that I truly... TRULY loved! IT's neck and neck with the Japanese dub imo"
Why? "This is tied with the Powerpuff Girls show. They were both so good! I loved to imitate Dexter and Dee-Dee"
Why? "Dora made me realize just how bad at Spanish I truly was. lol"
Why? "I love this show with a passion. If you want something that holds nothing back, then believe me when I say that this show holds NOTHING back"
Why? "Best cartoon with ducks EVAR!"
Why? "Sore wa ai janaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai! lol"
Why? "They were the only mice that I didn't want eaten by cats! lol"
Why? "This is the only anime that has one of two effects: you are either bursting out laughing or you are crying your eyes out. Genius!"
Why? "This is definitely one anime series that you absolutely CANNOT miss!"
Why? "HILARIOUS SHOW!! XDD But not recommended for younger audiences!"
Why? "Friggin' AWESOME SHOW!! :D"
Why? "There is hope for Cartoons! THANK YOU LAURA FAUST!! :DD"
Why? "I loved this show. Watched it on Animondays with Gurren Lagann"
Why? "One of the best shows on Jetix. I remember waiting all day for just one episode! :D luv you, Pucca!"
Why? "Ass Dance, Captain Bastard, and Happiness Bunny are the main reasons why I love this show! lol :D"
Why? "The colors, the music, the voice actors... everything about this show is magical, wonderful, accepting, and loving! (WHAT WE REALLY ARE!!)"
Why? "Amazing show!"
Why? "Love teh cast and the theme song! :D"
Why? "I only watched a few episodes growing up, but they were hilarious!"
Why? "This show made me want to talk to animals when I was a kid... but alas, such things are impossible for me... T-T"
Why? "Totally Spies = Totally Awesome!"
Why? "I still cry when I get to Sharon's death ;___;"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Prince of Egypt
Why? "The realistic, brotherly conflicts between Moses and Ramses help make this popular Bible story much more real and hits close to home for me."
Why? "I love this movie!"
Why? "Another great movie from my childhood! :D"
Why? "My favorite Land Before Time movie EVAR!"
Why? "I haven't seen this movie in 12 years, and I still remember the song "Magical Christmas Sleigh Ride""
Why? "The one Disney movie I remember my father actually not falling asleep through! lol"
Why? "This is the only kids movie that my mother remembers most of the words to! :D It's fun when we sing the songs together!"
Why? "Holy crap! I haven't seen this in a long ass time... not since McDonald's first had these VHS tapes"
Why? "This movie makes me cry.... so many feels.... in less than 10 minutes of the movie"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Carmelita Fox
Why? "It's nice to see all three different voices for Carmelita in this franchise. My personal favorite is Glidewell, but I love all the voices!"
Why? "This is a tough one to decide"
Why? "Goku has had so many different actors voice him, it's nice to compare them with each other. (But Sean is definitely my favorite Goku voice)"
Why? "This is a very interesting list of VA who tried to get the kid-like feel of the fox sidekick. Personally I like his voice in Sonic Adventure"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Why? "Extremely scary game, with an extremely dark and well-developed story!"
Why? "The game that got me into the franchise! :D"
Why? "This was by far the BEST Looney Tunes game I have ever played!"
Why? "The start of the best years of my childhood! :D"
Why? "OMG This game was so much friggin' fun!"
Why? "One of the best Crash games I've played. I remember playing this with my cousin every night she babysat me! :D Good times, good times..."
Why? "I was addicted to this game like no other! lol"
Why? "This was the best racing game I ever played. PERIOD! I like this more than Mario Kart Double-Dash!"
Why? "Although this wasn't my favorite from the series, it did have a lot of humor"
Why? "Scary franchise with an amazing story! :D"
Why? "lol I remember this game! :D"
Why? "One of the few games I was lucky enough to play on the N64! :D"
Why? "The best Dragonball Z Game.... bar none!"
Why? "I have never enjoyed my self more in a game than this one... well, maybe the Sly Cooper and Assassin's Creed series. lol but that's it! :D"
Why? "MY first Final Fantasy game EVAR! But it definitely won't be my last! lol"
Why? "The start of a legendary franchise! :D"
Why? "The most kick-ass game out of all of them, imo. I'm sorry, but this was just so frickin' epic! I KILLED THE SISTERS OF MY FATE FFS!!"
Why? "Let me put it this way: it's just as awesome as the other two previous games; now it's available for PS3... buy it, dammit..."
Why? "Give money to a hooker, then kill her and take it back... ah... classic GTA... lol"
Why? "This was the game that inspired me to become a writer"
Why? "I think this is the BEST SONIC GAME PERIOD!!"
Why? "Best. Spyro game. HANDS DOWN!! :D"
Why? "Even after playing Brawl, I STILL find myself coming back to this game... I don't know, it just holds so many memories for me"
Why? "This was my first LoZ game... I know, I know, I got into the hype late, but I love this game!"
Why? "An amazing game with an amazing story! Probably one of my favorites from TellTale Games"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "This game is my everything. The reason why I wanted to be a creative writer and make my own video game"