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#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "We call ourselves... NUDIST BEACH!!"
Why? "Aaron's voice for Al suits himback then in the first series. *sniffs* They grow up so fast. *cries*"
Why? "Vic Mignogna was fantastic in voicing this crazy mother******."
Why? "Edward Elric + Romi Park + Vic Mignogna = Badass."
Why? "He's so cute, like he wants his little cheeks to be pinched! *dies of cuteness*"
Why? "She's a sweet little girl, just like Nina was."
Why? "Greeling: "The name's Greed." Ed: "No Greed, I will not kiss you!""
Why? "She is a sugar addicted squad leader, not to mention my least favorite Romi Park performance after her surgery."
Why? "Zero's brother, no doubt about it."
Why? "He's funny whenever Shizuo's around hm."
Why? "She tells everyone that she's a housewife, but it's true. In truth, she's actually an alchemist."
Why? ""You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!" Best line ever!"
Why? "I'd say Vic Mignogna was the right choice to voice this little guy."
Why? "That guy has a pretty ****** up back stories, and that mother****** still wants to be a hero. A twisted one to be exact."
Why? "No one eats our goddess! Because she's like Belldandy's great-granddaughter."
Why? "Long live the king."
Why? "My least favorite Romi Park role, along side Regene Regetta."
Why? "Total badass with Matthew Mercer as his VA."
Why? "My least favorite Caitlin Glass role."
Why? "She is ******* crazy!"
Why? "*dies of cuteness*"
Why? "I hate that bitch-in-glasses."
Why? "I feel so sorry for her."
Why? "Geoff: *sadly* I'll miss you, Petra. Your strength won't die with you."
Why? "Dog huh?..........I LOVE DOGS!!!!!"
Why? "My least favorite Romi Park role, along side Len Tao."
Why? "She's the next Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch, and a great gunslinger."
Why? "I'd say she was great, and that she got raped and had a kid in the original series. Poor girl..."
Why? "I hate her, she made Zero what he is today."
Why? "And he's kinda cute when he gets mad."
Why? "I love him. I love his voice in Japanese and English. I love Yuki Kaji's voice on him. And I love Vic Mignogna's voice on him."
Why? "*shrieks* Stupid Sexy Sonic!"
Why? "Maka's pappy is hilarious, and Vic Mignogna is awesome as him."
Why? "Great character voiced by Samuel Vincent, by the way."
Why? "Awww, cutie!!"
Why? "Lelouch Lamperouge: She's Winerific! Edward Elric: So-so horrific."
Why? "All right, best Vic Mignogna performance ever."
Why? "He is so hot, with sexy voices. Both Vic Mignogna and Mamo-chan did a fantastic job on voicing this sexy vampire."