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Voice Actor
Kevin Conroy
Why? "He IS BRUCE WAYNE! He IS the BATMAN! He IS the DARK KNIGHT! Is there a better reason than that?"
Why? "Let's see... I admire his voice for Gaara, Zexion, Kuja and my favorite... XERXES BREAK."
Why? "There is no one in the world that compares to his tuneful, deep and powerful voice, he is truly an actor to be admired and respected."
Why? "Oh man, you should hear his singing voice as Sebastian! And every other cast member of Black Butler II. :)"
Why? ""It's time for the clown to bow out Arkham." - He is awesome as Vergil."
Why? ""I am your father." - That line is still awesome no matter how many times I watch it, his naturally deep and commanding voice just sells it."
Why? "His voice is just so rich and recognizable and another inspiration to train my VA skills."
Why? "He is the only man to perfectly voice the Clown Prince of Crime, and honestly before I knew he was the Joker I knew him best as Skywalker."
Why? "The original Fullmetal Alchemist!"
Why? "Sephiroth. Dante. Kazuya Mishima. I LIKE!"
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Why? "My very first VA imitation... Ahh, memories..."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "An EPIC anime with tons of potential for a long run, I hope to see a Season 2 in production in the foreseeable future."
Why? "I am simply one HELL of a fan of this show."
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