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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "His rich distinctive voice is combined with well-timed pacing that draws you in and captures your attention, even in his film acting."
Why? "He voiced such an amazing range of characters I know and love. To tell all of the reasons why he is a favorite I would need much more room."
Why? "It would be illogical not to admire this rich voiced actor whose charismatic voice and film work is wonderful to experience."
Why? "His voice brings a very likable quality to his characters. His singing voice is very pleasant and effortlessly packs a lot of emotion."
Why? "A creative genius with an awe-inspiring eye for detail. His play between reality and the fantastical world of the mind is brilliant."
Why? "He has an amazing range of characters yet I never hear one and say "Oh that sounds just like..." There is such clarity and character there."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "How can this feisty little guy not steal your heart? He's super cute but can be serious with a powerful presence for his size."
Why? "One of my favorites in the Adventure Time series. I love her songs and the often moody relationship she has with other characters."
Why? "Everything becomes a musical with him. It's like a nightmare spin on my dream world. Neil Patrick Harris has a great singing voice."
Why? "From the moment I was introduced to X-men he has been one of my favorites. Cool look, powers, and attitude. I love the accent."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Completely wacky and colorful stories and characters that will leave you laughing and saying What? A great spin off from the original short."
Why? "I crazy loved this show when I was little. It was one of my first exposures to stop motion and the characters were wacky and fun."
Why? "My first anime series. This colorful and action packed show left me looking forward to it every week. The magic and costumes were a delight."
Why? "Love the style and energy of this show. It has a lot of lessons and situations that might not be so directly focused on in today's cartoons."
Why? "Full of life lessons, humor, and adorable colorful characters, this show transcends being just for little girls."
Why? "Bizarre and disturbing, yet you can't take your eyes away from these intriguing nightmarish stories of how fear can grow and become embodied"
Why? "Adorable and fun, I loved this show so much I would sneak and watch it in the mornings before school on our old black and white tv."
Why? "A great balance of scary and grotesque and cute and happy. The characters are very unique and lovable, even the warped ones like Dr. Barber."
Why? "A really fun spin on the X-world with strong and believable voice acting."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Secret Of Kells
Why? "The use of color, design, and texture is a three course meal for the eyes. The story is beautifully woven and Aisling's song is haunting."
Why? "A haunting and visually stunning story with lovable and terrifying characters. The baby doll faced monster left me feeling very creeped out."
Why? "A bittersweet and stimulating love story that reaches through time and reality using movie genres to spin a story of life, love, and loss."
Why? "A capturing story with a strong female lead and messages about kindness, sacrifice, and the environment. Beautifully animated."
Why? "Mind-bending and kaleidoscopic. Satoshi Kon is the master of warped realities and this movie is a beautiful example of that."
Why? "A moving story with developed and stirring characters that engage you. Beautifully animated with thrilling creatures and scenes."
Why? "The combination of lovable rough around the edges characters and eye popping detail make this one of my favorite movies of the year."
Why? "NMBC is a classic. It's a delicious blend of light, color, music, and characters that comes together to create this well loved story."