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#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Favorite Superhero"
Why? "Hilarious!"
Why? "By far the funniest of Disney's characters"
Why? "Love his Beatles-esque voice"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Justice League Unlimited
Why? "Mostly the same reasons I love Justice League and also I get to see some of my fav characters animated that I've never seen before"
Why? "Great animation, love the overall design of it, and I love the voice acting"
Why? "For me it captured the essence of the original Warner Bros. shorts and had superb voices!"
Why? "Great stories, great action, and it was an original idea for a Batman cartoon"
Why? "Duh!"
Why? "I don't remember this show perfectly, all I can say is it captures the spirit of my childhood cartoons"
Why? "Highly original concept and with the fabulous art of Butch Hartman what can go wrong"
Why? "This show had characters I really did care about, also the story was interesting and is one of the few anime's I like"
Why? "Aside from Goofy always being my favorite Disney character I remember my sides aching at this hilarious show"
Why? "I loved this show it took my favorite part of the day and made whole show about it"
Why? "I love Disney and this cartoon had adventure, comedy, and a catchy theme song!"
Why? "Crazy funny"
Why? "I just started watching it and already I'm totally wrapped up in the stories, also the great animation and design of the show"
Why? "With an all-star cast and great storylines this show secures its position in my top 10"
Why? "This humor is subtle but its still has me laughing in every episode"
Why? "Doofenschmirtz, Songs, awesome invetions. It has everything you need for a great show!"
Why? "Loved the short in Animaniacs and making it its own show was genius"
Why? "I love Scooby and the original show had THE best voices of the characters and is the prime of the franchise"
Why? "Before I knew alot about Spider-man this show introduced me to the world and characters"
Why? "Nostalgia"
Why? "This show is wildly original and the art is something special Tartakovsky strikes again!!"
Why? "Well for one I am a comic nerd, and secondly the stories, fluid animation, and great voice talents!"
Why? "As much as I hated the redesign of the Joker, it continued a brilliant show also along with Superman: TAS it perfected the DCAU style"
Why? "Spectacular had fluid animation, great stories and the best Spider-man voice to date"
Why? "The original was before my time, but this new one has great animation and makes me want to watch the original"
Why? "Like Animaniacs it captured that Warner animation spirit"
Why? "The theme song sucks but this show was the mystery solvin' team in today's world which was very cool"
Why? "These shorts can never get old they still hold up today in this new world of animation"
Why? "Great cast, story,and animation it's good across the board"
Why? "Like the Spidey show of the 90s it first introduced me to these characters. Also the Sci-fi aspect of the show really drew me in!"
Why? "A great spin on some great characters!"
Why? "I love the way the show looks and its vast array of characters"