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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Charles Martinet
Why? "Probably *the* voice of Nintendo."
Why? "A very versatile and funny voice actor from several of my favorite shows."
Why? "He had a flair for the dramatic that couldn't be properly captured in text, even with bold, italics, and giant fonts."
Why? "Iron Man and Sir Dudley! What a team!"
Why? "Another one of those ever-present 90's cartoon voices that resonated throughout my childhood."
Why? "One of my favorite "sound effects" men."
Why? "Sometimes funny, mostly goofy."
Why? "Goofball for all, but dramatic when needed."
Why? "As a fan of the cartoons of the 90's, Jim Cummings was an ever-present voice in my youth, and one of my personal favorites."
Why? "John only makes me love my PC more."
Why? "They Might Be Giants FTW!"
Why? "One of those recognizable voices and a fantastic one at that."
Why? "He is *the* hulk!"
Why? "One of the all time greatest voice men that will truly be missed."
Why? "He is, without a doubt, *the* army man of movies and TV."
Why? ""Excelsior!""
Why? "One of those ever-present voices in the cartoons of my childhood, he's quite the dark and awesome character himself."
Why? "An awesome actor and a good voice artist."
#1 All Time Favorite
Aran Ryan
Why? "This insane Irishman will always be welcome at my St. Patrick's day parties."
Why? "They better bring him back in a sequel!"
Why? "Mr. Bumpy was my favorite "party animal" when I was a kid!"
Why? "This overenthusiastic retro-loving character reminds me a lot of myself."
Why? "No truer words of wisdom were ever spoken by any other."
Why? "IMPO, anyone who thinks that he stands a chance against him deserves the title of "Gutter Trash!""
Why? ""Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!""
Why? ""Yo quiero Taco Bell." will never exit my mind... ever...!"
Why? "Poor Glass Joe needs more love, especially with Christian's performance of him."
Why? "HULK SMASH!!!"
Why? "Strange little spider person. :D"
Why? ""YES! YES!""
Why? "One of the first mascots of gaming and a fun character all around. It's-a Mario!"
Why? "A very funny character with fairly funny sketches."
Why? "Awesome voice on him!"
Why? "I kinda liked his Cary Grant impersonation."
Why? "I always liked this gooey guy and his quirks."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "A cartoon classic in my mind, and an all-time favorite."
Why? "One goofball series that was my favorite!"
Why? "A strange and wonderful show that I loved with a passion."
Why? "A favorite anime of mine growing up. The idea of computer creatures always appealed to me."
Why? "I never understood it when I was young, but now I can't get enough of it!"
Why? "Definitely a strange look into what could be."
Why? "One of those quirky cartoons that I fell in love with when I was young."
Why? "Another strange cartoon favorite."
Why? "A super-favorite of my early childhood!"
Why? "My favorite in spades, but all in all a good fun(ny) show."
Why? "An absolute classic set of cartoons!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Toy Story
Why? "Probably the first movie to introduce me to the wonders of Computerized animation."
Why? "A classic cavalcade of cartoon chaos caught in a crime drama. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "A departure from the norm in more ways than one, Punch-Out for the Wii is true ear candy as much as it is reflex-testing!"