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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jim Cummings
Why? "He was the voice of my childhood (Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck) and he keeps proving himself to be awesome at everything he does."
Why? "He's got an awesome voice. I loved him as Bigby Wolf. =)"
Why? "Seeing a newcomer like him get Con appearances so fresh gets my hopes up for my own potential Professional Voice Acting Debut. =)"
Why? "She's sweet and kind, which reflects on her voice and generally cast roles. Plus, she's an avid anime lover. I think I might be in love..."
Why? "Awesome to know that voice actors like him are just as much fanboys as the fans they've garnered over the years. =)"
Why? "What a guy. Between Goofy, many of the Looney Tunes characters, and Dead Rising of all things, this guy's versatile and generous. A-HYUK!"
Why? "From Fry to Bugs Bunny, to the Red M&M to Popeye, he's one of the best in the business. He makes Speedy Gonzales look like Regular Gonzales."
Why? "What can I say? He's got a great hero voice. =)"
Why? "She's just as sweet in life as she is in animation. "You count them One Mokona, two Mokona, then you stop because there are only two.""
Why? "The Team Four Star voice of Cooler, Dr. Gero and Enrico Maxwell. Need I say more?"
Why? "A guy with a versatile range who has Autism and actually sought out his voiceover acting career? I feel incredibly inspired by this guy. =)"
Why? "Donatello then, Slash now. This guy is an awesome former child star. Plus, I never realized he was young Copper. I LOVE that movie!"
Why? "Another awesome actress and singer who's been entertaining me since childhood. She's a slave to nobody! Nobody but the rhythm!"
Why? "From Cell to Handsome Jack, this guy has got it all. =)"
Why? ""Time to tip the scales!""
Why? "This guy's pretty much the next Frank Welker, with his inhuman ability to make animal and monster noises! He's Awesome!"
Why? "She's awesome, she's friendly, she's no-nonsense, and she's very social with her fans. She's like a female Vic Mignogna!"
Why? "I can't even HOPE to pull off the amazing voices he does. Truly he is the greatest voice actor of our current generation."
Why? "Creator of Gargoles and Producer of Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. What more do I gotta say?"
Why? "Wakko Warner. He was a role based on Ringo Star, and he also has an awesome rock band. TAKE ME, JESSE!"
Why? "He's an epic action hero who can also make a pretty neat bad guy. Also, he was a Power Ranger. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"
Why? "He might be one of the best voices of Spider-Man to date, and now he's Green Lantern. This guy gets around, and he's great at it."
Why? "This guy has one of the most awesome pseudonyms I've ever heard: Juicey Flannigan, and I like him for that alone. Thank you, LittleKuriboh."
Why? "Never sounds exactly the same twice, and I do believe all young girls interested in voice acting should look up to her awesome example."
Why? "Great actress and singer, and best voice of Tails in a time when his voice sounded incredibly gender-confused. I wanna fly high!"
Why? "He's nice, easy to get along with, has a solid vocal range, and is a really good voice for Vector the Crocodile. What a good man he is. =)"
Why? "He's awesome and versatile, he's a really good Joker, he's a funny giant space captain, and he's the son of Cleveland. He's totally awesome."
Why? "From Buena Girls to Ashley Williams to Barbara Gordon, she's got it all. I hope to eventually see her at future cons."
Why? "A shining example that sometimes, voice acting for fanmade projects can get you places, she's as awesome as she is very pretty."
Why? "One of the first to actually seek out voice acting, he is greatly involved in the anime, gaming, and fan acting communities. SHORYUKEN!"
Why? "She can sound absolutely adorable one minute, and sultry seductive the next. She is just amazing."
Why? "She's sweet, she's awesome, she easily can jump between high and cutesy to low and devious, she is just an awesome voice actress all around."
Why? "LittleKuriboh, baby!"
Why? "I really liked There Will Be Brawl, and I enjoyed hearing him as Tygra and in Fullmetal Alchemist. Needless to say, I can get behind him."
Why? "The original voice of nearly all the Looney Tunes. Why wouldn't anyone wanting to do voice acting look up to this guy?"
Why? "Rukia, C Viper, Rita Mordio, Fujiko Mine, Jill Valentine and Cream! And to top it off, she's no-nonsense and badass! Be my friend, please!"
Why? "In her mid-sixties and still got that Young Boy voice. She really is amazing, to go from classic Old cartoons to prominence in anime dubs."
Why? "She plays very diverse characters, from little girls to confident leaders, even to the deep and silent. Her Lala Gonzales is the coolest."
Why? "Great at playing men of all kinds, be they geeky, strong, confident, evil, and all in ethnicities outside his own. He's friggin' awesome."
Why? "Laughter is the best medicine, and the cool thing is you can't OD and the refills are free. You're an inspiration to all, Rob!"
Why? "You were one of the best of all time, Robin. Rest in Peace."
Why? "He's on of the best voices of Sonic I've ever known, an I hope his career for that character stretches out for a good, long time."
Why? "I always knew him as the deep, confident badass, and he'll always manage to be that, among others. He should be the live action Deathstroke."
Why? "Donatello, Starscream, Tennessee Kid Cooper, Phoenix Wright, Teddie...This guy can do it all with what is joked as the same vocal range."
Why? "The guy from Bedfellows got to be in Sword Art Online. I think that warrantas a Fave."
Why? "Voice of Goku. I rest my case."
Why? "I loved it when he stuffed a grenade down the Nostalgia Critic's pants. Oh, and he's an awesome voice actor, too."
Why? "Every awesome thing he does in anime, he does even better in Western Cartoons and games. LONG LIVE BLUM!"
Why? "As one of the two who wrote the book on how to get into the business, she's a prime idol that all aspiring Voice actors should follow."
Why? "I love the cute, serious and amazing voices she does, and I LOVE her singing, too."
Why? "What more can I say? She's Saeko Busujima, the sword-mistress of the Zombie Apocalypse. I would love to meet her one day."
Why? "Oil and Grime, Poison sludge Diesel clouds and noxious muck Slime beneath me, slime up above Ooh, you love my...(ah, ah, ooh)...Toxic Love~!"
Why? "How tiny is the crotch on his action figure? We may never know..."
Why? "His range is great. As high as I know myself or other men can go, we can't pull of Spongebob like he can. He's terrific."
Why? "Very versatile in roles of anime, cartoons and video games. Plus, he may be the best voice of Two-Face since Batman: The Animated Series."
Why? "He is a great actor, singer, Trekkie, writer, and overall one of the nicest people I've ever met in the VA world. Risembool Ranger for life!"
Why? "From Cowboy Bebop to Bleach to even DuckTales Remastered, she's been in a lot of the shows and games I loved. She's a great director, too!"
Why? "This guy's really awesome. I mean, he and his wife wrote the book on voice acting. There is a lot you can learn from him."
#1 All Time Favorite
Sonic the Hedgehog
Why? "My first gaming icon, I will always stick by his side, through thick and thin and for better or worse. He's like a brother to me. GO SONIC!"
Why? "Much like Catwoman, she's a theif and former villain. Unlike Catwoman, she fights for the good side a lot more often. I like her."
Why? "One of the best of the best of the best in cartoon icons, it should be a Constitutional Amendment that nobody get the best of Bugs Bunny."
Why? "One of the ultimate kings of cartoon comedy, Daffy's self-centered nature is loved by all, myself included. Duck Amuck is his best, easily."
Why? "He's badass, he's hilarious, and underneath that is a tragic backstory. Don't let that get the Merc with a Mouth down, though. BANG BANG!"
Why? "The ultimate king of Douchebaggery. Donald Duck is a jerk, but he's among of of the first jerks we grew to love."
Why? "Goku's awesome. So dumb, but so loveable. So powerful, and so courageous. Sean Scemmel and MasakoX are the best voices of him, too."
Why? "One of the original femme fatales of Zombie fiction, she's always in control and always kicking ass, even when she's being controlled."
Why? "One of the best of the best in villains who give the vibe of both humorous and scary. Plus, Mark Hamill was easily the greatest Joker of all"
Why? "An icon in gaming whose adventures take him all kinds of places, I enjoy his games. I especially love Super Mario Galaxy and Paper Mario 2."
Why? "Probably one of the best DBZ Villains ever. I mean, he gave the Z Warriors a fighting chance to beat him before he commit genocide. Awesome."
Why? "He's everything a Ninja's supposed to be and then some. He's calm, he's swift, he has all manner of tools and weapons, he is just awesome."
Why? "Cool, calm, and able to take on the unead with a sword. She is one of the ultimate best. Plus, who else fears that they might go crazy?"
Why? "One of the great examples of Teen Superheroes, this guy is an icon that we all should enjoy. ...Just stay away from "One More Day"."
Why? "The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is he's the only one, and we wouldn't have that any other way."
Why? "He's one of the most innocent THINGS on the planet, and his simple adventures always bring me right back to my childhood."
Why? "He's the best at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice."
Why? "I like the way this character was set up. And shes one of the good guys too. Best part about her, though: Voice of Tara Strong in MvC3."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Darkwing Duck
Why? "One of my absolute favorite cartoons of all time. Let's Get Dangerous!"
Why? "Much of the presentation shows that it lacks effort and patience, but the appeal ultimately wins. Now if it didn't succeed, That's NO GOOD."
Why? "Sometimes, people being absolute *******s can be hilarious. Malcolm in the Middle and this are perfect examples."
Why? "A fantastic anime that combines War and Zombie Apocalypse aspects with incredible action and fun, memorable characters. LOVE IT!"
Why? "An interesting satire on kids refusal to do a bunch of stuff with an awesome voice cast, multiple awesome parodies, and quite the appeal."
Why? "The absolute best Anime Series of all time with the best dub of all time. You owe it to yourself to see this, especially in English."
Why? "This show takes itself pretty seriously a good deal of the time, and really shows its inspiration from the comic book greats. Going Ghost!"
Why? "Imagine The original Dragon Ball Z, only without filler, and with better voice acting. Basically, SO much better. Almost like TeamFourStar."
Why? "A cool adventure series with memorable characters that led into one of my absolute favorite cartoons of all time. =)"
Why? "The earlier seasons are the best, the mid seasons have their ups and their downs, and the current seasons are just boring. But still a fave."
Why? "Super Teen Extraordinaire! Freakazoid! Freakazoid!"
Why? "One of the greatest anime series ever. You owe it to yourself to see the passion, the drama, the effort that went into this story."
Why? "Everything the original series was, but this time following the plot the creator was able to fully realize. I mean it: Go see this anime."
Why? "Fox are idiots for cancelling this. Thank you Comedy Central for bringing this back with all manner of awesome new content!"
Why? "Despite the panty shots and jiggle physics, it does hold the feel of a Zombie Apocalypse, and that's what draws in viewers, myself included."
Why? "An awesome spy show with an awesome hero. It's a voice actors paradise and a great display of hot cartoon women. In a way, That's the sitch."
Why? "Not many shows can do the same thing all the time and joke about their awareness of it. How would you spend your vacation like these guys?"
Why? "Artistis, epic, dramatic, and very generous with its audience. This is probably Genndy Tartakovsky's best work."
Why? "One of my favorite sitcoms. It's like Family Guy, only not dragged out to death and the drama aspect actually works in its favor."
Why? "A very innocent-minded series that displays good animation, likeable characters and cool action scenes. There are tits in it, too, but..."
Why? "Despite the nudity-based fanservice, I think this anime is very nice to its audience. The characters are enjoyable, and the music is lovely."
Why? "A great anime with a great campy pop culture referential dub. Handsome Keroro for the Win!"
Why? "This is gonna be awesome. I can already tell. =)"
Why? "The exact opposite of "Adventures", and easily earned its place among shows like Batman: TAS and Gargoyles. It's Way Past Cool."
Why? "Trey Parker and Matt Stone are awesome, and brilliant writers/comedians."
Why? "Great animation, great humor, very cartoonish, and it can still be serious with us. When there's Trouble, you know who to call. Teen Titans."
Why? "A great successor to the Turtles franchise that knows how to appeal to both classic fans and newer generations! Turtle Power!"
Why? "Not as spectacular as Avatar (especially the main protagonist), but takes more risks and does a great enough job of succeeding Aang's show."
Why? "Basically, my stance on this is just like Family Guy: The earlier seasons are the best, and a great source of nostalgia."
Why? "Craig McCracken's new show shows animation that's right at home with Disney, and Jack McBrayer's very funny as the lead. I like it already."
Why? "The X-Men mostly as teenagers. Hey, if it's done right, I can dig it. And boy did they do it right."
Why? "Does a good job at capturing the essence of the original, but can't decide on "Sequel or Reboot". Also, the CGI is pretty weak."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Fantastic story, characters, songs, overall an awesome film. Disney's been on a roll these past couple of years. New Renaissance, I presume?"
Why? "This introduced Nolan North's role of Deadpool. Why wouldn't I or anyone else fave it?"
Why? "Teen Titans in the land that inspired its animation style. What more do I gotta say?"
Why? "Brad Bird and Pixar. A match made in heaven. Plus, they'd get to do it again with Ratatouille."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "I think the best voices might be Patricia Ja Lee and Michelle Ruff."
Why? "My favorite Nightcrawler voices might be Dee Bradley Baker and Liam O'Brien."
Why? "What an awesome movie. What awesome characters. What an awesome experience. This show breathes awesomeness, hence the name of the show!"
Why? "My favorite Sonic voices are Jaleel White and Roger Craig Smith. Who do I think is the best? Well, I'm writing a video that explains that."
Why? "Josh Keaton's the best voice easily. I really wish frickin' Disney didn't replace him with Drake Bell in Avengers EMH at the last minute..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic Generations
Why? "This is the Anniversary Title Sonic deserved. What more can I say, except...Happy Birthday, Sonic."
Why? "It's a fun Indie game with a great combat system, and an even greater voice cast. Totally worth playing."
Why? "The intensity of the choices, the cool strategic gameplay, and it's the second Nintendo game to cast LA voices. I'm totally getting this."
Why? "I love this game, but sadly, not enough people know about it. Great story, great voice acting, great combat system, overall a great game."
Why? "YES!"
Why? "Netherrealm's second attempt at the DC license looks a lot more promising than MK vs DC. Incredibly epic, and an even slew of our favorites."
Why? "Great art design, great graphics, an AWESOME LA voice cast, this game is a must-have for 3DS players. Even if land play is very tough."
Why? "Square Enix meets Disney. What at first sounded bizarre ultimately became the perfect fit that continues to develop even as we speak."
Why? "Probably one of the best of the KH series. The worlds they added, the stunning cinematic-esque Limits and Reactions, and the story thickens."
Why? "Lara Croft and Jim Cummings. What more needs to be said?"
Why? "A great cast, great animation, great characters, great design. This game's the epitome of Great! Except the tutorial, that is..."
Why? "One of the greatest Sonic titles of its time, this jump to 3D was awesome. Could've done without Amy and Big, though."
Why? "One of the best of the Dreamcast lineup. Sonic's back, and he's gonna kick some Shadow tail!"
Why? "What a great return to form. A gameplay mechanic that works, an awesome new voice cast, and even more of the adventure on the DS. Go Sonic!"
Why? "I love the Deadpool level."
Why? "What more reason do you need? It's Smash Bros. and they finally gave Mega Man his deserved place in the game. OF COURSE it's gonna be great!"
Why? "Not only is it another great entry in the Tales series, it's another in the ever-growing list of credits for web voice actors going pro. =)"
Why? "A Love letter to fans of the Turtles franchise. It's a game I'd recommend, although it is rather slow and buggy..."