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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Corey Burton
Why? "He is the greatest VA, voicing some of the greatest characters of all time and utilizing his voice in various ways. He makes it work."
Why? "Arnold Perlstein, and yes, I am voting for him below, I will be the first because I love this character."
Why? "TJ Detweiler was played out perfectly!"
Why? "He has an extreme talent for his work!"
Why? "He is the single best portrayer of the Killer Croc."
Why? "Skeebo was a big childhood character."
Why? "Gloria in the Madagascar VG franchise."
Why? "Versatile! Great characters."
Why? "Geronimo Stilton is the best book character on the planet, in the universe!"
Why? "Goes through many voice challenges and obstacles to make all of his voices just right."
Why? "He is the Penguin!"
Why? "Silver and Gold!"
Why? "Ponyboy!"
Why? "Awesome Wolverine"
Why? "The Foreman Elf is awesome!"
Why? "That's not in your contract"
Why? "Long live Donald Duck."
Why? "I love Twitchy so much, he is awesome, a great character."
Why? "I love Mr. Incredible!"
Why? "Just saw him as Mickey on Rocky on Broadway yesterday. He made a remarkable performance!"
Why? "I love Dad Asparagus so much in Veggie Tales. I used to watch that show when I was little, what a great surprise!"
Why? "2nd best voice actor of all time!"
Why? "Jake Long and Zuko, awesome!"
Why? "Tmnt and Ras."
Why? "Great voice for many animated cartoon characters, such as Ted and Batman."
Why? "He was a great portrayer of Wilbur in Charlotte's Web."
Why? "One of the coolest VA's that there will ever be."
Why? "Happily N'Ever After 2!"
Why? "I am a big fan of his voice talents in Chowder."
Why? "Red Skull and Rhino, I voted for Red Skull"
Why? "Amazing voice."
Why? "Timothy Q. Mouse is very cool."
Why? "Know it All and Mandark"
Why? "She is awesome!"
Why? "I love Special Delivery Kluger!"
Why? "He is an amazing voice actor without enough roles to prove it. You would only his talent with little he has had in 101 Dalmatians. Awesome!"
Why? "KISS is the best band of all time and wouldn't have gotten far at all without Gene!"
Why? "Perfect Michelangelo and Beast Boy, more so Michelangelo! Great job Greg!"
Why? "Simpsons and Gargamel!!!"
Why? "The Great Gazoo, man!"
Why? "He is a great voice actor and actor with how he portrays his characters."
Why? "DYLAN!"
Why? "Mr. McDonald was given the perfect voice to become, after live-action, a loved cartoon by all!"
Why? "Always Raphael in my eyes!"
Why? "I love Grimsby, he has a distinct voice!"
Why? "I love his voice as Sideshow Bob and Stinky Pete extremely!"
Why? "Very cool guy, who can modify his voice well."
Why? "Best Batman voice dude!"
Why? "KMR is insanely versatile."
Why? "Very funny and can control different challenges in voices withe ease."
Why? "I love Yukon Cornelius, the character really gets you in a Christmas mood!"
Why? "I love him as Raphael."
Why? "His death is a shame, he is a voice acting legend."
Why? "He gives Bumblebee a nice tone."
Why? "Amazing characters. He makes his characters himself and more interesting than just a voice."
Why? "Great voice of Anakin Skywalker"
Why? "Planet of the Apes"
Why? "Wanda"
Why? "One of the greatest voice actors of all time! She gave me an autograph in July and she is one of the nicest people in the business! Bart!"
Why? "She starred on The Simpsons and voiced some of my favorite characters on the show."
Why? "Excellent voice actor of Roadrunner."
Why? "He was Clopin and I appreciate all his work for it."
Why? "Hermey the Elf will always be remembered and loved until the end of time, especially by me, in this Christmas classic!"
Why? "KISS is my favorite band of all time and thy wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Paul!"
Why? "Amazing VA who could voice any character he is given with ease!"
Why? "Very good voice for Leatherhead!"
Why? "Wilt, John Stewart, and Bolbi!"
Why? "He who shall not be named..."
Why? "Pink Panther, wow."
Why? "Trap Stilton is an amazing book character and he gave him the perfect voice, nice job!"
Why? "Ultimate super hero villain and best for Two-Face!"
Why? "He has a great voice for many characters."
Why? "Cousin Oliver and Mikey?! When will his talent end?! Nevaaa...!"
Why? "Although he is a self-centered Tony Stark, he is a kick-butt Iron Man."
Why? "Disney, Marvel, Sega, when will his talent stop."
Why? "Forever a dwarf!"
Why? "Honestly, he is very cool!"
Why? "Jerry from Tom & Jerry!"
Why? "Mr. White on Johnny Test is a genius voice that fits the character of name very well through his voice."
Why? "Shredder!"
Why? "Raphael is a masterpiece!"
Why? "With little to do, his work explains his talent."
Why? "Stewie Griffin in Family Guy."
Why? "Classic Disney artist."
Why? "Charlie B. Barkin has a very fitting voice that is loved by many!"
Why? "Marvel Ultimate Alliance: 2."
Why? "He created a deep personnel with his charicature of Mr. Pricklepants and set a great Toy Story feature for years on."
Why? "I find him amazing with no limit to his range of acting. To see him as Walt Disney will just perfect his acting skills and my view of him!"
Why? "SPONGEY! He is such a great inspiration for me!"
Why? "He has a very exceeding voice for many characters."
Why? "You are one of the greatest Batmans!"
Why? "He is an extremely legendary Disney and Pixar VA and allows an interesting personality within each of his characters."
Why? "Treats his characters' voices well."
Why? "Superman!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Donald Duck
Why? "He is the best Disney character and has every aspect of being the best cartoon hat there is to offer. He has it all!"
Why? "This fish is a very funny, memorable character that appears frequently on the show! Very funny!"
Why? "(snore, snore) Wha-WHAT THE! Oh, yeah. It's just..."
Why? "Definitely Disney!!! I love it!"
Why? "This scam artist is really funny and a unique and different Disney character."
Why? "They are so cute and funny, I wish they were real! Wooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!"
Why? "WAHH!"
Why? "Another spectacular child's tale completely embodied by the marvelous Walt Disney Studios. How cool can a character be, I know the answer"
Why? "The imperfect duplicate of Superman."
Why? "He is an awesome comic character!"
Why? "I love the blue m and m because he is cool and I love the color blue, not to mention m and m's. So sad that Phil Hartman had to pass on."
Why? "Blue is the better of the two. BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!"
Why? "On of the coolest Pokémon's"
Why? "Probably the most kick-butt horse in history!"
Why? "Tim Allen has done it again!"
Why? "He is a great way to express a villain, he is hilarious, versatile, evil, or his repeating failure attempts to kill Peter Pan! He is the BDV"
Why? "He is an adorable Disney dog that deserves a series of awards for unique Disney characters and interesting cartoon personality."
Why? "I want the job done tonight! Hhhhuhhh...SPOTS!!!"
Why? "He is a very funny character and reminds me of the old times in Disney history"
Why? "He is the most evil of any star wars franchise character ever introduced to the big screen."
Why? "Watching one hundred and one Dalmatians takes me back to when I looked up to Thunderbolt and thought that Dirty Dawson was amazing."
Why? "Dolph is a great character in the franchise that makes Jimbo's gang look really cool!"
Why? "Bleh Bluh Bleh!"
Why? "Best Doogal character."
Why? "One of the greatest Disney villains by far, great job Andrew Stanton with your Darth Vader like Disney adversary! Amazing job!"
Why? "He along with Elmo and possibly Grover were my favorite Sesame Street characters as a kid, if being under 12 counts, I'm 12."
Why? "No fans? Really? Watch the movie and you will have a feel for every character in it."
Why? "Awesome sidekick to Ariel, under the sea!"
Why? "He is one of the most amazing failures that there will ever be in TV history."
Why? "The nicest monster ever!"
Why? "Happy Birthday!"
Why? "When I was very little, I was obsessed with this giraffe."
Why? "One of the coolest animated old men of all time!"
Why? "He is my path."
Why? "Hayuck! Heh, gawrsh!"
Why? "The very best Spider-Man villain that there is!"
Why? "I love him as a vivid Disney character that deserves many awards in a new voice of Disney!"
Why? "I love the Hamburglar!"
Why? "I'm mr. Heatmeiser whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch, I'm too much!"
Why? "He is the most hysterical, awesome, and cool kwyjibo and Simpsons character that there is! He is one of my favorite characters of all time!"
Why? "Not one of my top heroes, but still a great Avenger."
Why? "I believe."
Why? "Not really Superman's father, but a great recurring character in that of the superhero media."
Why? "One of the most iconic, not only Batman, but DC villains that I would rank number 5!"
Why? "It's all about me."
Why? "YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE MYSTERY SHACK AGAIN! Thurop van Orman, awesome job! Wow."
Why? "What a cool dino!"
Why? "She is really funny!"
Why? "Tom Kenny can just do any voice he pleases."
Why? "What a party animal"
Why? "What's Your Name Me Laddy? Uh, Monroe."
Why? "Dude. He is my favorite Regular Show character"
Why? "3rd best Fantastic Four member."
Why? "One of the coolest Disney heroes of all time."
Why? "I love Mr. Peanut!"
Why? "Wisecracking, hilarious, hot-tempered, he is just one of the greats!"
Why? "Really funny character."
Why? "Great Flintstones character that should have a more major part/role. He is the successor of Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons."
Why? "Comin' Cap'n! Does it need any more of an explanation? A chubby, jolly and determined old man. The perfect assistant!"
Why? "She is a hilarious version of an old school classic television show teacher!"
Why? "He does not take anyone's nonsense."
Why? "He really is Numbuh 1 of all the Numbuhs."
Why? "I like warm hugs, too..."
Why? "He is insanely amazing"
Why? "So flippin' cool and chill!"
Why? "VeggieTales is the bomb!"
Why? "He is awesome, and also quite obsessed with making it known that ice in the heart is very bad."
Why? "Cool accent"
Why? "In the top five best Hercules characters that there are, and has a great sense of humor, my favorite of Pain & Panic."
Why? "His real name is so long"
Why? "Very cool!"
Why? "Pika-CHU! One of the greatest Pokémon's of them all!"
Why? "Up and At Them..."
Why? "THE very best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that there ever was!"
Why? "He just didn't care...until that one episode Ned was in trouble..."
Why? "The coolest dinosaur toy in history! I love Rex and he will always be the lovable loser of the Toy Story gang with his many quirks!"
Why? "Cirque de Sarousche!"
Why? "Be Prepared!"
Why? "Poor Scratchy"
Why? "Best Little Mermaid character with Scuttle!"
Why? "I always used to know him as an evil character, what is with him being good? I still really enjoy the character in all media."
Why? "Jim Varney fit the role perfectly, making Slinky an all time favorite!"
Why? "The first villain besides Shredder on the new TMNT series that I love, great job DJ."
Why? "The 3rd best Super-Hero in the Universe!"
Why? "Awesome Ben 10 alien, probably the fourth best after Humongousaur, Four Arms, and Heatblast."
Why? "Probably in the top ten best Pokémon's!"
Why? "He is so AWESOME! I love this character and how Kelsey Grammer can pull off posing as this extraordinary character!"
Why? "Him and Bugs Bunny are the best looney tunes ever!"
Why? "He is literally two-faced! He is awesome! #2 Batman villain."
Why? "Hysterical Looney Tunes character and a very believable character."
Why? "Him and Bloo are the best in the series!"
Why? "Anybody seen any trouble in these here parts! YOU ARE A TOY!!!"
Why? "I'm gonna' wreck it!"
Why? "The coolest bear around Jellystone."
Why? "He is awesome gum!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Simpsons
Why? "It is the greatest show of all time! It's very funny and the lines are very clever, giving the Simpsons the complete TV package!"
Why? "One of the greatest old time children's television shows that make everyone laugh."
Why? "Probably the greatest animated little kids show ever!"
Why? "Hot Dawg!"
Why? "Extraordinary Christmas classic!"
Why? "I love this movie, I'm watching it now!"
Why? "Old school, hilarious TV experience!"
Why? "This is the best TMNT'S Tv series."
Why? "LOVE IT!"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Dark Knight
Why? "AMAZING movie! Great comeback. LIPSTICK TAZER! Fairy princess!"
Why? "Love you Dunston, you made an awesome film!"
Why? "This is an awesome movie that I love and saw in late July, what a great piece!"
Why? "This movie is 1 in 101!"
Why? "Best POC movie ever!"
Why? "Best Shrek Movie ever!"
Why? "Best TMNT movie ever!"
Why? "Best Toy Story movie! I can watch this on a continuous loop all day, what a great masterpiece!"
Why? "One of the greatest movies of all time, this cavalcade of characters stands above most movies! Amazing motion picture!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Mickey Mouse
Why? "To show the best Disney villain's voice actors. I personally voted for Hans Conried because of his originality and creation of the character"
Why? "J Pat O'Malley is the obvious choice, he was an amazing dog in England."
Why? "I truly believe the best is Michael Bell even just for his voice"
Why? "It is fun to decide who is the best of the remaining choices of an excellent character in the Marvel Universe."
Why? "Jackie Vernon was the best choice to voice the burly, happy, and personalized snowman everyone loves regardless of who they are."
Why? "I love these voice actors, and Dan is my 2nd fav Va, but come on, you are going to get a better Genie than Robin Williams."
Why? "I like the selection!"
Why? "Roddy McDowall!"
Why? "I think he is a very worthy character to compare between Mr. Everett and Mr. Ferguson."
Why? "Clancy Brown FOREVER."
Why? "He has such a great voice and is one of the main reasons I love Simba, Jason Weaver."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Simpsons Game
Why? "Replica of the greatest television show of all time!"
Why? "Probably the greatest ever Disney game."
Why? "All Kingdom Hearts are great!"
Why? "I played this with my cousins and it was great! This is definitely on my wish list!"
Why? "Great game to play when you have some time on your hands."
#1 All Time Favorite
Mickey Mouse
Why? "They crack me up, long live Mickey Mouse"
#1 All Time Favorite
Mickey's PhilharMagic
#1 All Time Favorite
Cartoon Network
Why? "It shows all the shows and characters that we all love in an exciting and fun way."