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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Johnny Yong Bosch
Why? "Very unique range of voicing many characters from Zero, Izaya, Koizumi, Yukio, Yu, Sanada. As well as Lelouch."
Why? "Very Talented Actress & voices so many characters. I like her cute adorable voice & also a great range in acting."
Why? "Ami did a wonderful job in so many animes. Loved her as Himari, Yukiko, Holo, Kusunoki & also Kallen."
Why? "I absolutely loved her as Haru."
Why? "He voices both Pit and Dark Pit. I think he fit the roles well."
Why? "His voice for Donovan was just fantastic."
Why? "Such a great VA, I'm surprise she did Konata & Haruhi. I never knew she voiced Dende."
Why? "His voice for Dr. Herschel Agasa was nicely done."
Why? "An awesome narrator for One Piece & Rosario Vampire."
Why? "He did such a great job as Cui when he came back to the role in Kai."
Why? "I really enjoyed his anime work in Ranma 1/2, Gundam, and Death Note. But he definitely makes an awesome Jin Kazama and Nightcrawler."
Why? "His voice Rivalz & Walker were not that bad. Although he did a great portraying his characters well."
Why? "He was a perfect choice for Captain America. Also, Loved his performance."
Why? "Gotta admit, Brice was great as Lord Slug & the Narrator for Dragon Ball. It's such a shame he retired from voice acting."
Why? "He did fairly good as Masomi Kida. But I was impress with his performance as Rin Okumura & hearing him as Kirito."
Why? "Cam has such a pretty good voice range with many roles. I did like him as Classic Leonardo, Liquid Snake & Xavier."
Why? "He was awesome as DeeJay."
Why? "I find his Hawkeye voice to be quite breath breathtaking."
Why? "Christine's voice is just really adorable to listen to. I enjoy her voice work as Shiemi, Madoka and Azusa."
Why? "Just a wonderful va for Frieza & Corset."
Why? "Honestly, I really liked how Chris Barnes protrayed Spiderman & brought a memorable performance."
Why? "His voice is superb for playing evil scientist characters & villians well as Hiei, Dr. Stein, #17, Kibito, Kululu & Maeda."
Why? "Her voice is both skilled & impressive with many characters. She was excellent as Young Gohan, Riza, Yuko, Luffy, Erza, and Vampire Moka."
Why? "Cristina has such a unique cute voice as well as a singer. She manages to pull it off quite well as Noel, Alisa, Saki, Compa, Mio & Homura."
Why? "The music composer for BlazBlue & Guilty Gear."
Why? "Dameon brought such a dominant presence as Cell. It was great hearing him comeback for more voice work as Nathan Spencer and Rolento."
Why? "I'm impressed with his voice with Vergil & also as the Quantum Ranger."
Why? "I find his voice to be suited well as Mikado and Rikuo. He was great as Amaimon in Blue Exorcist."
Why? "Master Splinter!"
Why? "David Hayter does a great voice for Snake & liked his work in the Gundam 0080 series."
Why? "His voice for Xellos is just hilarious!"
Why? "You can truly expect an outstanding performance from him. He did a excellent job as Renshou, Gajeel & Paulie."
Why? "His Albert Wesker sounds amazing & really threatening."
Why? "Such a great voice for Babidi."
Why? "Eric was a great choice for voicing Iron Man IMO."
Why? "I gotta admit he was great as Gourry."
Why? "I find it amazing he did so well as Trunks in Kai & Sanji in One Piece. As well as voicing Karasuma, Yuki & America."
Why? "His voice for Hazama was really great."
Why? "I find his voice for Beast to be not too bad, but fairly interesting."
Why? "I liked his take on Sigma, I think he definitely fits the role nicely."
Why? "He's Chiro, Kevin and Beast Boy. I like how he plays young or teen boys."
Why? "He did a good job voicing Mighty Ray & Liked his for Doctor Tofu IMO. Even Jusenkyo Guide as well."
Why? "Such a very underrated VA, his roles as Avdol, Astaroth & Sweet Tooth are pretty good."
Why? "His performance as Lars was really great."
Why? "James is Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His voice is awesome for Classic Shredder and War Machine."
Why? "He was just simply amazing as the Black Panther."
Why? "He can play Manly Tough Characters so well such as the Anouncer for SSFIV, Largo, Gyuki, Tager, Rider. As well as Sub-Zero and Heihachi."
Why? "Jason was awesome as Haku in Spirited Away. As well as Nermal Cat & Danger Duck."
Why? "His Sub-Zero voice = Awesomeness!"
Why? "The True & Best voice for Fox McCloud"
Why? "I enjoyed John's work as ProtoMan and Spider. Also, he was great in MegaMan X8."
Why? "His voice for Spiderman is really done well."
Why? "Jun is amazing, loved his performance in Spice and Wolf, HoLic & Code Geass."
Why? "She's did fantastic job as Zelda/ Shiek."
Why? "I absolutely really loved her as Shiemi, Toki, Ayase, Kobato, Kogyoku and Angel."
Why? "Great & amazing voice acting in BlazBlue"
Why? "Personally, I like the way how he portrayed Batman & his voice is just superb."
Why? "His voice for Sunweld & Scott Summers was fairly not bad. But he was a good a replacement actor to do Dr. Tofu."
Why? "Her voice as Kiki was absolutely adorable."
Why? "Kotono has such a wonderful voice & astounding performance as Misato, Christie, Boa and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon."
Why? "His voice fit perfectly nice for voicing Gohan, Ryu, Suguro and the over the top Kamina."
Why? "Laura is not only beautiful, has an adorable voice. also can pull it off well from Maka, Tohru, Rise, Kid Trunks, Lust, Nodoka, and Chun-Li."
Why? "I loved her voice as Kyoko, Litchi and Kasumi. It was great hearing her in Soul Calibur as Yan."
Why? "Young Krillin!! :D"
Why? "This guy has such an awesome range from Urien, Necro, Twelve, Gill and Cable."
Why? "His performance as Takashi and Noda felt mind blowing and quite impressive."
Why? "Great voice for Genkai IMO!"
Why? "I never knew he voiced Splinter. R.I.P. I'll always remember you Mako! :D"
Why? "His roles as Guts and Tokiomi were just awesome. I find his voice for Akihiko to be pretty good."
Why? "Kotarou Inugami!"
Why? "He's does such a hilarious & great job as the Grand Kai IMO!"
Why? "His voice for both Domon Kasshu and MegamanX was too impressive. VA or Doc, but brought a memorable performance."
Why? "The only few roles I personally liked from her was Roll & Ingrid. But other than that She's an awesome seiyuu."
Why? "Masako IS the voice for the Legendary Son Goku."
Why? "Interesting voice as Kyoji & brought a good performance with the character"
Why? "He does a good interpretation of Darth Vader."
Why? "She's really amazing as Rachel Alucard"
Why? "It's hard to believe that he sounds like Johnny Yong Bosch. His performance as Soul, Kamui, and Toma was just wonderful."
Why? "One the best Funimation voice actors. He was phenomenal as Master Roshi, Paul Phoenix, Buggy the Clown, Goemon, and Jean Havoc."
Why? "Mike made one of the best performances as Fox."
Why? "His voice for Rolf way too hilarious & nailed it."
Why? "Honestly, Randall makes an awesome Dr. Light."
Why? "Ken Masters & Dante... Nuff Said."
Why? "She has such a beautiful and cute voice for Minako Aino/Sailor Venus."
Why? "I really liked his voice Kenshin & his performance in Prince of Tennis is great."
Why? "Ghost Rider!"
Why? "I love her cute adorable voice as Taiga, Louise and Rise."
Why? "Lord Zedd... Nuff Said"
Why? "Great Voice Acting for Older Goten, Kazuma & Date as far as I'm concern."
Why? "His role for Vile fitted nicely. Also, he was perfect to voice him."
Why? "One of my favorite veteran seiyuus. He was just spot on as both Vegeta and Captain Falcon. His English was outstanding as Heiji."
Why? "Ryotaro has such a really commanding & very serious voice as Zero, Toriko and Akio. Which I find awesome!!"
Why? "I really liked his performance mostly Donatello, Phoenix Wright, Mephisto, Teddie & Shirou."
Why? "Sean to me is the best voice for Goku IMO."
Why? "His work as Koenma and Uub were just great. He also did an awesome job as Danjuro and Katsushiro."
Why? "I never knew he voiced Saburo Mutsumi in Nana Seven of Seven."
Why? "He's amazing as Brian, Stewie, Peter, Quagmire & Tim."
Why? "Loved her as Tsumugi Kotobuki"
Why? "I'll admit gotta love his range in acting & comes off pretty damn amazing. And a badass as Spike, T.O.M. & Wolverine."
Why? "One of my favorite male seiyuus by far. He is truly phenomenal as Asbel, Suzaku, Cloud and X."
Why? "Such a great seiyuu & did a great job as Ky, Dororo & even Trunks."
Why? "Todd has an awesome voice range, He can be truly amazing as Ling, Tarble, Kubinashi, Allen, Natsu and Cheng-Long Liu."
Why? "Great Voice, I'm surprised he voiced Ragna, Kyon & Yuichi."
Why? "One of the best Japanese VAs so far. He did a good job from voicing Ryu, Dante, Sephiroth, & Charlie/Nash."
Why? "One of the best voice actors in the anime industry. Vic can be truly amazing as Fai, Broly, Tamaki and Edward Elric."
Why? "He has such a very energetic and really soothing voice for Kirito and Goudou."
Why? "He is just amazing as Noctowl, Jin, Blanka, Jon. Even as well as Strider Hiryu."
#1 All Time Favorite
Goku Son / Kakarot
Why? "Just an amazing character throughout the series, who's a pure heart warrior & kicks ass."
Why? "One of the best vampire characters I've seen in anime. Just really threatening & great at the same time."
Why? "Chuck Huber did great as Android 17 & did him nicely well."
Why? "Anri maybe quiet and timid, but a great friend to Kida and Mikado. Also cute."