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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Fred Tatasciore
Why? "I just think he's one of the most versatile VAs out there. He's got a great voice!"
Why? "Despite his...uneven resume of live-action work, his voice work is superb!"
Why? "Not gonna' lie, I'm actually a fan of his Tony Stark/Iron Man performances."
Why? "He's a hilarious guy and always adds such charm and charisma to his characters."
Why? "A funny actor, as well as a very talented voice actor, who surprisingly gets to USE his range."
Why? "His Tarantulas was superb!"
Why? "He has a pretty good range, and although he isn't as "high profile" as other VAs, he's just as good."
Why? "A talented actor with a cool voice. Arnold needs to be in more titles, like, NOW."
Why? "He's Barry White, man. BARRY. FRIGGIN'. WHITE. That voice...that music... love it."
Why? "He's a talented actor with a penchant for grandiose performances. His voice is awesome."
Why? "Broadway, Patrick, Bulkhead. 'Nuff said."
Why? "An extremely talented VA with a HUGE range."
Why? "Gigabyte, Tigatron and in "2012"!"
Why? "Digimon, Power Rangers, Transformers, Daigunder... he was that powerful, commanding voice from so many childhood shows."
Why? "A good voice for adorable oafs and brutish thugs."
Why? "Kicker, Harry Champ, Nightcrawler...another Ocean VA from my childhood whom I enjoyed identifying his roles in the shows that I watched."
Why? "'Dat voice..."
Why? "Enjoyable as an antagonist in "The A-Team", and a proven voice actor as well. Here's hoping he gets more VO roles."
Why? "Transformers, Monster Rancher, Zoids...this guy was in quite a few shows I watched when I was younger."
Why? "You wouldn't think it, but Brian's got such a huge range of voices!"
Why? "Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Falcon, Cyborg... the guy has a great voice!"
Why? "Rocko, Bane, Denzel Crocker... this guys has quite the range."
Why? "He has a great range. I love his Starscream voice in "DotM" and pretty much any character on Cow & Chicken."
Why? "A highly underrated voice actor. He's passionate, funny and has a surprising range. Chris needs more roles out there."
Why? "He's got a pretty good range, and his voice for Gobber is nearly indistinguishable from Ferguson's!"
Why? "He's hilarious in all of his live-action roles, and he's a great voice actor to boot!"
Why? "Does a pretty good Superman and a slick Joker. Wish he did more non-anime roles."
Why? "He has such an iconic voice, it's awesome."
Why? "Quickstrike, Thrust, Scorponok, Wing Saber and Scourge. Loved this guy's involvement with the Transformers franchise."
Why? "This man just has such an unbelievable range."
Why? "A versatile voice actress, and provided many iconic voice roles from my childhood."
Why? "He's got an incredible range and has brought life to so many characters, Simpsons and otherwise."
Why? "You wouldn't think it, but this man is an extremely talented VA. His roles in "Horton Hears a Who" are the basic definition of voice-acting."
Why? "I'm not gonna' lie, I like Glee. I like Darren's character. And I'm happy that he's getting some VO love."
Why? "He's got a cool, gravelly voice. Loved him as Leobreaker, and now that I see his page, I remember enjoying his roles as Aldo and Kolofski."
Why? "He's a great VA for Thor and The Thing, and he seems to be a really talented guy overall."
Why? "He has such a great voice. Perfect for heroes, villains, newscasters and commercials, ha ha."
Why? "He does fantastic performances as many characters."
Why? "Worth a favouriting for Chase alone."
Why? "An extremely talented and versatile VA. I'd love to see him involved with Transformers someday."
Why? "He's got a good deep voice for those stern, commanding characters."
Why? "He has a very distinctive voice, and he's a hilarious guy."
Why? "Terrorsaur and TidalWave. 'Nuff said."
Why? "He makes a very good Spider-Man, and seems to have the makings of a decent up-and-coming VA."
Why? "He's got a great voice! Loved his roles in Jacob Two-Two and Seven Little Monsters!"
Why? "This guy is so awesome. His voice was perfect for Cliffjumper in TFP. Now, if Bay can cast him as a live-action Cliffjumper in "TF4"..."
Why? "A very underrated yet versatile voice actor."
Why? "He's got such a great voice!"
Why? "Bauza's a talented VA (never fails to surprise me the roles he does) and seems like a genuinely super kind of guy."
Why? "Makes a pretty good double for RDJ, but at the same time manages to make his Iron Man/Tony Stark unique. This guy needs more work."
Why? "Such a unique voice and a hilarious actor."
Why? "He's friggin' Ernie Hudson, man! His Agent Fowler is awesome!"
Why? "He may not have had very much to work with, but he made a MEAN Dino."
Why? "There's not even enough space to write why he's one of my favourites. Gosh, just look at his resume."
Why? "He was one of the main voices I heard growing up. Primal, Slash, Man-at-Arms."
Why? "He does great work with animal and creature vocal effects, but he's virtually unknown."
Why? "Like Tim Daly, he's one of my top picks for Supes."
Why? "He's been in a huge variety of projects playing a multitude of different characters."
Why? "Quite the range, seems like a nice, humble person, and of course, GRIMLOCK!"
Why? "She has an EXTREME range and some highly entertaining characters."
Why? "An entertaining on-screen actor and a very versatile voice actor."
Why? "Very unique voice. Perfect for Max and Jacob's dad. Even when I was really young I could identify his voice on the Leon's commercials, ha ha"
Why? "He makes a deliciously evil villain!"
Why? "He's an amazing on-camera actor, and I can only guess that he'll be equally amazing in voice-over."
Why? "Who'da thought that Magneto, Obi Wan, Spider-Man, Thor, Fred Flintstone and The Leader were the same guy? He's got an incredible range."
Why? "Black Panther, Luke Cage, War Machine/Rhodey, Heimdall, Terrax, Puppet Master...the guy's making the rounds through Marvel's characters. :D"
Why? "He's got such a cool voice. Gruff and tough, perfect for characters like Vilgax, Black Mask and Sideswipe."
Why? "My first exposure to him was Jackie Chan Adventures, and now he's making quite the name for himself, and rightfully so."
Why? "Max Goof, Terry McGinnis, Chester McBadbat and now Kade in Rescue Bots."
Why? "Digimon, Transformers, and now Justin Hammer."
Why? "A highly underrated and extremely versatile VA."
Why? "Can't not love JCVD!"
Why? "He has a great range of voices. It's awesome."
Why? "He has quite the range; high-pitched comedic roles, low and grumbly tough guys. Just great performances and he seems like he'd be awesome."
Why? "He has such a range of iconic characters and seems to be able to match his voice with a lot of other VAs' performances."
Why? "Absolutely fantastic at impressions, and as such, showcases his great range."
Why? "He can do a lot of really cool voices."
Why? "An entertaining on-screen actor and a voice actor with a unique, identifiable voice."
Why? "Although a lot of his voices have that identifiable "DiMaggio" tone, I don't mind because they're AWESOME voices most of the time."
Why? "Rex, Pacha, Sully and now Hound. The man has an iconic voice and always gives 110% in his performances. Feels goodman."
Why? "A phenomenal voice actor. He has such a range and, of course, he's got that epic movie trailer voice."
Why? "I think that his performance as Kang is alone worth the 'favouriting'."
Why? "She was one of those voices that I heard everywhere when I was a kid - Rupert, Medabots, Beyblade, Jacob Two-Two..."
Why? "An extremely talented VA, and she did so many voices from my childhood."
Why? "He has such an iconic voice that fits both heroes AND villains."
Why? "King Julien, Samurai Jack, Lightning McQueen, Manny, Superman... Jeez. This guy can do ANY voice!"
Why? "His Laserbeak is worth a favouriting alone, ha ha."
Why? "He will always be Grandpa Longneck to me. RIP."
Why? "Well, his Batman voice is pretty dang good... ;)"
Why? "He's friggin' KMR, man! That voice is magnificent!"
Why? "He's like the Jason Marsden/Josh Keaton of Ocean VAs. He voiced a lot of cool characters from my childhood: Hot Shot, Tommy, Brad, Cyclops."
Why? "A talented actor, and he just has a great voice!"
Why? "'Dat raspy voice..."
Why? "He reminds me of the Ocean VA equivalent of Steve Blum. He has a lot of range and plays a variety of characters."
Why? "Utterly perfect as Sentinel Prime. He has such an iconic voice, it's a shame he doesn't do some more voice-acting."
Why? "Gotta' love that deep, growly voice of his. His characters always have that sense of nobility and honour. He'd be a great Optimus Prime."
Why? "Makes a dang good Iron Man/Tony Stark."
Why? "Highly underrated voice actor. He has a wonderful voice and he totally needs more gigs! He was great in anything Transformers-related."
Why? "Obviously The Joker, but he has a great range and a plethora of other characters too."
Why? "Does an INSANE impression of Eddie Murphy AND Arnie."
Why? "He may not have an extensive voice resume, but his enthusiasm for the franchise is admirable and his Jetfire voice is amazing."
Why? "An extremely talented live-action actor (especially as Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood")."
Why? "Super Duper Sumos, Armada, Energon, Being Ian... he was always a recognizable voice on shows when I was younger."
Why? "He has such a great range and seems like he'd be an awesome guy. :D"
Why? "Such a deep voice. It fit a great range of characters though. He will be missed."
Why? "Definitely one of the key voices of mid 90's and early 2000's voice-acting for me. Loved his Starscream."
Why? "Phong, Mike the TV, Crosswise, Dirt Boss...he's got a great range."
Why? "Very versatile VA."
Why? "An extremely talented on-screen actor, and a pretty good VA to boot!"
Why? "His performance as Louis from "The Princess and the Frog" was fantastic. This guy definitely needs to get some more VA gigs."
Why? "His roles in Digimon and RID were some of the most recognizable voices from my childhood."
Why? "Loved his work in Digimon, Power Rangers and Daigunder!"
Why? "A fun actor, from my hometown (more or less) and he has some great roles!"
Why? "Digimon, Transformers, Power Rangers. Neil gets to work on the coolest franchises, and I loved his Optimus Prime voice."
Why? "A talented (and entertaining) actor and an even better voice actor. I hope he gets more VO roles in the future."
Why? "A very versatile voice actor. Great range, great personality and seems like he'd be a hoot in person."
Why? "He's absolutely hilarious and I just love his voice. It's a shame that he doesn't get to use some more range, though."
Why? "He's got that great 'tough guy' voice: Doom, Landmine, Juggernaut, etc.. Love it."
Why? "Well, he's Perceptor, so that counts for a lot. ;) But he also has a lot range and seems like a genuinely nice guy."
Why? "No clue that this guy voiced so many Digimon!"
Why? "He appears to be such a humble and polite guy. And his Optimus voice is awesome."
Why? "Makes a great Wing Saber!"
Why? "Well, he's worth favouriting on Predaking alone, but he has such a cool voice regardless of role. Deep, royal, deliciously evil..."
Why? "His Sky-Byte was amazing and I loved his cameo in "Men in Black II"."
Why? "I just love this guy. As an on-camera actor, as a voice-actor, whatever. He's fantastic."
Why? "He's voiced a lot of cool characters."
Why? "Unbelievably entertaining to watch!"
Why? "Pretty good range, both in VO and on-camera."
Why? "He's a funny actor. I really like how he has a different role in each "Transformers" movie. Hopefully he can be cast as someone in "TF4" too"
Why? "Power Rangers, Digimon, Transformers...this guy was the voice of a lot of cool characters from my childhood."
Why? "X-Men Evolution, Zoids, Transformers, Being Ian. Another one of those voices I enjoyed picking out of a TV show when I was younger."
Why? "He's got that deep, stern, commanding voice that fits some cool characters."
Why? "He has a really intimidating voice!"
Why? "Ah, so many voices from my childhood..."
Why? "I really love his Ratchet. It's stern, commanding, yet calm. A very realistic take without being "cartoony cranky old man"."
Why? "Not too familiar with most of his work since I'm not a gamer, but he's got a lot of range regardless."
Why? "He was an extremely charismatic and talented performer. Truly breathtaking on-camera and VO roles. He will be missed."
Why? "He's got some great voices and has done a bunch of cool characters!"
Why? "He's just got such a great voice!"
Why? "Zoids, Transformers, Martin Mystery. A great voice actor with a cool voice that I always loved pointing out in the shows I watched."
Why? "The fact that Sebastian and Kron are the same person just blows my mind."
Why? "Whether it was on Beast Wars, Reboot or any other Transformers series, the range that Scott has is incredible."
Why? "Seven Little Monsters introduced me to him, and then I saw him on-camera in Monster Warriors."
Why? "He made a surprisingly delicious villain in the "Cats & Dogs" franchise. I know it seems weird, but man, he was great in that role!"
Why? "While his comedy may be hit and miss, I personally think he's an extremely talented businessman, singer and of course, voice actor."
Why? "He's a superb actor!"
Why? "Melman, RJ, Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear... this guy doubles as A LOT of famous actors/characters. Quite skilled."
Why? "He's got a very iconic voice, one that works with a variety of characters. I especially love his Starscream."
Why? "Another Power Rangers/RID/Digimon/Daigunder powerhouse VA from my childhood."
Why? "She's had a whack at a lot of iconic characters, and she has quite the range."
Why? "Not only an awesome actor, but he's proven to be a talented VA as well."
Why? "A highly underrated voice actor. This guy has plenty of talent."
Why? "He's Tim Friggin' Curry!"
Why? "Does a great Superman voice!"
Why? "He's just got such a great authoritative voice that was just built for commercial voice-over."
Why? "He's just a phenomenal voice actor. My favourite roles from him are definitely Spongebob and Starscream."
Why? "Ah, yes. Digimon, Power Rangers, Daigunder, Beetle Borgs... A wide variety of work and cool voice."
Why? "He has such an iconic voice and always makes a great villain."
Why? "Brought an unbelievable cool factor to Dreadwing and The Fallen."
Why? "I've only recently been introduced to his work, but he's got a great heroic voice!"
Why? "Very talented. My favourite role of his is probably Scourge from Transformers Cybertron."
Why? "One of the biggest VAs out there these days, he is going to have quite the career ahead of him."
Why? "Ord, Downshift, Kyle, Evac...plus he has minor roles in a lot of big Hollywood movies."
Why? "A ...passable action star, but man, what a great performance as the Iron Giant."
Why? "He was such a fantastic actor with a fantastic voice."
Why? "Definitely a talented VA, and I really enjoy how he plays a different role in quiet a few of DC's projects."
Why? "He just has such a hilarious voice. It even works for Zurg!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Optimus Prime
Why? "He's pretty much amazing in anything that he appears in! He's freakin' Optimus Prime!"
Why? "Marvel's version of Batman. EMH really showcased how amazing this character can be."
Why? "The live-action films made him an icon, and now he's the face of the franchise to the general public. Glad to see him get the exposure."
Why? "One of the greatest Transformers characters ever to exist! :D"
Why? "I always forget how cool Doom is until I see something where he kicks butt."
Why? "An honourable Decepticon with a cool voice and a cool design."
Why? "He combines my two most favourite things - robots and Tyrannosaurus Rex."
Why? "Never knew much about him before EMH, but he's such a cool concept!"
Why? "Worth favouriting because IDRIS ELBA!"
Why? "Who doesn't like to smash stuff?"
Why? "*goes to write something, but can't see keyboard through the tears*"
Why? "At a minimum, he always looks cool!"
Why? "I really enjoy "RotF" Jetfire. One of the best characters in Bayformers; sweet design, sweet voice and great personality."
Why? "Not only one the greatest FX creatures created for film, but a legitimate *character* as well."
Why? "GLORIOUS! A cool design and the franchise actually made a new character! I'd love to see him in the movies!"
Why? "All! Hail! Megatron!"
Why? "Tied with Dinobot as my favourite BW character, and one of my all time favourite from the franchise, too. A tragic, twisted character."
Why? "A talking space racoon with a laser gun? What's not to like?"
Why? "Whether it's voice, personality or design, Starscream always manages to be awesome."
Why? "An awesome character with a plethora of talented VAs."
Why? "An entertaining character in most anything he appears him."
Why? "Ultron needs to be in more stuff. Like, NOW. He's so cool, like an evil Iron Man. And Tom Kane is perfect for him."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Transformers: Rescue Bots
Why? "Just a really enjoyable series, it has a great sense of fun. It's not just for younger fans."
Why? "Loved this show so much!"
Why? "Maybe it's just the "EMH is done"-pain subsiding, but this show isn't that bad, actually. Not EMH-good, but entertaining nonetheless."
Why? "I really enjoyed what they did with this show. The production design, the returning characters, the stories...just great."
Why? "What kid DIDN'T watch this show?"
Why? "As creepy as some of the animation was, for a young kid interested in action and robots, what's not to love?"
Why? "Absolutely loved this show when I was younger! I remember recording episodes on Family Channel!"
Why? "I can't believe how much I enjoyed this show when I was younger, and in my opinion, it still holds up to this day."
Why? "Loved this series even more than the first - really liked the guest appearances and recurring roles from the first series that appeared."
Why? "Definitely had some unique concepts to introduce to the franchise, and I really love Guilmon! :D"
Why? "The memories...they FEEL SO GOOD! This show was a huge part of my childhood."
Why? "This show was so great! I always watched it when I was younger."
Why? "A great follow-up to an OK movie. This series was fun, had cool monsters and made Godzilla more of a threat."
Why? "It's sweet that Hulk's finally got his own show. Been waiting for this for a long time."
Why? "Great action, great voice cast and just flat out FUN."
Why? "Took the JL and amped it up."
Why? "I used to always watch this when I was on vacation. And I always wanted a crossover with Godzilla: The Series."
Why? "Some cool action, genuinely funny moments and a stellar voice cast."
Why? "Oh, man... I was killing myself trying to remember what this show was called. I used to always watch this on Family channel."
Why? "Used to always watch this show. Loved the monsters, especially the reptile/dinosaur ones, but Golem was probably my favourite."
Why? "Shame that it didn't get to see a second season, but hey, it was fun enough while it lasted."
Why? "I loved this show when I was younger. The idea was awesome, I loved the art style and I always wished that *I* was a robot like Jenny, ha ha"
Why? "Had some cool action in it, and I loved the crossover episodes."
Why? "The nostalgia...IT HURTS!!!!!"
Why? "Although I didn't enjoy it as much as B:TAS, it was still a great show."
Why? "I really enjoyed watching this when I was younger. It was funny, had lots of action and great character moments."
Why? "Probably one of the best shows - live-action or animated - that I've seen. A slightly weaker second season, but still great overall."
Why? "I don't remember too much about this show from when I was younger, other than "IT WAS AWESOME"."
Why? "A great spin-off of the DCAU at the time."
Why? "It's Toy Story. And it's dinosaur-centric. How can I *not* like it?"
Why? "It may have started off a bit slow, but man, did it ever get SUPER AMAZING."
Why? "It may have started out a bit slow, but it eventually picked up, and man, did it take off!"
Why? "I think this series gets more flak than it deserves, solely based on the fact that it's part of the "dreaded Unicron Trilogy"."
Why? "Started off strong, and did try to do a lot of interesting things with its characters...most of which, unfortunately, didn't pan out."
Why? "An underrated Transformers series. The first "reboot" of the franchise, and it had a lot of cool moments and characters."
Why? "It may have been a little "out there" at the time in the franchise , but BM is still one of the best series associated with Transformers."
Why? "Easily the best Transformers series. Fantastic story arcs, great designs, brilliant performances and a talented voice cast."
Why? "This is probably my favourite Transformers series. Combines the best of Beast Wars, Bayformers and Animated."
Why? "It's Transformers, so I'm gonna' love it regardless of how it actually turns out."
Why? "I'm pleasantly surprised with this show. The animation style is interesting, and the casting is great."
Why? "A fairly entertaining show. I appreciate what they're trying to do with the character."
#1 All Time Favorite
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Why? "It may not be a perfect film, but it's easily the best of the Bayformers trilogy. Great voice cast, I love the designs and it's plain fun!"
Why? "A science-fiction classic, along with "Jaws", "Alien" taught us that less is more when it comes to your movie creature."
Why? "This movie. THIS. FRIGGIN' MOVIE."
Why? "One of the best DC animated movies. It has a great cast, and John as the Joker was phenomenal."
Why? "Great action and designs, loved the humour, and despite a head-scratching reason for an "emotional" scene at the end, still satisfying. :D"
Why? "Phenomenal movie. Great cast, great action...very different kind of 'superhero' movie."
Why? "Haters gonna' hate. I loved "Cars 2". It was Pixar's take on James Bond...but with cars. And I enjoyed every minute of it."
Why? "Loved this movie. Great voice cast, amazing designs, interesting concept and loads of laughs!"
Why? "One of my favourite animated films. So funny!"
Why? "Had me laughing, had me tearing up a bit, had it all."
Why? "I loved it whenever YTV aired this! It was so awesome!"
Why? "A worthy follow-up to the previous movie."
Why? "Although the animation weirded me out when I was younger, this was one of my first "movies based on a TV show" that I experienced."
Why? "I'm a sucker for dinosaurs, and when you throw in a cool story and a great voice cast, I'm sold."
Why? "I'm always ready to go for a Cruise. And he delivers."
Why? "A very entertaining film. Nothing groundbreaking, but well animated, well-acted and a load of fun."
Why? "I recently watched this again, and man, the animation and voice acting is top-notch, each strengthening the other's efforts."
Why? "A different vibe compared to "Rise of Cobra", but I really enjoyed "Retaliation". Plus, The Rock is awesome."
Why? "I'm one of the few people who actually liked this movie and this Godzilla. This was so epic when it came out, since I was relatively young."
Why? "I think MCD as Kilowog is worth a favouriting alone, ha ha."
Why? "Another one of my favourite animated movies. A cool twist on the classic monster characters, and a surprisingly good performance by Sandler."
Why? "It's one of those movie that I never get tired of watching."
Why? "A highly underrated film. Right up there with the best of Pixar and Dreamworks, in my opinion."
Why? "A wild adventure with a great voice cast, cool action and crazy designs."
Why? "I love me the franchise and I love me dinosaurs. Put 'em together and it's awesome."
Why? "A decent follow-up to the first film."
Why? "Why am I favouriting this well-made film? This well-made film with great action, great laughs, great FX and a great cast?"
Why? "While it's nowhere near the quality of DC's animated films, I'm just glad that Marvel appears to be getting back into animated flicks again."
Why? "I think this movie gets more hate than it deserves. I really liked it."
Why? "Still can't decide if this is as good as the first film or not, but man, what a ride. Great film, great acting, funny moments. Just great."
Why? "I'm not favouriting this for voice-over reasons, simply for the reason that OHMYGOSH it's "Jurassic Park"!"
Why? "Very entertaining, cool action and a great premise. This would make a great second film in a live-action JL trilogy."
Why? "One of the best, most influential films of all time. A grand adventure on a grand scale with a grand ape!"
Why? "A cool remake of a classic."
Why? "Although the film really isn't all that great (or heck, even GOOD), it's a fun ride with some ape-tastic action!"
Why? "I only watched this recently, but I loved the series, so this was quite enjoyable."
Why? "Although the CG animation seemed lacking at times, this was still a fun ride."
Why? "A touching, funny and action-filled Disney film, sure to become a classic."
Why? "I...I am so torn on this movie. On one hand I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the other I despised it."
Why? "A whole lotta' fun."
Why? "I really liked the concept of the movie. One of the many reasons why I like DC/Marvel animated movies."
Why? "This movie was simply amazing. It had loads of action, great VFX, lots of laughs and was just pure fun."
Why? "A fairly entertaining romp. Cool creatures, some laughs and a plethora of A-list actors."
Why? "A decent follow-up to a solid flick. Continuing the trend of cool creatures, sweet action and loading up on the voice actors this time! :D"
Why? "A great twist on some classic characters, with cool action and good voice acting to boot!"
Why? "A fun adventure with funny characters and brilliant designs"
Why? "With a stellar voice cast, cool character designs and some laughs thrown in, I thought this movie was so much fun."
Why? "I watched this so many times when I was younger. It was fun, funny and the Mon-Stars were so awesome!"
Why? "Something about this movie... I can't pinpoint it (other than the voice cast and action)... but it's awesome."
Why? "Not gonna' lie, as someone who wasn't really into TMNT, this actually made me interested in the franchise. A pretty decent Turtles flick."
Why? "Man, this movie is pure awesome. 'Nuff said."
Why? "Worth a favouriting for the Nic Cage freakout scene."
Why? "A definite classic. Very chilling."
Why? "I always forget how awesome this movie is. A fantastic superhero flick and emotionally fulfilling."
Why? "A fantastic film. A cool premise, a great title character and truly heart-wrenching moments."
Why? "I was a fan of Transformers long before the first live-action movie, but this just skyrocketed my interest in the franchise."
Why? "Despite having the pace of "three episodes slapped together" instead of a full-feature, it was a fun romp with some great action and VAs."
Why? "Don't even care if it'll be good, bad or mediocre. Optimus Prime is riding a giant robot T.rex. That's enough for me."
Why? "The film may have plenty of faults, but I still enjoy it."
Why? "I may not have been around for G1, but this is still an awesome piece of Transformers media!"
Why? "Not sure why it took me so long to see this movie, but man, it was worth it. Great animation, great voice actors and an awesome adaptation."
Why? "As one of the few animated Marvel films, this one is fantastic!"
Why? "A worthy follow-up to the first film."
Why? "A childhood classic of mine. Dinosaurs, humour and a great villain."
Why? "A really entertaining movie, and one from the "villain's" POV. Great action, great laughs, great animation."
#1 All Time Favorite
Transformers Animated
Why? "A short (ha) series of shorts, but just like the TFA series itself, it new to have fun. I'd love to see more Transformers shorts like these."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle
    Why? "This was a cool little attraction. I recommend it to anyone who happens to visit any Madame Tussauds."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "Gotta' love these classic commercials. :D"