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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Luci Christian
Why? "When I saw you in a recording session, you immediately became my favorite voice actor. You feel what the character feels and love your work."
Why? "The one and only Alphonse Elric, no offense Maxie! You're awesome too."
Why? "Really, you want me to EXPLAIN why she is amazing? I don't think that's possible... But nonetheless she is a stunning actress. Believe it."
Why? "Amanda shows how possible it is to reach for the dream of becoming a professional voice actor. After 5 years of persistence it payed off."
Why? "You and Vic are so funny together!"
Why? "The moment I heard your demo reel, I knew you would make it big. I guess I was right! Congrats."
Why? "An amazingly talented actress and extremely down to earth person. How could someone not love Georgia?!"
Why? "Absolutely an amazing actor. Listening to your vocal performances always gives me chills."
Why? "John Kransinski is the most natural / guy next door voice actor. Honestly, every commercial John voices I love because of his naturalness."
Why? "She is amazing? And she wrote "Voice Over Voice Actor What It's Like Behind The Mic" along with Yuri Lowenthall!"
Why? "Vic is the most amazing dedicated voice actors I know. I have to see you on a panel!"
Why? "Incredible range and extremely successful. Congrats!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Goku Son (Kid)
Why? "How could someone not love Goku as a kid?! Got to love that squirt. He is definitely my dream role. I do a pretty killer impersonation."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Video Game
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Why? "Stunning visuals, stunning voice acting performances, stunning story, Stunning Game. The story of Cocoon and Pulse is an amazing thing."