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Voice Actor
Why? "The finest Scrooge of all."
Why? "The finest lady ever to inspire and voice the same character."
Why? "His voice is the one I imagine when I'm in turmoil."
Why? "Gosalyn Mallard Forever!!!"
Why? "He's so noble."
Why? "The Mighty Alfred Pennyworth."
Why? "Shining Time Station, Magic School Bus and Dave the Barbarian?!? How could I not add her?!?"
Why? "Only a fool would leave a reason."
Why? "She is so exciting."
Why? "He knows just what to say at the right moment."
Why? "My favorite Calliope of voices."
Why? "Nobody needs a reason to like this unique set of pipes."
Why? "Great, grand, awesome voice actor."
Why? "It's no big fat hairy deal."
Why? "There's something about her which one cannot explain in words."
Why? "She's my personal choice for Wonder Woman."
Why? "He's that distinctive."
Why? "Unique"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "No one bests Donald Duck, No One!!!"
Why? "She's Special! :D"
Why? "The most famous of the mermaids. The one that set the whole trend."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "She is a perfect symbol of my imagination that dominates it."