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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Todd Haberkorn
Why? "My All Time #1 Favorite & The Junior/ Look-Alike Johnny Yong Bosch!!"
Why? "Leo, Al, Ash, Arslan & Chihiro! Best Voices Ever."
Why? "I Love Anya!"
Why? "I love her on Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill & Squid Girl. Plus she's Cristina Vee's BFF & Soul-Sister. She may be Young but she a legend!"
Why? "She's the Sentai Filmworks Version of Caitlin Glass!"
Why? "The Sound Alike of Laura Bailey & The Junior of Mike McFarland! And she's a Sound-Alike Senpai of Bryn Apprill"
Why? "She the Wife of Fairy Tail's ADR Director: Tyler Walker!"
Why? "She's Legendary!! Her & Monica Rial!!"
Why? "He's the Next fave in 2016!"
Why? "One of the Most Legendary Voice Actors ever! And He has Many Juniors!"
Why? "Her & Jamie Marchi are Legendary!! Even Together!!"
Why? "The FUNimation Version of Michelle Ruff!"
Why? "My Next Favorite! And the same Level as Morgan Garrett"
Why? "The Sentai Filmworks Verison of Jamie Marchi & Stephanie Young."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "She resembles Asuna from Sword Art Online (She has the Same Hair Color & Length & has the Same Seiyu: Haruka Tomatsu)"
Why? "She's has a Special Bond with her Duo & Also I love how cute she is. (My Favorite Voice is her Seiyu: Nozomi Yamamoto)"
Why? "Love How she's British & Bold. Also love both of her Voices Haruka Yamazaki(JP) & Caitlin Glass(EN)"
Why? "One of the Longest & Most Popular Characters around. Best VA that voiced him: Colleen Clinkenbeard"
Why? "She remins me of Lillith Bristol from Absolute Duo & she's voice by a New Voice Actor: Elizabeth Parker."
Why? "She's the Friendly Type (And Whitney Rodgers played that Part) ;)"
Why? "He keeps a Bond/Promise with his Duo Julie Sigtuna (Like Kirito)"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Akame ga Kill!
Why? "The Bonds of a Duo make this a 5 Star Anime! Love It!"
Why? "Became my 1st Anime I develop a Popular Interest in 2016"
Why? "It's like the Combtion of D-Frag & Baka & Test. It got Me Fired Up & my Imagination Running Wild! :)"
Why? "It based on my Lifestyle except for the Science"
Why? "It's Next to Snow White with the Red Hair & my Next Anime to watch."