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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Frank Welker
Why? "What can I say? He is THE voice acting god! He can voice anything!"
Why? "He's a great screen actor, impressionist and also has proven vocal talent! :)"
Why? "One of my favourite film directors! Edna Mode was freaking hilarious, and his performance alone rate him high in my books! :D"
Why? "Light Yagami and Jin Kazama! :D"
Why? "A loveable and enthusiastic voice actor! I like his range, and many of his performances. Including Liquid, Corrin and a perfect Simba voice."
Why? "He has clearly had a long study of the way of the voice... jokes aside, his range and dedication to the Mario series is exceptional!"
Why? "A voice that oozes confidence and strength! He's played so many great characters and dedicated so many years to dubbing Dragonball Z! :)"
Why? "He's the actor you want to play characters with authority and raw power! :)"
Why? "Her voice is very enchanting, so much love and effort she puts into her roles: Luffy, 18 and Erza Scarlett were my favourites.""
Why? "A very smooth and strong voice! He has a great vocal range, and gave one of my favourite vocal performances of all time: Alucard. :)"
Why? "Timeless as Yugi and Atem. He can play many kind of characters and sound convincing, thanks to his range!"
Why? "Such a smooth voice actor. I really like a lot of his performances, particularly his Squall, Vega and Hazama. :)"
Why? "He's a real rising star in the voice acting industry! Some brilliant VA work including Foop, Ezekiel Stane and Marvin the Martian!"
Why? ""Of which fable do you wish to know?" Or should I say: "Of what voice do you wish to hear?" :D"
Why? "After watching his impressions video I now see just how truly talented JAT is. To also make fake laughter sound convincing is impressive! :)"
Why? "For a man with a lisp in younger years, he sure doesn't have a problem sounding dark and epic!"
Why? "An amazing voice that personifies the sound of ancient wisdom and authority! His Roku performance was awe-inspiring!"
Why? "So what if he uses the same voice for nearly ALL his roles: his acting more than makes up for it! :-D"
Why? "Jaden!!! ^_^"
Why? "Her emotional range among the female actors is one of the best in my opinion! Both she and Travis are great actors!"
Why? "O'Brian gives all of his roles so much weight and power, and makes us believe we're hearing these characters and not a man behind a booth :)"
Why? "A member of the original 4Kids for Pokemon-related media. He's a great actor with a good range!"
Why? "Among one of the Ocean Dub groups best actors! Starscream, Joker and Nappa; that is all. ;-)"
Why? "He never fails to give a good performance. Among my favourite 4Kids voice actors, and he continues to shine as Eggman."
Why? "He's an actor that can play heroes, (Raiden & Spider-Man) villains (Axel & Xion) and many characters. And just has a great voice in general."
Why? "Robin is an amazing actor! His standout range, charisma, nuance, accent fluency are all incredible! With Medic and Zemo my favourite voices."
Why? "I really enjoy Steve's work: especially Starscream. He really nailed that role. Has a very recognizable raspy and sinister voice."
Why? "Love her voice, she is just... so alluring and charming."
Why? "One of the most underrated 4Kids voice actors in my opinion. :-)"
Why? "A great range, badass voice and played so many cool roles: this guy is awesome!!!"
Why? "Ranging from Young boys to innocent older women: Veronica's range is outstanding, and puts her heart & soul into all characters she plays!"
Why? "To be the voice of Edward Elric and Broly for so many years, and to distinguish the two characters is impressive enough!"
Why? "His range is just insane! xD"
Why? "A man who believes it is not necessary to raise your voice when acting emotional. It could not be more true, Yuri :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Jaden Yuki
Why? "One of my fave anime characters of all time! Not just his personality to begin with but the changes he went through made him more memorable!"
Why? "Favourite character in the Lupin series. ^_^"
Why? "Not just the coolest sith lord, but also has the coolest weapon! In my opinion of course. :-)"
Why? "My favourite Disney antagonist of all time! She single handedly made Sleepy Beauty "Tolerable" to watch."
Why? "Heck yeah! One of my first ever gaming villains ever!"
Why? "Cause he's the Ultimate life form!!!!"
Why? "Fast, funny and has had some unique voice actors. Sonic is awesome!"
Why? "Relatable to me in many different ways."
Why? "2nd favorite character in the show next to Jaden Yuki. Also one of Scottie Ray's best and underrated performances ever. :-)"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Why? "So memorable and an astonishingly epic story-line!"
Why? "Quite possibly one of the greatest anime voice casts ever assembled! And the storyline is not too shabby either! :-D"
Why? "Do I need a reason?!"
Why? "A beautiful, heartfelt anime with a kickass soundtrack! It has such a twisted yet gripping plot, plus the characters are great! :-)"
Why? "It's not often you see a cartoon about football. But hey, thats why I love it! :D"
Why? "Distinct animation style, complex characters and story, brilliant voice work and just an all round fantastic show! One of my favourites :-)"
Why? "First special I watched after the pilot film :-)"
Why? "What the anime nowadays should be like :-)"
Why? "Smaller and more condensed versions of Shakespheare's masterpieces. My favourite voice has to be Oberons voice :-)"
Why? "It's so underated, such an awesome show with some memorable action scenes, I also like how atmospheric it is without any dialogue. :)"
Why? "Easily the best Star Wars TV show ever made. xD"
Why? "A well-balanced, action packed TV show with great success. Not to mention enjoyable :)"
Why? "Memorable characters, and some good laughs! :-)"
Why? "The best Transformers TV show since Beast Ward and G1 :)"
Why? "Say what you will, but this is my personal favorite Yu-gi-oh series of all time! ;-)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "As a huge Wolf fan, I thought this movie was wonderful! FAR better than the appauling sequels that followed."
Why? "Thoroughly enjoyed this film! Disney's best work since Beauty and the Beast, in my opinion. :-D"
Why? "Considering how long ago Galaxy Express 999 was made, it looks, and was written, brilliantly!"
Why? "Honestly my favourite of the series. Really funny, great action, plot isn't too complex, great adventure and of course Johnny Depp! ^_^"
Why? "Sure the other two were pretty boring, but this one was a blast! ^_^"
Why? "A fantastic movie for Marvel to put in their scrapbook of success. :D"
Why? "Definitely my favorite Disney movie of all time!"
Why? "A rare case where the '3rd' edition in a film series is actually really good! :-)"
Why? "Very underrated Disney film imo. Not sure why people hated it. It's not perfect but it's good aspects crush its not so good aspects.Love it!"
Why? "Just as good as Frozen honestly. Not better, or worse, but just as good :-)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Good and bad choices, so much to comment on, and or course Daran Norris rightly winning (Period) :-)"
Why? "A difficault VC with many interesting performances. I really enjoyed this one."
Why? "Some really interesting choices to pick from. My opinion? Maurice LaMarche. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Kingdom Hearts II
Why? "This was one of the best games I've ever played, the story is just so incredible!"
Why? "What PerfectSe7en said. :)"