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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
James Arnold Taylor
Why? "Voice was in a lot of my favorite childhood shows. Man of a Thousand Voices"
Why? "Do I need a reason?! He's one of my favourite Youtubers!"
Why? "Vegeta, Piccolo, Garland, AND Solid Snake? How many badasses are under his belt?! Also, because Christopher Sabat ALWAYS Wins!"
Why? "His narration of DBZ Kai is a LOT less annoying..."
Why? "No reason needed"
Why? "One of the best Sonics I've ever heard!"
Why? "The best voice for Sonic, Shadow, and Jet.. You will be missed, man..."
Why? "She deserved a far better life. Though I'm miserably late, my heart goes out to her and her family. RIP"
Why? "His Frieza should be promising.."
Why? "The Perfect voice of Amy Rose!"
Why? "The Definitive X"
Why? "Voice of a Hundred Badasses!"
Why? "See what I said about Roger C. Smith..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Proto Man
Why? "You cannot deny that those shades are amazing!"
Why? "One of the hottest tutorial guides in gaming!"
Why? "Another Sonic character I like.. :D"
Why? "Personality= Megaman X Appearance= Male Vicky on steroids"
Why? "He's gonna range the **** out of that park!"
Why? "A competent female fighter..."
Why? "Uh, what reason would I need?!"
Why? "She's bat**** crazy, and she's cool for that!"
Why? "A run-n-gun character from Megaman X who literally uses a gun! Badass!"
Why? "The "Naruto" version of Raiden from M.K."
Why? "One of my top 3 favourite Saiyans.."
Why? "The ultimate Bad-Boy"
Why? "He's Batman.. You may now **** bricks..."
Why? "Beware the nice ones..."
Why? "Every kid back then wanted to be him!"
Why? "She should be a character in the comics!"
Why? "If she ends up with either Sonic or Knuckles, I wouldn't mind..."
Why? "One Word: "KAKAROOOOT!!""
Why? "Series started with her and Goku!"
Why? "Not the Transformer, but still a badass!"
Why? "He's a more Badass version of Raditz.."
Why? "A maternal contrast to Bulma.."
Why? "She's a little Hinata..."
Why? "He's me at a Golden Corral..."
Why? "He's me as a white guy.. Only with a sword..."
Why? "Because "BOOYAH!!""
Why? "I swear, this guy is ClementJ642 in disguise.. Only with the digressions..."
Why? "Don't you understand while I mean while I said so?"
Why? "Art is an EXPLOSION!"
Why? "You can't have "Sonic the Hedgehog" without a Doctor Eggman!"
Why? "Because physics can SUCK IT!"
Why? "After Vegeta comes another sadistic one."
Why? "Was badass, much more so than his present counterpart.."
Why? "He's like me in 4th grade..."
Why? "Ryu + DB Z = GOHAN!!"
Why? "A kid version of Megaman X, and it's awesome!"
Why? "Because my body can take it!"
Why? "Love this FUSION!!"
Why? "Super Kami Guru!"
Why? "Hulk + Megaman = Guts Man"
Why? "She's perfect for Naruto, so why not?"
Why? "Everything I Do, I Do It For You! (Readies for tomatoes)"
Why? "RIP Pervy Sage... We all miss youse"
Why? "The Almighty ROWER!!"
Why? "The Ninja BatMan!"
Why? "The Very Symbol of YOLO being bull****!"
Why? "If not him, who else would've helped Goku battle the Saiyans"
Why? "Shark man with sword! Everything's better with sharks, and swords!!"
Why? "Completely under-rated character..."
Why? "I could just imagine an alternate reality where she ends up with Gohan..."
Why? "Attractive! Pun-intended!"
Why? "... Sorry, what?"
Why? "He's a dirty pervert, but that's why we love him!!"
Why? "Megaman is the Legend!"
Why? "This is what got me into the Mega Man series! Long live the Mega Man!!"
Why? "Mega-Busting Viruses!"
Why? "Damn.. I remember back when I was at a friend's house, playing this game..."
Why? "Favourite Villain in the original Dragon Ball"
Why? "Guy Sensei is GOD Sensei!"
Why? "Ditzy, yet caring mom..."
Why? "The Patty-Cake Champion!!"
Why? "I followed his footsteps"
Why? "I can just imagine him in a Spiderman costume, with Roshi singing "Spider-pig".. I want fanart of that, Goddammit!!"
Why? "So much more deserving to be a final villain of the series.."
Why? "He has the powers of sucker-punching!"
Why? "Dragonball Z meets Batman"
Why? "Let me ask: Has anyone seen my ARM?!"
Why? "Me on a typical Saturday."
Why? "He's hilarious!"
Why? "An all-around fantastic little sister!"
Why? "Kill a Robot Fish; Kill a Robot Frog, and then I ride off on my Robot DOG!!"
Why? "Reminds me of Android #18"
Why? "Do I even need a reason? Seriously, do I?"
Why? "Robot Ninja of Awesomeness!!"
Why? "She's my type of comrade."
Why? "My childhood hero..."
Why? "Me as a superhero..."
Why? "I like her Teen Titans incarnation much more."
Why? "He's beaten Goku before, not that anyone else cares nowadays"
Why? "0_0 Sorry, what were you saying?"
Why? "Your average kid who no one understands!"
Why? "I love her spinoff game, and she's a good character overall!"
Why? "Was a great character until GT"
Why? "Cougar.. Literally.."
Why? "Best! Fusion! EVER!!"
Why? "Vile.. No name is more badass and suitable..."
Why? "Could this be a precursor to Shadow the Hedgehog?! THEY CAN SEE THE FYOOCHER!!"
Why? "He reminds me of Vegeta.."
Why? "More useful than Hercule, I'll give him that!"
Why? "The Original Dragonball made him a badass!"
Why? "This guy is awesome! Super Saiyan 3 hair included!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Teen Titans
Why? "Without a doubt, what I prefer over Young Justice."
Why? "It's the kind of Sonic story-telling I'd love... If only Archie could be more like this..."
Why? "I'll give you a hint. Only 2 words: 1st word: My. 2nd Word: Childhood!"
Why? "The show that taught me about writing plots.."
Why? "Reborn!"
Why? "What isn't to like about it? It's ****ing DRAGON BALL Z, you lugs!"
Why? "Even in the past, Goku has a badass family!"
Why? "Sadder than the Buu saga."
Why? "FUNimation? Do us all a favor, and dub this in English!"
Why? "Loved this show as a kid!"
Why? "Long Live the Super Fighting Robot!"
Why? "It's like Code Lyoko, only with Megaman Battle Network characters.."
Why? "I like ninjas.. Especially these ones!"
Why? "I love both this and the original equally!"
Why? "Onsokumaru just makes it for me.. Rock on, Schemmel!"
Why? "My childhood!"
Why? "Best of Cartoon Network since Gumball..."
Why? "Do I need a reason? "He's the FASTEST THING ALIIIIIVE!""
Why? "Underrated, in my honest opinion..."
Why? "You Killed Kenny!! You BASTARDS!!"
Why? "WHY HASN'T THIS SHOW COME BACK?! Anyways, long title, but very awesome show! For its time, it was a very fun, Voltron-like Tv show/Anime...."
Why? "Bring the show back, instead of poorly talented singers and actors.. Seriously!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Dragon Ball Z: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
Why? "My favourite DBZ Movie.."
Why? "Androids at their finest..."
Why? "I really like the re-dub!"
Why? "Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!"
Why? "The trailer broke so much more 4th wall than Deadpool and Sonic the Hedgehog put together... No, but seriously though, WHERE'S THE DUBSTEP?!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "NOPE! xD"
Why? "The Ultimate LifeForm lives on forever!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Why? "Easily the best out of the 3!!"
Why? "Best Dragonball Fighting game since Burst Limit"
Why? "Budokai 1 with better graphics & a Buu saga.."
Why? "Reason? Do I need one?! I mean, really?!"
Why? "My 2nd Favourite Dbz game"
Why? "Seeing Bluerush1992 play this game, how can I not?"
Why? "Better version of Burst Limit!"
Why? "Last Dbz Budokai game I've played that I still enjoyed."
Why? "Okay, this game made Budokai fun for me again ('cept for the story mode...)"
Why? "Best PSP game ever!!"
Why? "I want to see another Dragonball game on modern consoles now"
Why? "Kid Goku shines again! Lovin' it lotz!"
Why? "This game kicks ass!"
Why? "Winter fun for the while family! xD"
Why? "The Games Continue! Me loves it!!"
Why? "Well, the voice acting is just too damn laughable!"
Why? "I actually like Flame Hyenard's boss fight. And, this game has my personal favourite soundtrack in the X series. My childhood has returned.."
Why? "Hated Deidara, but LOVE this game!"
Why? "Naruto meets Megaman? Aw who cares?! It's awesome!"
Why? "Now we have an "Ultimate Ninja Storm" game on the go..!"
Why? "First PS3 Game I have ever owned..."
Why? "I love this game when I first got it.. I loved using Guy Sensei in battle.."
Why? "Loved playing this on an emulator.."
Why? "Fun-Partner system.."
Why? "Dark & Edgy Sonic done right!"
Why? "As a kid, this was a God-send!"
Why? "Sonic with a Sword? I've always imagined how it'd be like..."
Why? "First Wii game I have ever played.."
Why? "Sonic 3D Smash Bros!"
Why? "Uplifting the Sonic series with all of the Colours! Reaching for the Stars since 2010"
Why? "The best Sonic Game in years.."
Why? "Another under-rated Sonic game... I love racing games, too, so..."
Why? "My second Favourite 2D Sonic game, and the first PlayStation Portable game I have ever owned..."
Why? "It's an alright sequel, but I love this just the same.."
Why? "Favourite 2D Sonic game.. I bought my first DS for this game"
Why? "Another under-rated Sonic game I happen to like..."
Why? "Because Day & Night."
Why? "Get LOST in Sonic's next action-packed adventure.."
Why? "Dragon Ball Z meets Street Fighter?"
Why? "Do I really need a reason? REALLY?!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Sonic: Night of the Werehog
Why? "SEGA meets PIXAR? Sign me up!!"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
    Why? "I really love this ride; almost as much as Space Mountain..."
    Why? "What isn't to love about a ride with Minions?"
    Why? "Matt Groening meets Back to the Future!!"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Comedy Central
    Why? "The only time I don't find random commercials annoying, but hilarious instead..."
    Why? "Simpsons are everywhere, huh? Not that I'm complaining!"
    Why? "They REALLY need to bring these back! Like, really!"
    Why? "The cooler version of Pink Panther."
    Why? "Disturbing, but really entertaining.."
    Why? "Love the cereal, AND the commercials...!"
    Why? "I love the cereal.. I also love the commercials, and the parodies of those commercials...!"
    Why? "Always love these commercials."