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Voice Actor
Tomokazu Seki
Why? "The official Viewtiful Joe's Voicer Actor."
Why? "Ash(Pokémon: The Anime), Viewtiful Joe(Viewtiful Joe: The Anime), Rockaman(Rockman EXE Anime)"
Why? "Rockman(Rockman Arcade Game Series 1-2), Seon(Soul Calibur)"
Why? "The Eternal Voice of the Villainv Dr. Eggman(Sonic X)."
Why? "Naruto(Naruto: The Anime), Mika(Street Fighter Zero 3)"
Why? "Rockman/Roll(Marvel VS. Capcom Series) Elena (Street Fighter 3)"
Why? "Sonic(Sonic X)"
Why? "Zero(Rockman X), Roy(Project Justice), Byakuya(Bleach: The Anime)"
Why? "Captain Commando(Marvel VS. Capcom 1-2), Duo(Rockman Arcade gamev 1-2) Donkey Kong(MarioKart Wii)"