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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Kyle Hebert
Why? "He was the man who first got me into Voice Acting and wanting to pursue it, not a day where Im recording goes by without my gratitude"
Why? "Been A fan since the beginning baby!"
Why? "His voice has really GROWN throughout the years :P"
Why? "Love her Roles so far, really up and coming ^_^"
Why? "He's just really talented :D"
Why? "Shes Awesome :D I love Conan and QT"
Why? "I really like her voice ^_^ its nice :D And Opal (legend of korra) Is awesome :D she was well cast"
Why? "I love how shes getting more and more notice! her sketch comedy is hilarious too. AND I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS IN STEINS GATE!"
Why? "His voice has such a cadence to it, this bass-ey resonance, just such a pleasant so listen to"
Why? "done some real iconic roles and is just getting bigger!"
Why? "this man IS my childhood :P"
Why? "Just All Around amazing, his range is incredible"
Why? "He was one of the nicest, most respectable and encouraging guys I've ever met, I love this Man"
Why? "He was the Vegeta I first heard, Also just a super cool and talented guy :P"
Why? "Her range is incredible. Her voice amazing, and she does some fave characters of mine"
Why? "This Man is simply my favorite ACTOR....Period."
Why? "Ladd Russo and Dragon. Thats really All I need to say"
Why? "she incredible! shes voiced some of my favorite characters :D"
Why? "She's Really up and coming, love the Distinctiveness in her voice"
Why? "great guy, so much range, just a true inspiration :P"
Why? "Love him as Greed :P"
Why? "She was One of my Favorite voice actresses, Dexters lab was my favorite show as a kid.... RIP Ms.Cavanaugh"
Why? "Really Up and coming, still new but definately has great talent"
Why? "His range is absolutely amazing :D"
Why? "I love this guy, he's starting off with a huge bang! and hes a pro AND on team four star! Hes everything i wanna do and hes just started"
Why? "Oh man i love this guys work, More known for his online work, hes really getting himself out there professionally, especially in Directing"
Why? "His range is incredible, and he does so many amazing characters, Love his voices."
Why? "HE IS BLACK BLACKBEARD! honestly....Perfection"
Why? "How the hell did I not have her as a favorite already? Amazing roles aside, I love her Directing :D"
Why? "A Great Man, amazing talent, and a hero of mine, Im so glad I was taught by him ^_^"
Why? "Shes really making a name for herself, and shes not even 30 yet! her stuff is top notch"
Why? "Hes Perfect Cell, My favorite Villain from DBZ"
Why? "hes just awesome :D"
Why? "this guys really up and coming, its really awesome how even though hes pretty old he can do such convincing younger male characters"
Why? "Generator Rex and Spy Kids...All I gotta say"
Why? "From near my home town, some of the most iconic characters, and he's clank!!!!!"
Why? "I really love most of his roles ^_^ Although I hope his senketsu voice gets a bit deeper as the show goes on"
Why? "Just a talented guy :P"
Why? "the mans a damn legend"
Why? "Hes just all around awesome"
Why? "Heds from where Im from ^_^ Kinda inspires me, Canadians gotta stick together you know?"
Why? "I LOOOOOVE her work as Aladin, stoked to hear her as Ryuko, and shes a fandubber like alot of us, which inspires me ^_^"
Why? "This guy has got the IT factor. a great upcoming talent. one of my favorite moments was his true ANGER scream in Accel World. It was so real"
Why? "Love her characters and voices :P"
Why? "Our Lord and Voice Acting Savior....Frank Welker. A name all aspiring Voice Actors need to know and Respect"
Why? "This man is an absolute LEGEND!"
Why? "This dude is so damn talented :D Glad he's getting more recognized"
Why? "OG Rare Ware"
Why? "Hannah Hart is just in General one of M Favorite People."
Why? "Great Talent, really cool guy, and an Inspiration for me ^_^"
Why? "super awesome and sweet guy, love his work, hes such an inspiring figure"
Why? "This guy has some of the best Range I've ever heard"
Why? "How was she not in my favorites already? Shes done a bunch of my fave characters ^_^"
Why? "His voice is so booming and resonate!"
Why? "His voice is so interesting, almost un matched"
Why? "His voice is so booming and resonant!!!"
Why? "Mewtwo.....Such A great voice, shame he hasnt done more"
Why? "Shes Sooooooo Good :D"
Why? "He died recently....Im saddened because he was amazing and I only just discovered him"
Why? "She's Just awesome :D"
Why? "Shes Amazing, Love her as Flame Princess and Giffany :P"
Why? "Archer Dinosaurs and Arrested Development :D Shes incredible ^_^"
Why? "Again do I need a reason?"
Why? "Hes got a great voice and voiced some of my favorite characters"
Why? "I love his mannerisms ^_^"
Why? "Hes So up and coming it hurts!"
Why? "Hes done some of the most badass characters ever! GET YER GUNS ON!"
Why? "This Mans voice is simply incredible, Gargoyles, Spawn, so bassey and resonant, i just want him to narrate my life"
Why? "I really like his voice ^_^"
Why? "Hes just so damn awesome"
Why? "He is Batman Plain and Simple"
Why? "He's one of the most talented voice actors Ive ever heard, so much variety and booming voices, love it"
Why? "he's.....he....oh my god he is talented"
Why? "Her voices range across the board. and being Travis Willingham's wife is pretty damn awesome too :P"
Why? "She's really making a name for herself, Lover her Work ^_^"
Why? "One of my favorite basketball players"
Why? "This women in a LEGEND!"
Why? "Shes only been in the game 4 years now and shes already been in so much! shes rising to the top and quick!"
Why? "4kids stuff aside, the guy is mad talented"
Why? "His range, characters and impressions are spectacular"
Why? "Known more for his film career, his VA career was great too, RIP Mr.Duncan, you're missed"
Why? "He did some of my favorite 4kids characters during the good period. And his current work is fantastic"
Why? "Soooooo many of my fave characters"
Why? "he IS eggman"
Why? "He was a truly great talent"
Why? "How the hell was she not in my faves before hand?"
Why? "so amazing :D true inspiration, her work is great, someone who i want to be like :P"
Why? "Please let him replace Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Can we just reboot that franchise?"
Why? "The man has so much range, on top of that, he IS Deadpool"
Why? "This Guy is everything I want to be and more, His range, booming voice and Iterations are simply Incredible. Defs in my top ten"
Why? "I just love all of the dobson Brothers"
Why? "Love this guys range"
Why? "The iconic Old Man voice over at Funimation, this man is a legend!"
Why? "Love his work. His characters have a great Gruffness to them. perfect for older characters"
Why? "Hes a big inspiration for me as an actor. he will be surely missed :'("
Why? "Jesus Christ her Range is Incerdible"
Why? "So many great Iconic Voices, love his work, and a great screen actor to boot, multo talented as hell :P"
Why? "hes got a very distinct voice to him, his high pitch and resonance, its pretty incredible"
Why? "my god her range is incredible"
Why? "Bixlow and Starjuun :P Love this Guy"
Why? "Hes a huge Inspiration to me ^_^ and hes such a cool and nice guy. Dragonball is a part of why I'm here today"
Why? "Alot of People say I look like him :P"
Why? "great roles"
Why? "Shes Robin :D How can I not like her ^_^"
Why? "His voice is so Resonant, very nice Vibrato"
Why? "He's My hero and the person I aspire to be like."
Why? "She Truly is a legend"
Why? "Those Bass Tones"
Why? "aewsome dude, great voices"
Why? "Do I need to list a reason?"
Why? "The man was a Legnd, his voice, range and especially his singing are simply impecable"
Why? "Shes just so awesome and so nice ^_^ Love her work :D"
Why? "Its interesting to note that hes more known for video games, but has done alot more anime and cartoons"
Why? "super awesome dude, Really up and coming"
Why? "HIS VOICE IS SO BASSEY AND RESONANT! uuuugh such a nice natural vibrato too. I could listen to his voice for hours."
#1 All Time Favorite
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Why? "So cool and collected, It would be a dream come true if I could voice him one day, will probably never happen, but a boy can dream ^_^"
Why? "Such a Fun and Awesome Character, and Hason Douglas's performance is AMAZING!"
Why? "The first Character I got cast as on here! ^_^ not too mention i love his dubbed voice, he holds a special place in my heart :P"
Why? "How can I call myself a Shonen Fan and NOT Love Goku?"
Why? "His Ba`ckstory, his character, his personality, and by god that voice is so awesomely deep and resonant"
Why? "Honestly my fave character in DBZ and both Chris and Scott bring such great performances"
Why? "Love both portrayls, And I'm really glad I've got to voice him a couple times ^_^"
Why? "So cool. Suave, and deep. My favorite Role from my Favorite Voice Actor"
Why? "Love everything hes about! Not to mention Ian Sinclairs Portrayl is PERFECTION"
Why? "Still to this day One of Bosch's best Performances, not to mention that Trigun is one of my favorite series of all time"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Cowboy Bebop
Why? "My favorite Anime.... EVER! The voices, the animation, the story! everything is perfect, as well as the best Dub I've ever heard."
Why? "It was a gateway series, revolutionized the game in so many ways. simply inspiring"
Why? "one of my favorite shows of all time, such an interesting story and characters, and an AMAZING DUB CAST OMG"
Why? "Love the Action and Story of the series, characters are Loveable and the Voice Acting is Spectacular"
Why? "this show deserves more praise"
Why? "Amazing cast, kick ass story, and a series that helped me be more confident and believe in myself, how could it not be a favorite?"
Why? "I love this show....So.SO MUCH"
Why? "One of my favorite anythings of all time, this show has inspired me than almost anything. its a goal of mine to be a`part of it :P"
Why? "This Show is my Aesthetic"
Why? "Ao much nostalgia and good memories, Maurice La Marche and Rob Paulsen were one of the best duos in VA history"
Why? "No explanation required......."
Why? "I cant even fathom how much i love this show. in conclusion, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAA!"
Why? "amazing dub and sub, so much fun to watch"
Why? "My Favorite Spiderman Cartoon Ever, Josh Keaton was the best Spidey, and everyone else was on point. If only it continued :'("
Why? "Tied for my Favorite Anime with Bebop, the voice cast, the story, everything, I could watch it again and again"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Why? "It's an insanely fun my second favorite in the series, on top of that the Cast is one of the best Ive EVER heard in a game"
Why? "Its.........Its Beautiful :')"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of the omst well written shows ive ever seen"