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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Kanae Ito
Why? "Bunnie Rabbot!"
Why? "She's Tamika! That's why! XD"
Why? "Mr. Hayter is THE Solid Snake and Big Boss. That's all there is. It makes him super-epic with no objections. Long live awesome David Hayter!"
Why? "In my opinion, he was the best Dr. Eggman. I'm glad his voice was in Sonic Riders and Zero Gravity. Rest in peace, Mr. Bristow, & great job."
Why? ""Glorious!" -Starfire"
Why? "Billy Numerous!"
Why? "Peachy!"
Why? ""Hey! Listen! Look! Watch out!""
Why? "Bowser!"
Why? "Booyah!"
Why? "Misao Kusakabe!"
Why? "I grew up watching Pokemon hearing Lisa almost every episode, since she voiced most "characters of the day". I love her voices; she's great!"
Why? "Slippy!"
Why? "Marc Biagi is one of my favorites, not only because he was the best Vector in my opinion, but because I've talked with him before. Nice guy."
Why? "Radical Edward!"
Why? "Philly Phil!"
Why? ""Got any banana cream pie?""
Why? ""Jr., I've got tell you about Princess Peach.""
Why? "Scott Dreier is one with the Master Emerald."
Why? "Titans, go!"
Why? "'Cause she's Lil' D!"
Why? "D'oh, I missed!"
Why? "Edward Elric, the fullmetal alchemist!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Mikasa Ackerman
Why? ""Thanks for looking after my son! ...or is it my daugther...?""
Why? ""DUDE!""
Why? "He's the biggest, baddest brute around! 100% Grade-A, prime-cut, awesome, burly, studly final boss! King Bowser Koopa!! Grah hah hah haaah!!"
Why? ""Hey, I know! I'll use my trusty frying a drying pan!""
Why? ""I know nothing, not even myself. Yet my enemies call me...Casshern.""
Why? ""Go home and let me get some sleep!""
Why? ""Hey! It doesn't hurt anymore! The Crystal Coconut took my pain away!""
Why? "I wanna be a mongoose. Can I be a mongoose dog?"
Why? "She looks like Rima Mashiro of Shugo Chara!"
Why? "Missing since 1993."
Why? "Don't ask how MugiMikey portrays him in his Sonic X fan dubs."
Why? ""We must do reseeearch!""
Why? ""I'm sorry... Is that okay?""