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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Cherami Leigh
Why? "The best voice actress of the 21st century and an even more amazing human being, she's one of the sweetest people you will ever meet."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Neither a hero or villain. He's whatever he has to be to ensure the survival of the mutant race."
Why? "The junkie conduit, she was headed down a dark path until Delsin saved her, and her Neon powers are cool."
Why? "The man who made Wally West disappeared, he was such a great villain in Titans."
Why? "He's a nerd just like the rest of us."
Why? "I wasn't to sure about Flash having the symbiote, but Rick Remender's writing convinced me otherwise and he became my favorite Venom."
Why? "From Anakin's padawan to Fulcrum. Ashoka was one of the best characters to come out of the prequel era."
Why? "The best archer in Kancolle and a great mentor/love interest to Fubuki."
Why? "A traitor, mastermind, and a god complex. Wesker has all of the qualities of a great villain."
Why? "Opposing his father for the sake of his mother"
Why? "A man choses. A slave obeys."
Why? "Scott keeps making mistake after mistake, but you can't hate him for it, he still tries to be a superhero and a good father."
Why? "DC's Galactus, but he's still cool. Every hero in the multiverse had to unite to stop him."
Why? "She can kill nazis and blow up a Panzerhund all while pregnant."
Why? "Swagger, enigmatic, and a mastermind. Ardyn got what he wanted in the end."
Why? "Hail to the King baby!"
Why? "Deep down he is an anti-hero, but is to extreme and violent that it doesn't show."
Why? "The mean, lean, nazi killing machine."
Why? "The man who broke the Bat."
Why? "She was flawed, couldn't speak, was a villain, but she overcame it all and became Batgirl. Also she's the best fighter in DC."
Why? "The first Robin, Nightwing, and Batman. Grant Morrison brought Dick Grayson full circle and made him the new Dark Knight."
Why? "Bruce Wayne wears the cowl to end crime. Kate Kane wears it to end war."
Why? "Much like Doctor Doom, he'll do anything to protect his country."
Why? "For not being able to speak, Black Bolt is really complex."
Why? "a badass vampire hunter."
Why? "Another Red Lantern who had a good life, but tragedy struck her and filled her with nothing, but hate."
Why? "He came to the past to become famous, but instead became one of the greatest heroes in DC."
Why? "She claims that she wants to help the Conduits, but really she just wants to be apart of the status quo."
Why? "Imagine if Oracle was a super villain, you get the Calculator."
Why? "Sam's time as Cap made me love his character, everyone hated him, but he still went out there and helped people."
Why? "The rogue amongst rogues. He's a blue collar criminal with a moral code just looking for the big score."
Why? "Brilliantly written in Secret Six. He's proof that any d-lister can be cool with a good writer and good direction."
Why? "His characterization in SFV was the only thing I enjoyed in that game. A man who has nothing left in his life except his hatred for Bison."
Why? "From Roy Harper to Catman, she's the biggest Baby Mama in DC."
Why? "My favorite character from Avengers Initiative, wish she would appear more, but I loved her character."
Why? "Picked him all the time when I played L4D2"
Why? "He had some good character development in Avengers Initiative and I liked his relationship with Diamondback."
Why? "He is the strongest Espada, but he literally doesn't care about that, or anything for that matter."
Why? "Such an underused villain."
Why? "When Mutants were facing extinction, Scott led the X-Men through some of their darkest times and always came out on top."
Why? "One of the only new Inhumans that I actually liked. He was the P.O.V. character in the Charles Soule run and was pretty likable."
Why? "Unlike most villains Darkseid actually did conquer the world in Final Crisis, he truly is Superman's greatest enemy."
Why? "He created the rule of two, plus he's voiced by Mark Hamill, thats the greatest of ironies."
Why? "It wasn't until Clone Wars and Rebels that cemented him as one of the best Star Wars characters."
Why? "David is a frightening video game villain because someone like him actually exist."
Why? ""It's show time!""
Why? "We're all puppets Laurie, I'm just a puppet that can see the strings."
Why? "Ya he's nothing more than a plot device, but he'll always be remembered as the one who killed Superman."
Why? "The Greatest Marvel Villain. He is a bad person, but he'll do anything to protect Latveria and he beat Mephisto to save his mothers soul."
Why? "The Jekil and Hyde of DC. He tried so hard to save his brother, but failed."
Why? "My favorite Assassin, he had a lot of character development and I enjoyed his journey in Black Flag."
Why? "My personal favorite palate swap ninja of the series."
Why? "Got his arm chopped of and treated it like it was nothing. Only a true scotsman like Fergus can be a badass like that."
Why? "Quite possibly on ne"
Why? "A 19th century Batman who fought Jack the Ripper, whats not to love?"
Why? "Kneel before Zod!"
Why? "No nonsense, tough as nails, and gets s**t done. One of the best new characters to come out of Wolfenstein II."
Why? "C'mon how can you not love Harley?"
Why? "One of the first Legacy heroes and one of my favorite Young Avengers. She's funny and a good leader."
Why? "I'm not a bad person, I'm not a villain, I'm just sick."
Why? "The complete opposite of Hikari, she's a mature responsible sister."
Why? "Survival is your responsibility."
Why? "Loved it when he lead the Dark Avengers."
Why? "I could only beat her once in arcade mode is a testament to how tough of a boss she is."
Why? "It started with a bad date and it changed his life forever."
Why? "He's not a bad guy per say, he's just loyal to Outworld. He also ripped off Goro's arms so ya he's a badass."
Why? "He was the first MK character that I was good at."
Why? "Everything Anakin Skywalker should've been."
Why? "An anti-villain who truly believes he's helping, but is just making things worse."
Why? "My main in Tekken 7, also that hair 0_0"
Why? "No Bastich ever messes with the main man."
Why? "One of my favorite Marvel villains. A twisted version of Hulk who killed all of the heroes and ruled over a dystopian future."
Why? "Its funny, most of the time she's manipulates The Thunderbolts, she considers them her family."
Why? "A morally ambiguous Hulk who fought the mafia and talked with a gangster accent, need I say more?"
Why? "Whether or not he's The Green Goblin or The Iron Patriot, Osborn is one of the greatest threats to the Marvel Universe."
Why? "Forget his depiction on Ultimate Spider-Man, comic Sam Alexander is a better character and more likable."
Why? "A coworker told me that Rorschach isn't crazy, he's a realist in his own twisted way and I think I agree with him."
Why? "Kaine is a welcome addition to the Spider-Man mythos, he just wanted to find a new life in Mexico, but embraced his destiny as a hero."
Why? "Just a normal dude who fought seven evil exes to be with the women he loves."
Why? "The heart and soul of The X-Men, the team wouldn't be the same without her."
Why? "She gave up her future to save the multiverse."
Why? "Sinestro is a complex fascist, he believes that fear is the only thing that can restore order in the universe."
Why? "She's a nice addition to the bat family where she'll call Bruce out on his plans and is a great partner/girlfriend to Robin"
Why? "A genius cursed by greed. He seems like a joke, but he's probably the most psychotic amongst the rogues."
Why? "Greatest Yandere in anime history. God she scares the hell out of me."
Why? "My favorite Kancolle girl Poi!"
Why? "She loved life with all her heart and lived life to the fullest."
Why? "He killed Kratos to keep his power and oh boy would he end up regretting it."
Why? "ThemanwhotaughtWallyWesttragdeyyyyyy"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The smartest time travel show I've ever watched, it puts a new spin on the genre and makes it feel fresh again."
#1 All Time Favorite
Captain America: Civil War
Why? "The darkest MCU movie thus far, but its still light hearted and half of the MCU battling it out. Plus Spider-Mans debut in the MCU."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Mark will always be my Joker"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Batman: Arkham City
Why? "The bosses, the acting, and the gameplay are phenomenal. I remember all of the hours I spent searching for Easter Eggs."
Why? "One of my favorite games of all time, the pirate ship battles and treasure hunting was some of the most fun I've had in a video game."
Why? "My first Assassins Creed game and it was a welcoming experience. I loved sending my Assassins on missions and seeing them rise in the ranks."
Why? "Story wise, it was a nice conclusion to Ezio's story."
Why? "Talk about defining expectations. Arkham Asylum set a new standard for superhero games and action games in general."
Why? "Its a huge step backwards from Arkham City, but it was still a good ending to the Arkham series."
Why? "Extremely underrated game. It's better then Arkham Knight and the Firefly and Deathstroke fights had me on the edge of my seat."
Why? "Every time I thought I made the right choice, it ended up being the wrong one."
Why? "For quick time events TellTale made some epic bosses to fight, this is there best action game to date."
Why? "A high octane adrenaline rush."
Why? "Bioshock isn't just a game, its a work of art."
Why? "The funniest FPS I've played and is the only reason that Gearbox should still be allowed to make games."
Why? "Here's a game that deserved more of a chance. It had some fun levels and it rewards you for being creative with your kills."
Why? "The first FPS I played, and I think it still holds up a lot of it was a real challenge for me which made me feel good when I beat the game."
Why? "My favorite CoD game, its got a great plot, fun gameplay, and a genuinely good plot twist."
Why? "The decision making was a nice change of pace, didn't realize I had picked the wrong choices until I was almost done with the game."
Why? "Managed to be more fun then MW1, had a lot more fast paced missions that sharpened my reaction time and reflexes."
Why? "Last CoD game I played, I think it was a good one to go out on, killing Makarov was the most satisfying accomplishment I've felt in a game."
Why? "There isn't anything else like it, fun puzzles, morality choices, and a good story make it an unforgettable and underrated game."
Why? "The first video game I have ever played"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A love letter to gamers, hell it helped convince me to buy a PS4."