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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Cherami Leigh
Why? "He is exactly what Bigby should sound like"
Why? "L"
Why? "She makes Lois Griffen"
Why? "Most talented actor Funimation has. He can play so many different types of characters and is a natural in each of them."
Why? "I really loved his Rito as a kid, don't worry Bob, Bryce is doing a great job on carrying your legacy"
Why? "Best voice for Hawkeye"
Why? "An awesome Human Torch and the definitive Captain America"
Why? "Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Carnage, Superior Spider-Man, & Spyder-Knight"
Why? "No one can top his Lex Luthor and I could never forget Mr. Krabs"
Why? "Agent Coulson nuff said"
Why? "Wonderful job as Rey"
Why? "He's hilarious as Handsome Jack & is perfect for Cell (no pun intended)"
Why? "He's Solid Snake, Big Boss & a comic fan what's not to love?"
Why? "Kenpachi and Kabal"
Why? "My favorite Doctor"
Why? "His Uryu was solid and enjoyable"
Why? "The most underused VA at Funimation, he needs more roles"
Why? "One of the greatest VA's in history"
Why? "Daphne, Catwoman, Vicki, Wasp, & Ms. Marvel. She's voiced in all my favorite shows as a kid"
Why? "He was fantastic as Ultron"
Why? "I really love her as Clara"
Why? "Absolutely fantastic as Finn"
Why? "THE CHAMP!!!"
Why? "From Marcus Phoenix to Bender to Jake, just try to type cast him"
Why? "The perfect Spider-Man"
Why? "Because he's Batman"
Why? "Watch any cartoon and I guarantee he's in it"
Why? "His voice always gets my attention"
Why? "He's the greatest wrestler of all time & the most impressive wrestlemania streak 22-1"
Why? "The definitive Joker"
Why? "Another great Doctor"
Why? "He's really great Sting and he's hilarious on Rage Quit"
Why? "Kicks a lot of ass as Agent May"
Why? "Her performance as Sinon, Celty, Ultear, Cammy, and Virgo are top notched"
Why? "Godamnit Nappa"
Why? "Joe!!"
Why? "He's amazing as Vision"
Why? "He really was the perfect choice for Ant-Man"
Why? "My favorite Doctor next to Tennant"
Why? "He's a great actor and hes a comic book fan that alone makes him awesome"
Why? "He voices Raiden, the most badass ninja ever"
Why? "No one else will be able to replace him as Iron Man"
Why? "the one and only Freddy Kruger"
Why? "He's great as Batman, Chris, and Ezio. And his Sonic is awesome and brings a lot of fun into the role"
Why? "From voice to live action. He does it all"
Why? "I can't imagine anyone else as Black Widow"
Why? "How can you not love him?"
Why? "Why isn't he in more stuff? He's awesome as Kiyotaka and Cassim."
Why? "So many voices and each of them are unrecognizable. He's a modern day Mel Blank"
Why? "No one can make me laugh like he can. He's my favorite comedian."
Why? "Krillian, Usopp, Ragnarok, and Hughes"
Why? "How can you not love him?"
Why? ""Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass""
Why? "The one and only Master Chief"
Why? "For an adult he has a great voice for teenagers"
Why? "I grew up listening to her awesome voice, she's also my favorite Harley Quinn"
Why? "Becauses he's Frank... Frank West"
Why? "He's my favorite actor"
Why? "Loki"
Why? "Spider-Man"
Why? "Another voice I grew up with and he voiced my childhood hero Spongebob"
Why? "Ash, May and April. What other reasons do I need?"
Why? "Renji and Ant-Man are awesome, but his best performance is the Riddler"
Why? "Because she's Haruhi Suzimiya"
Why? "One of the funniest men on earth"
Why? "He's phenomenal as Sora, Betelgeuse, Freed, Kirito, Soma & Lubbock. Highly underrated"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite hero/villain. Will do anything for the sake of mutant kind and is unapologetic about it"
Why? "Awesome design and loved his voices"
Why? "The man who made Wally West dissaper"
Why? "Managed to end slavery. One of the greatest presidents in history"
Why? "The best character in all of CMI, has a cool power, and just flat out insane"
Why? "He's a fanboy like us"
Why? "My favorite take on Venom"
Why? "The emptier your head the more dreams you can have. I learned that from her"
Why? "my favorite character in the whole show, thanks Erica"
Why? "The most hardcore out of all the street fighters, and the demon's wrath is the best finishing move"
Why? "he's to pure"
Why? "A villains with brains, skills. a god complex, and power to back it up is my type of villain and Wesker is the best one I've seen"
Why? ""Let this reach the heavens and earth. And those close by""
Why? "Because he's the hero"
Why? "One of my favorite performances from Chuck"
Why? "I love her character evolution"
Why? "I use to dislike her, but came to respect her character later on and she eventually grew on me"
Why? "One of the founding Avengers and the man of many identities"
Why? "He's just one of my favorite heroes of all time."
Why? "I thought she was the most interesting character in Soul Eater Not"
Why? "because donuts"
Why? "The X-Men's greatest enemy"
Why? "One of TMNT's best friends"
Why? "He is absoultelty not useless"
Why? "This made Angel actually interesting"
Why? "He's salty as $&@!"
Why? "Hail to the King baby!"
Why? "She's so loving and would be a great role model for young girls. Cherami Leigh deserves an oscar for her performance."
Why? "i like him better than his sister, also Todd Haberkorn voice him."
Why? "The man who broke the bat"
Why? "my favorite Captain America villain"
Why? "My favorite Batgirl, Babs is one of my favorite super heroines for good reason"
Why? "He saved Painwheel and offered her freedom from Big Brain"
Why? "a man of many words"
Why? "For a man who goes into battle with a scuba suit he's surprisingly cool"
Why? "He's a really underrated batman villain"
Why? "a badass vampire hunter"
Why? "Abosultleynobodyisfasterhimhesthefastest"
Why? "Johnny did an excellent job voicing him"
Why? "I wouldn't be watching this show if it weren't for Brian and Stewie"
Why? "She' so smart and so cute, I love her relationship with Vegeta"
Why? "I use to hate him, but after I found out what he did for his wife I forgave him for being an ass"
Why? "He was such an ahole but he was still likeable"
Why? "Everything 90's roled into one man"
Why? "Caitlin and Miyuki gives a great performance and brings life into the character"
Why? "Despite being a drunk she's very loveable and has a lot of depth"
Why? "Who is he again?"
Why? "A worthy successor to Steve"
Why? "Every person should aspire to be like him. My all time favorite comic character"
Why? "The best Clone"
Why? "Finally a main character in Mortal Kombat who has personality, likeable, and badass"
Why? "Shes more human than the rest of the characters"
Why? "Underrated Spider-Man villain"
Why? "No pokemon is as awesome as Charizard"
Why? "Good Grief"
Why? "He tried to conquer his fears, he didn't deserve to die"
Why? "A true gentlemen who'll defend a woman's honor"
Why? "My favorite RE character, Rodger is the definitive Chris Redfield"
Why? "One of the most iconic girls in gaming"
Why? "Borderlands wouldn't be half as good without him"
Why? "He can hear my reason"
Why? "My favorite Street Fighter, she has a sassy personality, cool gadgets and Michelle Ruff does an awesome job voicing her"
Why? "I don't think I know how to handle her"
Why? "He was my main in smash"
Why? "Do I really need a reason?"
Why? "My favorite villain in SAO"
Why? "SYMMETRY!!!!"
Why? "One of the more interesting street fighters in recent memory"
Why? "Every line he said made me go say: oh snap!"
Why? "The greatest Marvel villain ever"
Why? "He never gave up on getting his brother back to normal."
Why? "One of the besst characters in AC and had good character evolution"
Why? "I love her street attitude and how she is afraid of ghost"
Why? "One of the best protagonist in anime and a great performance in both dub and sub"
Why? "The best of the color swapped ninjas"
Why? "He's the Boba Fett of Mortal Kombat"
Why? "She's called the queen of the fairy's for a reason"
Why? "Mr. Personality"
Why? "Because he's covered wars"
Why? "The only anime character to give me chills whenever he was onscreen"
Why? "Killed Frieza in less then five minutes so that automatically makes him one of the best"
Why? "A great villain and later became an amazing hero he's a great example that people can always change"
Why? "The most badass of the dragon slayers"
Why? "The most dangerous woman in the galaxy"
Why? "He has really great chemistry with Italy"
Why? "The Jacob of Fairy Tail, Only Gray is a million times better and cooler than Jacob"
Why? "I consider this one of Troy's best performances"
Why? "The OG Green Lantern"
Why? "So insane, I love him"
Why? "My favorite Espada member"
Why? "He is Groot"
Why? "I really like how Kirk and Travis portray him"
Why? "So crazy, but so loveable"
Why? "She's a really good role model for young girls"
Why? "I just love Todd's performance and I love his relationship with his brother"
Why? "She goes to being a shy and scared to a badass magical girl"
Why? "The brains of the Elite Four"
Why? "Strongest one there is"
Why? "No one messes with Austira's happy place while shes around"
Why? "He is one of the only men who came close to killing Batman"
Why? "No doubt one of JYB best performance and Ichigo himself is really brave and funny"
Why? "Extremely professional in the battlefield"
Why? "one of my favorite female superheros"
Why? "He no doubt has the best lightsaber"
Why? "She's so loving and compassionate, I just love her"
Why? "A great older brother"
Why? "PASTA!"
Why? "I should hate him, but JYB gave a good performance so I'll make an exception"
Why? "A good example of character evolution"
Why? "Loyal to a fault"
Why? "One of the coolest G1 Pokemon"
Why? "The most loveable dooche in gaming"
Why? "I love to hate her"
Why? "Her in Gray must be together"
Why? "he was the blunt one of the group, which is something they really needed"
Why? "One of the best characters to come out of Star Wars Rebels"
Why? "Him and his brother are hilarious"
Why? "my favorite performance by Austin, and Kaneki's character evolution made him my favorite character in TG"
Why? "He's so awesome he needs to hold back just so he won't get bored."
Why? "I found her to be really enjoyable on Soul Eater NOT"
Why? "one of the most compassionate anime protagonist ever."
Why? "The most unique protagonist I've ever seen"
Why? "Kite-Man Hell Yeah!"
Why? "One of the best new MK characters and he has a cool design and power"
Why? "Everything Anakin Skywalker should have been."
Why? "Steve Blum, enough said"
Why? "She's the most interesting person in Danganronpa and my favorite character in the game"
Why? "Probably my favorite magical girl"
Why? "The brains of the Host Club"
Why? "Better detective than Batman"
Why? "I really liked Cassandra's performance of her and the character has a lot of strength for having her heart broken"
Why? "He used his Geass on me to make me like him"
Why? "No one in AoT can be as badass as him"
Why? "Sparkle sparkle"
Why? "To this day I don't know if I should have rooted for him or be against him"
Why? "There's Autobots and there's Decepticon and then there was Lockdown."
Why? "After I watched the Loke arc he automatically became my favorite Fairy Tail character"
Why? "Just an awesome pokemon"
Why? "She's so funny and so compassionate"
Why? "YES! YES!"
Why? "Such a fun loving character with a dark past, and one of Bryce's best preformances"
Why? "He managed to become a hero, a leader, and little ultimate P.E. I'm amazed"
Why? "She's to adorable, but really brave"
Why? "Shut up Meg!"
Why? "Best Sonic villain"
Why? "She's really delicate"
Why? "So much swagger and awesomeness"
Why? "No one can withstand his Fist of Love"
Why? "My favorite X-Men villain"
Why? "Its the little time that we spent with Mystogan is what made him specail"
Why? "My favorite in all of Kill La Kill mostly due to Sarah's performance"
Why? "both Richard and Sam are awesome"
Why? "The perfect soldier"
Why? "So cute and I love her imagination and I really want to try her cooking"
Why? "If quagmire was a girl"
Why? "Who are you calling a pinhead?"
Why? "Scariest little kid in anime"
Why? "father of the year (sarcastic tone)"
Why? "Bryce's best performance, and Rin is just a well rounded character"
Why? "The greatest swordsman in all of anime"
Why? "Probably the second most craziest person in comics next to the Joker"
Why? "She has all the qualities of a strong female protagonist"
Why? "He is the ultimate wild card"
Why? "He's just one hell of a butler"
Why? "He's as badass as they come"
Why? "Badass"
Why? "It wouldn't be the X-Men without her"
Why? "I love him and Celty together"
Why? "IZAYAAAAA!!!!!!!"
Why? "The guardian of cybertron, the spy, and a cold engine of logic"
Why? "Her tragic origin and state of mind makes her interesting & sympathetic and I was so proud of her for conquering her fear."
Why? "Because he's cool"
Why? "Miles is a great Spider-Man and has one of the comic runs in recent memory"
Why? "MAKA!!"
Why? "He's my childhood hero, everyone loves him even if your an adult"
Why? "A zombie who uses a snake to fight. There's your cool factor"
Why? "He's a vampire we can all relate to"
Why? "Victory shall be his"
Why? "the one man who managed to beat Batman by himself without any outside help or loopholes"
Why? "I enjoy him more than Peter"
Why? "This girl has been threw so much in her life, but she managed to accomplish her mission In the end"
Why? "No matter what face he has I love him no matter what"
Why? "One of the most interesting and best book at marvel and I love the new Thor"
Why? "Cool power, huge sword, and Matthew Mercer. put these together and you get a badass"
Why? "He's just so adorable and badass at the same time"
Why? "Don't mess with a guy with glasses"
Why? "the most developed out of the elite four and the most hilarious"
Why? "He's proof that you can go from being a jerk to protect the people you care about"
Why? "One day he will be reunited with Robin"
Why? "She goes from a shy & scared little girl, but when the Tartatrus arc happened she kicked a lot of ass"
Why? "I love his relationship with Hulking it was the most genuine I have ever read about"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Most unique, fun, and lovable characters I have ever seen."
Why? "It was the second anime to give me the feels"
Why? "Even with all Its weirdness it's still somehow makes sense."
Why? "The famous Joss Whedon comic run brought to motion."
Why? "really intense, great fighting, good voices acting in both dub and sub, and an original story"
Why? "Manages to be both silly and serious"
Why? "Redeemed the series from Black Butler II"
Why? "A lot of great characters and interesting concepts"
Why? "A fun show with hilarious performances"
Why? "Rin just has a great arc and the show is a ton of fun"
Why? "The second anime that had me binge watching all night"
Why? "Masterpiece"
Why? "A little rushed, but it's still a faithful adaption of the game"
Why? "A really unique show with an interesting concept of weaponizing blood"
Why? "so many great plot twist and just an overall great show"
Why? "What @NCZ was saying. A fan of any genre can enjoy it."
Why? "No fillers and better voice acting? That's all I need"
Why? "Durarara returns and it hasn't skipped a beat"
Why? "its got cool characters, the cool powers, great voices, and it manages to keep raising the stakes every story"
Why? "Even if I've seen one episode a hundred times it can still make me laugh"
Why? "In my top 3 shows. Compelling characters, great development, and wonderful action."
Why? "Awsome animation, great voices, a cool plot, badass characters, and it had a better ending"
Why? "Fun parody of WW2 and other historic events."
Why? "One of the best Inhuman stories all in motion."
Why? "Off the wall insane, hilarious, and action packed makes this show one of my favorites"
Why? "Perfectly combines supeheros anime"
Why? "Great voice cast, unforgettable characters, good animation, and overall just hilarious and a lot of fun"
Why? "Theres no holding back on this show and I love it for it"
Why? "It took a silly concept and made it really dark with a great plot twist and cool characters"
Why? "If Deadpool created an anime with frogs"
Why? "It manages to capture the same spirit and fun of the original trilogy"
Why? "My first anime and I loved every bit of it and the first tv show to make me cry more than once"
Why? "Better then the first season in every way (and I LOVED the first season)"
Why? "The show that got me into ninja turtles, I just loved this show"
Why? "More faithful to the comics then the movies. I'd even argue that some of the performances still hold up"
Why? "I loved this show because as a kid seeing my favorite comic team as kids really appealed to me"
Why? "An example of don't judge a book by its cover. It's surprisingly emotional and deep."
#1 All Time Favorite
Captain America: Civil War
Why? "Better than the first one IMO"
Why? "It's pretty much a suicide squad movie and thats why i love it"
Why? "guilty pleassure"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Mark will always be my Joker"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "It's extremely addicting"
Why? "If you love Family Guy and a gamer this is definitely for you"
Why? "The game that got me into Resident Evil"
#1 All Time Favorite