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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "the buisness is big. but his sarcastic vocie as Luficer really created potential."
Why? "from Sunny to Michael the guy got promise."
Why? "from cute and funny as Suzuno. to dangerous and awesome as Flare and even more fun as Lola. yeah she is so enjoyable"
Why? "very, very good. Kaku, Shogo, Arima, Sirzechs, and Doranbolt"
Why? "cute sounding"
Why? "she is evolving well. from stoic ladies to funny ladies lightning and Palutena, Karin and Liara she does nicely."
Why? "badass baritone of chilling awesome. his one piece roles where awesome. truly chilling as a villian."
Why? "i lover her petit milady group. an dher roles fo female are both adorabel and can be many more she has it many style."
Why? "i like her sassy voice. she channels Rios Nakamura playful sarcastic side"
Why? "gotta love her disney voices. she has attitude"
Why? "voted the one with the sexiest voice and with chun li, Motoko, Lisa Lisa, freya, Bayonetta, Ultimecia, Amazon, Caster its no wonder."
Why? "from Karma to Vali. the guy is seen a lot lately"
Why? "young and already a deep badass voice, he will keep being awesome. he deserves more voice work. give him to One Piece or something."
Why? "oh yeah. Shanks got glory. and now even nicholas brown. dont underestimate him. he will kick ass"
Why? "naruto roles and the digimon roles and bleach roles. so underrated. he can do many of kind"
Why? "I wished he had more roles. but Davis, Shark and Rock lee are very memorable. he has the Style."
Why? "has a very adorable voice"
Why? "to emotionell to aggresive girl. and some young boys. her voice really makes one belive."
Why? "cool timer"
Why? "he works well for many young heroes."
Why? "smashing and so adorable, just like her voices."
Why? "from sweet to crazy to vain to motest this girl really has many kinds of characters on the belt. Vivi and Winry I especially like"
Why? "adorable voices. enough said"
Why? "all from Mindbender, Kick Buttowski, Specter, Ace Bunny, Hawk, Flash and Raikov. he had so much many roles."
Why? "beautiful just like her voice and her work"
Why? "he is new to the game but jojo shows that he is very promising maybe the next BB."
Why? "say one can say about the dub from the Gintama Movie. but Chris APtton Dry humor-like voices really fit the personality."
Why? "a gruff voice. similair to a wrestling voice. that makes it cool."
Why? "another newcomer with great chraisma and awesome. looking forward to future roles."
Why? "the adorable voice of cloudcuckoland in many roles."
Why? "the bst voice fo Freiza in my book. that and has mny more great voices in the list."
Why? "so comedic and tough guy at the same time Zoro One piece Armstrong FMA Sakaki Kenichi need I say more?"
Why? "one of the most iconic deep vocies in video games (cortex) Tv-shows and more. I makes things right and I am glad his voice exist here."
Why? "took the buisness with storm and grace"
Why? "a high pitched voice actor. I dont judge. I feel its amazing. mysterious and an own charm."
Why? "nel. Anna Kushina, Ino too Wasp she can do many of the voices"
Why? "first heard him as Younger Toguro then made Dragonball history yah the guy pulls of very entertaining"
Why? "badass, tough a many hides a heart. and yet still so passionate. Storm, Karui and Jaqui. so awesome"
Why? "he is underrated"
Why? "I hope he get more voice roles but no voice is more awesome then his role as Soldi Snake. he is Hero and created amazing power."
Why? "still in the game. his Kenpachi was badass. Sky 4 too pow rang yeah this guy narrated a long awaited trailer just proved how badass he is."
Why? "I liked his Star Fox Assault and of course his Sly Cooper roles."
Why? "from Paulie, Gajeel, Teppei and and more. so very awesome"
Why? "his Wesker made his map. and now even a role in one Piece? and so many more video games yes, this guy is Cool."
Why? "how this guy change voices so "easily" and thoose animal voices talanted indeed I really should teach people."
Why? "he may have replaced many other characters. but his cool vocie in video game is just well cool!! to Digimon, Bleach and Naruto yeah he is"
Why? "wish he had more role his past as working on the radio really shines here"
Why? "like her brother i feel she is promsing. from aniem roles like rurichiyo, yuna, kaede. and Hitomi from video game."
Why? "heard her as Shakky. and then she became Bishamon. and lets not forget Jenny. Ymir is also noted. shes making headline."
Why? "Trunks and sanji. Words are not needed on why he is a favorite"
Why? "her voices are so cute"
Why? "God has many faces he is Face of Voice Actor a guy whoose ability feels like miracles as you wonder who are thoose that will follow him."
Why? "Fred!!! SMASHES ALL ROLES!!!!!!"
Why? "smooth yet baritone at the same time. another voice that captures the feeling."
Why? "Ren from a forgotten show. Good and Kind as Superman and yet menacing and awesome as Sepiroth"
Why? "M. Bison, Jax and the all powerful Exdeath. oh yeah."
Why? "her vice is sassy. and many of the ones she has voiced really creates the Spark Airachnid and Vixen, Superwomen is noted."
Why? "cute and crazy females. or kicking ass ladies seems to be her power. and it works."
Why? "so much. comical like Grim, serious like Jax and cold like Onikage. the first voice of Gray Fox too."
Why? "a women and many diffrent voices. that is badass"
Why? "although he is only known for Kabuto I feel this guy could be known for even more awesome. its sad to see someone so cool is underrated."
Why? "from deep voiced to calm gentle the guy is manly awesome"
Why? "intresting scary voice"
Why? "from cute kitten like koneko and carla. till a heartwarming young robin. and so many more. cute and awesome."
Why? "the Chracters he voices becomes awesome. it was difficult to replace Steven Blum as Vilgax. but he still Awesome"
Why? "sexy, too dangerous, cold and to cute to wierd truly many of greatness"
Why? "the deep voice of video game"
Why? "deep voice and sometimes relaxed from Match to Aokiji and Beerus the guy just sound badass"
Why? "so many diffrent voices. and Max goofs best voice even some who are not just a teen voice a Guy that is Worthy of the Voice Work."
Why? "the Second Generation of Mel Blanc."
Why? "hope he gets more show the guy made impact as Z"
Why? "from teh forgotten yu yu past till today thi sguys voice is so funny to listen too so funny and awesome."
Why? "i hope he get more roles just like the Neku"
Why? "her voice cute. I feel shes underrated. ever since Resonance Of Fate she felt awesome. her Lumina is cool too. I hope for more anime roles"
Why? "this generations Sterling Holloway a Disney actor of wide and amusing range and more beyond that"
Why? "from monotone roles like Kuma and Zeref to very happy like Koki and Ronald. the guy can pull many suprises"
Why? "Tien and Kurama. and a Legacy vocie actor. hopes he stands strong even more in future."
Why? "Hiya The guy who can kick real life ass but also bring energy too the fictional ones a Double Troubel Martial Arts Voice Actor yeah!!"
Why? "Yusuke. and then the years past with more roles he is great!"
Why? "cute and cool as Videl. and shy and kind as Goten"
Why? "whew. thats many roles. and many roles have a sexy power. truly a long and very apreciated voice actor."
Why? "all from Celty, Fuu and so many more femme fatale, sexy ladies to cute innocent girls she can really do much."
Why? "her roles as Akane got some heard. I heard her first in Kenichi. she sounds similair to one, but she is just like many very good"
Why? "he is underrated."
Why? "the deep calm voice that always sound badass. and yet he can also be campy. so yeah. from deep and gruff to down right chilling and campy"
Why? "no stranger to Mad Doctors/Scientists but his Doc Q is really awesome, . as does Valper and the non scientist the badass Fu"
Why? "from Dragnball Kai and One Piece role the guys deep voice can do the many kind."
Why? "Black Beetle and that sounds effect his voice has. Creepy and yet cool"
Why? "so many roles and so cool to a dark Shredder to a kind Kilowag and Martian Manhunter Yeah, hes the MAN"
Why? "to seductive, to childish, to polite, to bitchy, to Good, to Evil. the "eternal young" Lady can do it all."
Why? "naruto thtas all but never forget Kingdom Hearts 2 Saix"
Why? "her roles give a blessing with a lot of fun Amen!!"
Why? "his guy is like an anime Mel Blanc. he really can change his voice liek awesome."
Why? "to Hinami from teh adorable voice of Chimney, it will be cool to see what future will hold."
Why? "adorable as Torhu Honda sexy as Lust and tier Haribell funny as Hyori quiet and good as Blaze the Cat she is a dream. very good at voices"
Why? "so many sexiness as Xenovia dn Ain to sasiness as Kyoko"
Why? "very many diffrent vocies. from Deadman wodnerland that is crazy to sweet and angel like in Mavis from Fairy Tail"
Why? "becuase he sounds creepy and I mean that as a compliment Gaara really works as did Kain Highwind"
Why? "she has an intresting legacy. not to mention her loud house to Lilo and stich is very adorable"
Why? "another cool old lady"
Why? "legandary! and her sasy women is too. like Genkai."
Why? "from Kuroka, Shion, Ultear and now Boa Hancock she really voices sexy and awesome ladies like she is."
Why? "an amazing woman of many voices but for me her most special voice is Aerith. the Voice that shows, just how big of a heart her voices do."
Why? "not many roles on the belt but he really hits the field"
Why? "very very promising. and cute roles too."
Why? "the Hero whoose voice later became known as the Villians. truly awesome laugh."
Why? "her roles in Naruto really makes her shine. as her role in the Digimon."
Why? "ICHIGO!!!! SEIYA!!! MARCO!!!! MAEDA!!! TIDUS!!!"
Why? "a good Anakin and the roles in Ultimate Spiderman. and lets not froget hsi Aquaman."
Why? "he exploded on the scene!! from Thundercats, to a role in video games to Anime. Yes it is awesome!!"
Why? "not so many knonw roles. but from Neptune, rider and lets nto forget Rachel Alucard she shows awesome."
Why? "th sexy strong voice that is known as Anroid 18 and Mario Ross"
Why? "Leonardo and Niotora where just good He deserves more roles."
Why? "she was Rukia and Anri. to Cream the Rabbto and so many more. she can be both cute to deadly. truly Thousand voices. its cool"
Why? "A Funimation Thousand voices actor."
Why? "she is cute"
Why? "i reaaly, really like her roles. any female she does is extremely beautiful. i can almost fall for her"
Why? "to high cute to serious scary one of the Anime Voice Actresses you hear a lot of :)"
Why? "He really does awesome as Voice Actor. his roles in Serenity and Castle are also good Hal Jordan, Vigilante and many more"
Why? "he is underrated. cause he is awesome!!!"
Why? "well he sounds so cool although my fav is Kabuto is the one role where he is not only cool. he talks shy too. truly guy that bring Cool"
Why? "Dr Fate, Ra Al Ghul, Equinox, and Choten he really got it."
Why? "from ultimate spiderman. but of course no one forgets. the funny and awesomness of Omoi and Darui"
Why? "even from sleepin dogs to one fo the lead of Mortal Kombat, i hope we hear more of him in future."
Why? "his deep voice just scream Manliness. and when you see him in real life you get a suprise. its cool!"
Why? "this guy, I mean this guy so many diffrent kind of voices. it awesome i get goosebumps"
Why? "he is NOT Bark. He is All Bite."
Why? "hammy as Zero, cool and strong as Iceburg, and old Badass Grampa legend as Jiro."
Why? "so glad Funimation casted this guy. wonder if he will get more roles in One Piece. Awesome!!"
Why? "badass martial artist. with a badass voice whats more to say?"
Why? "Five Words Deep, Badass, Voice, Of, Awsomness!!!"
Why? "immense likeable as his most famous role of Zack, and start as Gippai. I deeply wish he will do even more awesome."
Why? "her female roles. are adorable"
Why? "a diverse voice actor. to a badguy Donflamingo to a struggeling guy like jellal cool."
Why? "a cool Sonic. and a man of many voices"
Why? "his calm voice suits both villian and anti-heroes."
Why? "saw him first in 5ds as a minor character. new he would be a great material from crazy, to adorkable, and cool. the new breed of seiyuu"
Why? "he has a funny voice. sometiems it soinds childish it can serious. and in Sly 4, he was excellent. but Donatello is a awesome."
Why? "the Dub vocie fo Gold Roger. his sheet shows a lot of guys with authority in them and his Yoshimura was awesome."
Why? "SEAAAANNNN SCHEEEMMMEEEELLLL but lets not forget many of the TMNT 2003, Strong Wld and even the roles in 4kids the guy can do so many vocie"
Why? "really hope he would be in more shows. his voice is iconic in a way"
Why? "Ladies of Danger and Kickass resides wiht her voice. to powerful Armstrong to Stoic yet emotional Robin. and Clare and Freya."
Why? "because he gives everyone he voice Awesomeness"
Why? "badass grandpa roles"
Why? "from ippo to Neji, Houka and Enjyu but his most awesome is Toshiro and Shuhei. underrated guy but he still awesome"
Why? "not so many on her belts but she is is underrated and very, very awesome with the ones she has created."
Why? "Wonder Woman, but I am the one that also likes her as Ashelin"
Why? "the Japanese Trunks. and so many more. like Yukimura. this guy can really scream"
Why? "hot and sexy voice maybe she oughta voice Boa Hanchock from One Piece?"
Why? "Kratos!!!! Mace Windu!!!!!"
Why? "just so very adorable roles!!!!!!!"
Why? "from high piched to deep voice. the guy can scream. and has a very big range."
Why? "the deep voice of manliness and awesome!!"
Why? "the deep voice that is terrifying to hear and good as villans. but even as Icon can we hear. this deep voice can be heroic too."
Why? "Pegasus Meteor Fist!!!! Hiken!!!! need I say more?"
Why? "Knuckles and Roy Mustang and his deep voice just keep getting suitable roles."
Why? "many femme fatale or just kick ass ladies in her voice."
Why? "very versitile in anyhting his Joker, Pain is among the best of one. but this guy can do many kind of."
Why? "AWESOME!! a guy who not only voiced the guy guy but also creepy villian scum and on top of that he sings amazing, like the Brother song!!!"
Why? "from bleach to avenyers and many many more, and even from Maximo. the guy has a voice that is awesome"
Why? "the sexy voice of many Houki, Rias, Emi, Sakura, Linda and Juliet yeah she has the soul in them all here on list"
Why? "annie, and mito and kaoru. and even the sweet voice of Zelda"
Why? "she has been them all."
Why? "the guy can be hammy, to polite, to emo and so many more. my fav is the Gray voice. a Gy who will even in old age, be awesome."
Why? "one of the best to voice teenage boys his roles in Young Justice proves is not just one-chracter-show."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "a cute adition to the Insane Cast. and a perfect girl that shows the good side of the Strongest Man in the City."
Why? "Lethal, cool headed. hot as the He## and so very much kickass any guys dream wife."
Why? "the cute girl that hide deep emotions. almost like a doll but far more adorable and alive."
Why? "my favorite version of Aqualad."
Why? "both Brave and Bold and Young justice where good but maybe I prefered the Young Justice sicnwe I could here the Scarab."
Why? "a sassy black lady sexy too but still can really kick ass."
Why? "beautiful yet broken iside snarky yet sad the girl that cannot die. so many emotions she has effected us with."
Why? "the picture of sexy appeal and kicking some ass!!!!"
Why? "a new addition. a Badass Daughter Mothers fighting, Fathers personality she is fierce yet badass, and sexy I welcome her to Mortal Combat"
Why? "Celty is mysterious.ö but she is cute, kickass and have the greatest of Heart both Kari and Miyuki is so awesome as Celty"
Why? "the orignal Kick chick and just as beautiful as Cammy."
Why? "every line every laugh from him brings heart and comedy"
Why? "The Cloud that hangs over Us all the Scloud that Shields us Against Darkness an Icon, and Awsome with emotions that I deeply understand."
Why? "clothing, black skin, personality and kicking ass"
Why? "i don´t dislike her. she is cute, she is adorable and in the manga she shows just never to look down on someone this cute."
Why? "she has everything a man dreams in a woman. beauty, skills, strength and feelings. But she is a bit scary though!"
Why? "lightsaber wielding ass-kicking cyborg enemy of the Jedi"
Why? "a lazy bum with sweet tooth or so you think He is not only a Samurai but the most Awesome Samurai that forever protect friends and kick ass"
Why? "I will always prefer the Dub over the Sub as a hero I might stratch my head but truly a inspiration and awesome."
Why? "brave, badass and a real leader and inspiration too all."
Why? "make me feel it make me feel amazed by just hearing him and seeing him kickass."
Why? "Ice-cool yet wierd. good voice."
Why? "hammy, Hammy, HAMMY!!!!!!! Nehahahahahahhaha"
Why? "so adorable and badass"
Why? "His mind is simple and yet he is difficult to udnerstand. what does he prefer, and will he lose? a anime Joker or Kefka."
Why? "cute and kickass"
Why? "this guy must hide the more COOL side of Ichigo!!!"
Why? "cool dude. great voice actor (both version) and a male protagonist voiced my a male voice actor"
Why? "the only beautiful girl that not only kick-ass, stays beautiful but the One that stays both cute and awesome by One Word: AMEN!!"
Why? "badass daughter of a baddass man. and she is sexy and sharp too."
Why? "from a soldier, to a tormented soul, to a atoner, to even more badass, to a overprotective father this guy is THE MAN."
Why? "the most Awesome Fishman that walks the Land and Sea. a Truly loyal Friend."
Why? "to cool and awesome to senile yet smart and the Jojo that can see the future. of pre ass kicking moments."
Why? "hides a great amount of sexy in her stalking behavior toward Gray. but she still kick Water Ass"
Why? "one of the best Naruto characters a Villian yet in torment. and awesome in both Sub and Dub. truly memorable."
Why? "A Kicking ass girl, always there for friends, badass adorable, cute face, voiced by Rie Kugimiya . need I say more?"
Why? "Kakashi is my favorite main charcter from Naruto. stoic, yet funny that hides emotinal pain yet trusty and belivable. a True Mentor/Friend"
Why? "the Joker of Video Games. Insane, Sadistic with a Black Humor. truly a memorable scary awesome Villian. with an awesome voice in Dissidia"
Why? "heavy in Badass gentle in Heart but to his Enemies he gives them True Karma the Ultimate Badass and Hero ever to Walk the Earth."
Why? "brains and brawn. a well done by Aldis Hodge."
Why? "seeminly quite, but hides a gentle affectionate personality a cute Kitten that Kickass"
Why? "no better teacher exist!!!"
Why? "from villian back to hero what always existed was badass"
Why? "if HxH ever would have go on. I would have roted for Leorio of all the Main, beside Hisoka. he is the Coolest."
Why? "every guys dream she kickass, she knows capoiera, she has a great heart. yeah she was more then cool, strong and beautiful."
Why? "young yet more mature then the Craziest guys on the Cast. a True Angel."
Why? "the boobs of steel!!! the Tail of Cute Badass!! and just adorable figther"
Why? "beautiful, a little childish and yet she aptures ones heart with by just talking with her dialect."
Why? "cute, awkward and voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro just so beautiful"
Why? "a cunning yet cute girl with a beauty that seemingly hides a equally matched Heart"
Why? "while I wish she was stronger no one has stronger control and can be as awesome as Nico Robin"
Why? "in both version. she is insane yet hilarious. she steals a scene she talks in."
Why? "the Original Face of nevr GIVING UP!!!!"
Why? "one of the coolest grandmas ever."
Why? "little miss british smartass vampire snarker!! anything she says is comedy and snark."
Why? "a jerk (or soemtiems a little kind) and a Sword fighter with white hair. he has the presence of Badass"
Why? "a girl with a heart as passionate as her red hair. and a sexy body as beautiful as it too."
Why? "so out going, so bubbly, so sexy, and so much more the perfect girl that brought fun."
Why? "a cook with a perverted personality and CRAZY STRONG kicks. need I say more?"
Why? "unlike Barret Sazh is little more funny. but they both have spirit, and hidden Depth truly a Good FF character in 13"
Why? "a man whoose Journey have been of Pain always the badass and a hero now that is why he is so memorable dont agree then GET OVER HERE!!!"
Why? "so, very, adorable"
Why? "the first Tsundere. from an angry anti-social girl to a mature and kind hearted heroinee. togehter with a Love very Strong."
Why? "shake the sand out of your shorts. serioulsy dude, hearing Brian Donovan liek this was more then awesome"
Why? "not the first time Lydia has voiced a chracter by Miyuki and she is Sexy, Calm and really cool. man anybody would wanna work with that."
Why? "the beauty and smart princess. someone that can still be cool without a real gun."
Why? "a kickass cop, sexy and unstoppable that never wither with age a true icon in Mortal combat."
Why? "some call him a jerk, moody and an unbearable FF Hero. and yet his journey of self discovery, makes him an FF Hero that I Like."
Why? "i can relate to this guy. he feels like jsut a nice guy. a very badass one of Two familys a good new character."
Why? "she is so fun. she steals every scene shes in."
Why? "sometimes adorkable, annoying but at the same time wise and the vocie fo Jk Simmons really created the Wind Flow in it."
Why? "Beauty, Brawn, Sweet and Strong the Girl with the Dolphin Twirl the True Picture of a Girly Brawner and Inspiration. any Guys Dream."
Why? "intimidating yet at the same time a complex villian was he hurt? or did he do the hurting? very memorable in sub and dub."
Why? "The Girl with the Biggest Heart. Maybe she is in torment but she is and will always be A Wonderful Person."
Why? "the pefect freenemy/rival/best bud to Gintoki. and lets not forget the voice fo Kazuya Nakai"
Why? "foul mouthed, and a little tomboyish but a cutie nontheless. and a mad kicker too."
Why? "a Badass Adorable Dragonslayer with a very strong heart to Match."
Why? "THE WOMEN of Action, Sexy and Symbol scary to know but oh so cool"
Why? "Beautiful in face, gentle in Heart That is no Suprising on why she captured the heart of enemy and ally i like true kindness."
Why? "a tragic hero, and yet his story in Crisi Core made you respect him more. and cry for him."
Why? "oh so very sexy magician. in Justice League she was cool in Young justice, although diffrent still so very good."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "the witty remarks, the quick pacing. its most impressive. the art not so much. but everything they say is just straight comedy."
Why? "so poetic so good characters so well made. this will inspire other shows. I just know it!!"
Why? "glad they finally dub it. the anime original and the dub. a good anime adaption of some part of the game."
Why? "fu, action packed and both good in dub and subs. comlicated sometimes, but not denying the awesome."
Why? "while the aniamtion is quite the same. the polished Dub and pacing is EVEN BETTER THEN BEFORE. now thats BADASS"
Why? "not counting the bad stuff. the badass moment are plenty and this is a show thats WAY better in dub then original."
Why? "friends are there for you need any more reason?"
Why? "a cast of crazy. yet still has a very powerful aura. an Aura of so many Emotions and lets not forgot the Action."
Why? "a classic. and a role where Keith David played a good guy."
Why? "so many mysteries so good voice cast hopefully a show that stays until the mystery is solved"
Why? "an ecchi series I cannot get enough for"
Why? "Justice in animation"
Why? "the ecchi, the characters and the action of course. it was all so enjoyable. wished it could have gotten more season until end of manga"
Why? "the main cast where exellent. and the show was funny and action."
Why? "finally, making a anime of the real exciting side of the manga."
Why? "three words: Amusing. Awesome, All star. an anime that gives wonderful story telling and characters. the dub is cool."
Why? "a drama with emotional and a love that redeems a past of sadness and lonliness"
Why? "the love gets stronger and its even better"
Why? "the final story on how the love changed them both. for better or worse. Shana became a very emotional drama of Love, and Change"
Why? "the Kindest Strongest Hero, and one of many Start of a Legacy of DC"
Why? "high fly action. and one of the earliest shows of Bromance."
Why? "after 3rd season maybe I became sceptical but this was a TMNT show that made so much right. as did the Vocies of the Turtles."
Why? "a more mature and serious sequal that do just as much justice as Avatar: Last Airbender. the main voices Gives Awesome performance."
Why? "the classic scooby i liked"
Why? "the cast made this promising. I really wanted a 3rd season."
Why? "this was a reboot with changes that worked."
Why? "ladies and action. like a dream."
Why? ""THE BEST VOICE ASSEMBLE EVER!!! i curse the people that stoped this show. directed, writing, characters EVERYTHING was RIGHT!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "jokers come back, and the Batman that gives him a new showdown. truly a good one"
Why? "one of the best DC movies. a Dark, Sad yet very action packed story about the Black Sheep from the Batman Family"
Why? "draginball movie made right"
Why? "Action Packed with the Better Side of the Cast of Dragonball. and Bulma is good here."
Why? "I like the Extended a bit more. but no matter what watching them all togehter again. with Shinra made my Heart beat and Dance."
Why? "a suprising good non-canon One Piece movie. both in sub and in dub."
Why? "one of the better ones"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "although I will always prefer Seans performance many of both Ian, Peter and Kirby gives out the power too they all have the Groove as Goku"
Why? "the mysterious, old but same time wise and right lady Mentor to Spider Joan lee was amazing, Susanne did good too."
Why? "I got used to Roger Craig Smith and so did Jason Griffith Ryan Drummond where my favorite these 3 did I good job when they worked."
Why? "Christopher where the best adn then the other 3 in Shattered Dimesion. they each brought thier Strong Points to Spidey."
Why? "Jim really sounds like Wayne. as Tantor."
Why? "all do good. but nothing beats Justins performance."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "entertaining, with a large cast of characters"
Why? "a Dragonball game made right."
Why? "really changed an atmosphere. and it becane even better."
Why? "my most played game ever, not lying!! it was so better gameplay then KH1 the vocie cast where cool too!!"
Why? "a story of friendship tragedy and the Key that secretly Unlocked the event called Future"
Why? "a hard game, but underrated and more fun then you think. and all though some complain of the vocie cast I felt it was awesome"
Why? "improvment and even more drawn then the first. bottles are annoying to catch but the humor and gameplay makes it worthwhile."
Why? "this voice cast. Was PERFECT. Grey Delise brougth a new and sexy charm to Carmellia."
Why? "underatted. and whatever someone say. the cast was right."
Why? "this game got me into Sonic!!"
Why? "the Four Spideys, and rest of the Voices really did Awesome. cool game. and funny the 4 came back to a character vocied before in past."
Why? "I like the cast and the voices another Tale that shows us how to udnerstand Emotion."