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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Vic Mignogna
Why? "He just has an amazing, inspiring kind of voice. Its because of him that I want to become a voice actor someday."
Why? "He has an amazing voice and great talent. Aaron just has that kind of inspiring voice and he's so young too. An Amazing man."
Why? "He's got amazing voice. Also, love how him and the girl who played Tamaki in HnK are actually married. TamakixTakuma in real life! xD"
Why? "I admit, at first I wasnt crazy as him as Accelerator. But the more I hear him, the more I fall for his unique voice acting"
Why? "His voice as Kurotabou from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan was brilliant "
Why? "He has an amazing voice that is just so inspiring and full of emotion."
Why? "His voice is so amazing and he is a wonderful actor. He's so inspiring too...they're arnt enough words to describe how amazing he is"
Why? "I love Dameon! He has such an awesome voice and is soo cute >w< I love his role as Kazuma in Fruits basket"
Why? "It's so sad about his wife and his retirement from the dubbing scene. He was a childhood hero of mine and is an amazing va."
Why? "I love how dark his voice can be and his performance as King Bradley in FMA was pretty good."
Why? "He has a very inspiring voice"
Why? "I love his voice XD Its so deep and just pulls you into whatever he's voicing in"
Why? "He can make his voice go in so many directions. He's just inspiring as a voice actor and I love his voice~"
Why? "She's so pretty and she is one of the best female voice actors I've ever heard!! Her voice is so dark and beautiful."
Why? "I love her voice and all her characters. Not only can she act very well but she really has a cheerful, encouraging kind of voice."
Why? "An amazing actor. Though it's not a voice role, love him as Ryan Hardy on the Following~ "
Why? "Laura has an AMAZING voice and acting skills. She's very also inspiring"
Why? "She has a very cute voice"
Why? "I love her voice. Its so beautiful and the characters she plays are amazingly done. She has wonderful talent"
Why? "He's an amazing singer and v/a~"
Why? "He was so incredible as Hikari from A Lull in the Sea. Just perfect"
Why? "She has an amazing voice and her acting is phenomenal"
Why? "Loved him as Kenshin and his voice is so awesome"
Why? "Great as Kurama in Kamisama Kiss and an amazing singer~"
Why? "His acting is absolutely incredible and plays so many awesome characters"
Why? "She has such a beautiful, enticing voice and all her roles are awesome :D She is truly an inspiration to all va's"
Why? "Aoshi Shinomori "
Why? "His voice is so amazing and funny. It can be serious and it can be really funny. He's amazing at his job"
Why? "He has one of the best voices I've ever heard and he can make his voice go in all different directions :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Yu Kanda
Why? "Kanda may have a bad attitude but he not only the sexiest anime man out there but also the most kick-butt"
Why? "Duck is very cute and amazing"
Why? "In a weird crazy kind of way, Aki is awesome. I feel so bad for him with his sad past. I just cant help but be drawn to a character like him"
Why? "He may have an annoying obsession with symmetry, but when it comes down to it, Kid is the most bad-a** anime character ever in my book~"
Why? "He is the cutest, most precious little anime creature I have ever seen >w< He is the most adorable thing in anime since Mokona in Tsubasa RC"
Why? "I loved how crazy and violent he was. He made the show as funny as it was"
Why? "While the character could be annoying at times, he was very lovable at the end"
Why? "Such a sweet, giving character. I say he deserved a better fate then what the anime ending gave him"
Why? "He may be arrogant and narcissistic but Kai was so funny and cool in the show XD Eric Vale did a wonderful job as him~"
Why? "Hes my favorite of the twins"
Why? "Kazuma is so kind and handsome. He's one of my favorite characters in Fruits basket, Manga and Anime!"
Why? "She's one of the most kick-a females I've ever seen in anime X3 She's so awesome, its hard NOT to like her."
Why? "He's so funny but can be so kicka** at the same time. Todd Haberkorn does such an amazing job as him~"
Why? "Hues was an amazing character. I cried harder than I ever had for any anime/manga character when I saw his death. I loved how doting he was"
Why? "Masa is so cool and handsome and I just loved his accent in the dubbed~"
Why? "My favorite character out of the Shif. He was awesome, kind, and kick- butt~"
Why? "I loved his cuteness and kindness in the whole series. Nagasumi needs more love~"
Why? "He's so very adorable "
Why? "She has such a beautiful voice that is just amazing. I love all her roles. She can sound so powerful and strong yet sexy at the same time lo"
Why? "I love his attitude and how good he is at lying XDD"
Why? "The little demon is so precious and adorable "
Why? "Riku was one of my favorite characters in the series TT.TT He was so adorable and sweet. RIP Ri-chan"
Why? "Shizuo is the most kick=ass character I've ever seen in anime. Not only that but I love his personality and style"
Why? "He's absolutely adorable in every way! Cutest anime animal ever :D"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Gorgeous anime in every way possible"
Why? "This anime had the perfect mix of romance, violence, drama and horror. From awesome characters to an amazing plot; this anime was the best."
Why? "While it may not be a romantic comedy anime like I usually like, the series has great action and drama and even some comedy""
Why? "While it may not be a romantic comedy anime like I usually like, the series has great action and drama and even some comedy"
Why? "A really amazing anime series. It has drama, comedy, violence, and much more. This anime really got me interested in alchemy~"
Why? "This anime had everything; adorable couples, on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama; bloody violence; and true life lessons."
Why? "I don't usually like mecha anime, but IV turned out to be far better than expected; especially with its plot twists and characters."
Why? "The anime was so kawaii and full of moe; I thought I would die "
Why? "Funniest anime I ever watched"
Why? "It's one of the anime's that has some good dubbing and it's a hilarious show with even some side drama and romance"
Why? "This anime is the one anime that has the BEST dubbing I've ever heard in an anime. The voices fit each character perfectly"
Why? "A perfect mix of gore, drama, comedy, and romance. One of the best Funimation animes I've seen."
#1 All Time Favorite
Spirited Away
Why? "BEST MOVIE EVER in my opinion. It was so sweet and the story drew me in from the very start."
Why? "The most intense and epic of the Inuyasha movies in my opinion. The movie had so many feels, I almost had a heart attack while watching it"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Shin Megami Tensei IV
#1 All Time Favorite