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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Tara Strong
Why? "So many great characters (Timmy, Twilight, Bubbles, Clara, Toot, etc.) The very definition of voice acting."
Why? "Nobody messes with Adam We!"
Why? "Quite possibly the greatest human being alive."
Why? "Fluttershy is best pony."
Why? "PATRICK!!!!!!"
Why? "He's Bill Nye the mufuggin' Science Guy!"
Why? "Not sure if he's a great VA, or just a robot with multiple voice settings."
Why? "The voice of Mario! Need I say more?"
Why? "Homer! (and Earthworm Jim)"
Why? "Probably my favorite 4Kids actor."
Why? "Master Shake"
Why? "He's Scruffy. The janitor."
Why? "Push the button, Frank."
Why? "Is there anything he can't do?"
Why? "Hello there, children!"
Why? "He can play both Obi-Wan and Johnny Test, characters who are opposite in almost every way. If that's not range I don't know what is."
Why? "I love how she can go from a sweet, caring voice to a badass voice to a hilariously nasaly one. That's some range."
Why? "He wants pictures of Spider-Man, and he's gonna invent a combustible M&M that burns down the Mystery Shack!"
Why? "He created one of the greatest shows known to mankind and was hilarious in it."
Why? "He voices the most hilarious characters."
Why? "Some would say screaming like a psychopath is not acting. This man proves them wrong."
Why? "She's hilarious in the PONY.MOV series."
Why? "Mabel"
Why? "Best Amy ever."
Why? "SnooPING AS usual, I see?"
Why? "Hotel Mario may have been a bad game, but this man's acting was simply legendary. 'I hope she made lotsa' spaghetti!'"
Why? "He pretty much defined internet comedy and the abridged genre. Brooklyn rage!"
Why? "Her performances in the South Park movie were unforgettable. A shame she left us too soon."
Why? "He co-created one of my favorite web cartoons, and he's got an excellent range!"
Why? "He's Mel friggin' Blanc! Isn't that reason enough?"
Why? "Let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"
Why? "She's Bart Simpson. And Ralph. And Kearney. And Rufus. And a bunch of other characters."
Why? "While she's definitely great as Celestia and Cheerilee, Zoe Trent is where she really gets to shine."
Why? "Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz were the most hilarious Simpsons characters ever. R.I.P."
Why? "ZIM!!!!"
Why? "He plays both Squidward and Membrane, two characters who sound NOTHING alike. Now that's some range."
Why? "He's Gir for crying out loud!"
Why? "Two words: Falcon PUNCH!!!"
Why? "He created one of my favorite shows and voices my favorite characters in it."
Why? "This song from Flapjack best describes him: HE'S A MAAAAAAAN WITH A LITTLE GIRL'S VOOOOOOOIIIIIIICE~!"
Why? "Do I really need a reason?"
Why? "The only person capable of voicing Lisa Simpson."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "HE IS EPIC!"
Why? "It's a trap!"
Why? "Oooooooooooooh!"
Why? "He's awesome... in America!"
Why? "He's Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?"
Why? "How can you not love BMO?"
Why? "Bite my shiny metal @$$!"
Why? "To not favorite our dark Dorito lord is heresy."
Why? "He's a douche, but he's a douche we can relate to."
Why? "Yo Fryman!"
Why? "He's really annoying, but really funny, too."
Why? "Best pony of season 4."
Why? "He's Darth Vader. Nuff said."
Why? "He's Deadpool."
Why? "If it weren't for the fans, this lovable little muffin would have just been some animation error."
Why? "He's awesome."
Why? "One of the very few characters where every incarnation is awesome."
Why? "Why not?"
Why? "Hi everybody!"
Why? "Screw you guys! I'm going home!"
Why? "The most hilarious villain ever."
Why? "To quote said pony: "Yay!""
Why? "He died for our spins."
Why? "Basically the Stewie Griffin of Fairly Oddparents."
Why? "Rev up those fryers, cuz I am sure hungry for one- Help! Help! MY LEG!"
Why? "Giggity."
Why? "He's Homer freakin' Simpson! What other reason do I need?"
Why? "He's so adorkable."
Why? "Ice Bear for president."
Why? "Iggy is best Koopaling."
Why? "He's just so cute!"
Why? "He couldn't take control of anything even if he tried. And that's what makes him so hilarious."
Why? "Not favoriting Jasper? That's a paddlin'."
Why? "He's immorable! (Immortal+adorable)"
Why? "Without him, the Internet would be nothing."
Why? "He's so cute!"
Why? "RURUS"
Why? "Every day is upper body day."
Why? "Beautiful cinnamon roll who must be protected"
Why? "The funniest character on South Park!"
Why? ""That's why you're the judge and I'm the law talking... guy...""
Why? "Unlike most people, I like both versions. I like hot anthros and crazy stalkers!"
Why? "Always steals the show. For me, at least."
Why? "It's Mario. 'Nuff said."
Why? "He inspired me to be awesome."
Why? "What do you think?"
Why? "My main in Brawl."
Why? "Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs!"
Why? "I herd u liek Mudkipz."
Why? "You think this is funny?"
Why? "Ha ha!"
Why? "It's so fun to abuse him!"
Why? "A great example of what character development can do."
Why? "They told me not to favorite him, BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN!"
Why? "The funniest character on SpongeBob. Actually, just the funniest character in general."
Why? "She's flippin' adorable."
Why? "How can you possibly hate her? (The G4 incarnation, that is. I can see how you could hate any other incarnation.)"
Why? "One of the greatest and funniest villains in television history."
Why? "Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a Spider-Pig does..."
Why? "He's adowable!"
Why? "Good news, everyone!"
Why? "Not love Ralph? That's unpossible!"
Why? "Raven is best Titan "
Why? "RURUS"
Why? "He screws the rules and has money!"
Why? "Probably the most badass Sonic character."
Why? "If you don't love Snoopy, you don't have a soul."
Why? "A favorite video game hero of mine."
Why? "He's humorous."
Why? "The most relatable character ever. And the easiest to imitate."
Why? "Childhood is idolizing SpongeBob. Adulthood is realizing Squidward makes more sense."
Why? "Easily my favorite Pound Puppy."
Why? "Best Disney Princess"
Why? "The reason why Family Guy is awesome."
Why? "He makes checking e-mail awesome!"
Why? "He's just so lovable!"
Why? "TIMMAH!"
Why? "His voice gives him super strength!"
Why? "Hi! I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from other such films as..."
Why? "Welcome to Sheety Wok, take your orda prease?"
Why? "Team Chaotix are the three funniest characters in the Sonic series, and Vector is the icing on the cake."
Why? "He provides genuine comedy. He doesn't get the respect he deserves."
Why? "His idiocy and ineptitude make him one of the funniest characters ever."
Why? "What's this? A locked door?!? IMPOSSIBLE!!!"
Why? "Best Muppet."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
South Park
Why? "It taught me to laugh at life. Also Kenny."
Why? "Numba one in da hood, G."
Why? "My favorite show as a kid, and the only good kids show in existence."
Why? "It introduced me to adult animation. Seasons 4-8 are the best in my opinion."
Why? "It's hilarious satire on science fiction and life."
Why? "The best Disney show in a long time."
Why? "Sweet, adorable, and a positive step forward for Nick."
Why? "This show creates a perfect blend of sci-fi, action, and comedy, with a whole slew of unforgettable characters."
Why? "It taught me that shows for girls don't have to suck."
Why? "Take notes, fellow reboots. This is how it's done."
Why? "One of the smartest shows ever made. I liked it as a kid and I like it even more as an adult."
Why? "It's given us some of the best catchphrases in years. YEEEEAAAAUUUUUHH!"
Why? "Quite possibly Adult Swim's best show."
Why? "An insane and disturbing take on my beloved childhood icons, and I love it."
Why? "Finally, a Sonic show that resembles Sonic!"
Why? "Yes, seasons 1-3 were the best, and it's not as good as it once was, but some of the newer episodes make me laugh as hard as the old ones."
Why? "In no way is it as good as the original, but still entertaining. Try to put the past aside and enjoy it for what it is."
Why? "Before this show, I had never laughed so hard."
Why? "A funny, sweet, well-designed show. If this doesn't get Nick out of their rut, I don't know what will."
Why? "A fun, goofy, and gorgeously designed show with some top-tier waifus."
Why? "Further proof that there is no genre the Muppets can't tackle."
Why? "While I agree that the earlier seasons are far better, it's still great. I'm surprised the writers haven't ran out of ideas yet!"
Why? "It's stupid, but this is one of those shows where it works."
Why? "This right here was my childhood."
#1 All Time Favorite
Inside Out
Why? "A unique, emotional (no pun intended) film that shows Pixar hasn't lost its touch yet. Manly (and some non-manly) tears were shed."
Why? "A wonderfully silly film."
Why? "Even better than the first."
Why? "The most beautiful film I have ever seen."
Why? "Ludicrous speed, GO!"
Why? "If you ever need to faithfully reboot a sci-fi franchise, call JJ Abrams. Also, "TRAITOR!""
Why? "It's awesome. Just like the series!"
Why? "Even more wonderfully surreal than the first, and an excellent comeback for SpongeBob!"
Why? "The most epic and emotional of the Toy Story films."
Why? "Easy contender for Disney's best movie."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Why? "The Wii U version took everything great from Brawl and made it even better. 10/10 game of the year every year."
Why? "Rather fun, but it can never replace Brawl."
Why? "It's Mario Party. 'Nuff said."
Why? "If it weren't for this game, I wouldn't be the awesome guy I am today."
Why? "The best Sonic game of them all."
Why? "Hysterical moments, great storytelling, a fun combat system, and tons of references to the show make this a near-perfect licensed game."
Why? "It's Strong-freaking-Bad!"
Why? "It sparked my love of video games and still gives my brain a good workout."
Why? "Awesome gameplay, favorite characters, a buttload of collectibles, and a beautiful soundtrack, to name a few."
Why? "The best of the Sims games. This was my childhood."
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite