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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Micah Solusod
Why? "Because of reasons. And I like his voice."
Why? "Srsly?"
Why? "Why else?"
Why? "Distinct voice, flexible actor. Much love."
Why? "Terry. Definitely Terry. And Ron. And...everything after that."
#1 All Time Favorite
Robin / Tim Drake
Why? "Every day is Tim Drakemas."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    TV Show
    Why? "A great spinoff from another great show with great themes and a solid cast."
    Why? "Way too silly not to like."
    Why? "Fun story, interesting art style."
    Why? "Great mix of characters and a fun script."
    Why? "This show is ridiculous. In the good way."
    Why? "It's a classic! And I still find it hilarious."
    Why? "Fun stories, great cast, and a breakthrough in art style for hybrid animation."
    Why? "The animation is so beautiful, I'm tearbending."
    Why? "Nice animation and an interesting overarching plot. Kind of feels like the spiritual successor to Evolution."
    Why? "A fun incarnation of the X-Men with a great cast and some fun arcs."
    Why? "Interesting rebuild with some fun characterization and fantastic animation."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "This movie is beautiful."
    Why? "Definitely a good run. Probably my favorite of the JL movies so far."
    Why? "Great animation on par with any Disney theatrical release, and a solid cast. Much love for Miss Salonga."