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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Erica Mendez
Why? "Her vocal range is nothing short of incredible and all of her performances are solid."
Why? "He plays Kylo Ren!"
Why? "Great as Shulk!"
Why? "I swear this man is a genius."
Why? "Her Kofuku is the very definition of golden. I also enjoyed her as Clair, Mei Hatsune, Yoshino and Pascal as well!"
Why? "Sailor Jupiter and Cher'che!"
Why? "Her covers on YouTube are amazing!"
Why? "She is Yukiko to me."
Why? "Her Madoka, Platinum, Futaba and Iris are all classics."
Why? "He did an amazing job as Karma!"
Why? "love his vocal range"
Why? "Justice!"
Why? "Sakura!"
Why? "Great as Juviva, Yuno and Ciel!"
Why? "Rin, Eren, Henry and Red!"
Why? "Her Hiroyi is fantastic!"
Why? "She voices Winry!"
Why? "I can't wrap my head around her talent!"
Why? "I love her in Toradora! and Madoka Magica!"
Why? "She IS Blossom."
Why? "Great as Minako, Lucy, Patty, Lizzy, Ari and (even though I hate sword art online) Asuna."
Why? "He did an amazing job as David BOEY!"
Why? "She's great as Madoka and Minori!"
Why? "Why is he such a good voice actor. Maybe it was passed down the Armstrong line."
Why? "Great vocal range!"
Why? "Love her as Erza and Riza!"
Why? "Great as Homura, Sailor Mars and Shatae!"
Why? "He is Xander to me."
Why? "His work for Danganronpa says it all really. I hope that he gets to voice another character when D4 comes out..."
Why? "Does good as Blaze and all of her roles in Pokémon (especially Meloetta, her voice is to beautiful)"
Why? "Her Anne is perfect."
Why? "She's amazing as Seiko, Sanaki, Olwen, Chie, Noire Emmerlyn and Genocide Jack."
Why? "The best Obi-Wan"
Why? "Really amazing as Rin"
Why? "Her work for Ghost Stories speaks for itself honestly."
Why? "His Oma is the very definition of perfect."
Why? "I nearly freaked out when I discovered Starfire and Virdi shared a voice!"
Why? "She is the only person who is allowed to voice Pikachu. Period."
Why? "Her voice for both Rem and Tsubasa is adorable."
Why? "She did justice to my best girl Riko. That's enough for me."
Why? "He did an amazing job as Ford Pines!"
Why? "Armin!!!!!"
Why? "She also has amazing covers on YouTube!"
Why? "Brilliant as Tails, Lissia, Sailor Mercury, Sakura, Barbie and C.C!"
Why? "Kamina and Ryu!"
Why? "His voice fits Alm perfectly!"
Why? "As much as I dislike her FE roles, I will admit that she does a fantastic job with the koopalings (Morton in particular)."
Why? "Lucina, Lust, Maka and Black widow!"
Why? "Kyoko, Robin (female), and Annie!"
Why? "He's shown quite a lot of range in the performances he does."
Why? "She is Honoka to me."
Why? "She did an amazing job as oboro!"
Why? "I love him as Chrom, Mcree, Shigure, Levi, Azama and Ryoma!"
Why? "His vocal range is incredible! I never would have guessed Kaden and Leo shared a voice!"
Why? "She's pretty talented and I love hearing her as both Makoto and Nagito! My only issue is how the Danganronpa fandom basically worships her."
Why? "Tiki and Tikki!"
Why? "Love her as Luna and Robin!"
Why? "She IS Sonia Nevermind."
Why? "Another amazing YouTube cover artist"
Why? "Ventress!"
Why? "She's Maki's singing voice. Need I say more?"
Why? "You are the oceans grey waves."
Why? "She's literally the queen of the Tsundere."
Why? "She easily has the best singing voice in Muse."
Why? "Sayaka!"
Why? "Lucario and Goku"
Why? "As grating as her voice gets in BiBi songs she truly shines on some of the others and her Nico is a classic!"
Why? "How she can go from Umi to Hiyoko is beyond me honestly."
Why? "Her range is pretty fantastic. Her vines (made back when vines were still cool) are hilarious as well!"
Why? "I need a monster to clobber that Kirby!"
Why? "Great as Happy!"
Why? "Great as Natsu and Death the Kid."
Why? "I enjoyed both her Mikasa and Kurisu quite a lot and I honestly believe that she's pretty underrated."
Why? "Ash and Sailor Pluto!"
Why? "He's Edward Elric! Do I need another reason to put him on here"
Why? "Great as Subaki and Iago!"
Why? "Master hand!"
Why? "Seriously underrated IMO"
Why? "She sings both Reincarnation and Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate. That's enough for me honestly."
Why? "He is practically the king of harem...who also voices Betelgeuse...but he's still pretty good nonetheless."
Why? "She does a really good job when it comes to either dorky or serious voices."
#1 All Time Favorite
Sayaka Miki
Why? "The amount of development she has is sort of beautiful honestly and she is just plain awesome as well as kick ass. I love her so much..."
Why? "A strong (and attractive) heroine who has great chemistry with her male love interest and is an all around bad a*@."
Why? "Mysterious, beautiful and smart (and yes I am well aware that she's a robot)"
Why? "A funny character with a great voice (which should be expected because he is voiced by Bycre papenbook.)"
Why? "She's endearing and sweet."
Why? "I loved this character when I was younger, and I still do honestly. She's pretty feisty as well as bad ass."
Why? "He cracks me up sometimes."
Why? "He can be such a dork at times."
Why? "I don't know why I like him so much honestly."
Why? "She's cute, snarky and a lot of fun! She's definitely the best character in P5 and the most attractive. Erika Harlacher's VA helps as well."
Why? "Extremely relieved she survived"
Why? "THE MOST POWERFUL POKEMON (even though Tom Wayland was a huge miscast)"
Why? "A hilarious cat!"
Why? "When it comes to summoning sessions or exams, I usually have his luck."
Why? "He truly was one of the smartest FE villains."
Why? "I like how he always follows his dream and never gives up (even though he always fails)."
Why? "A.K.A Coldsteel."
Why? "An insanely creepy doll like robot with a machine gun who has a voice actress from my favorite anime as well as one of my favorite cartoons."
Why? "She's strong, mysterious, beautiful, powerful and has a beautiful voice. She's honestly my favorite character in Fates."
Why? "Bold, delivering and proud. She is truly amazing as well as well rounded (and hot)."
Why? "Easily the best villain in the entire series."
Why? "Am extremely fun love to hate character. His movements and voice are both disturbing and all over the place making him a ton of fun to watch"
Why? "I dressed up as him for halloween two years ago! He's also an awesome character!"
Why? "This guy is awesome (and somewhat terrifying)"
Why? "Probably my favorite American animation character (and I mean the old version played by Tara Strong, not the character in the reboot)"
Why? "Same reason as Winry (also she's voiced by Chermai Leigh)"
Why? "140 words aren't enough to describe how hilarious and fun she is to watch or how much I love her character."
Why? "A great heroine!"
Why? "I'm furious at however decided she'd die in the way she did."
Why? "An adorable Wyvern riding pink haired bad ass, who doubles as a maid. Need I say more?"
Why? "My sweet innocent cinnamon roll...she didn't deserve any of the pain she went through."
Why? "An amazing well developed character who didn't deserve to die."
Why? "I honestly love her so much. She's snarky, a little bit rude, yet still craves relationships with others."
Why? "Awakening powerhouse and first hero summoned."
Why? "Best champion."
Why? "The only good looking new character in Fire Emblem Warriors..."
Why? "Better than Pit in every way."
Why? "I can't help but love him!"
Why? "He's extremely fun to watch!"
Why? "She's to strong and cute for her own good."
Why? "I love her free spirited attitude! Caitlin glass did an amazing job voicing her!"
Why? "This beautiful boy was memed into existence!"
Why? "My spirit animal."
Why? "He does so much for everyone."
Why? "You have to be heartless to hate him!"
Why? "My Fire Emblem wife. She's cute, caring and develops beautifully. And Kira Buckland couldn't be more perfect even if she tried."
Why? "She always try's to do the right thing."
Why? "Cinnamon roll "
Why? "I didn't like her at first. But she really began to grow on me after Book of the Atlantic. I love the direction they took with her there."
Why? "I don't like Frozen in any way. But I loved Idina Menzel's performance as Elsa a lot."
Why? "The best Sailor Moon villain. Also Rena Strober did a fantastic job with her voice!"
Why? "She's troubled yet wants to help the very people who turned their backs on her with all of her heart. Truly a kindhearted character."
Why? "He'll kill all the Titians one day (if they don't eat him first)"
Why? "Probably the most realistic Disney villain yet. His desire for success is something I can relate to and his drive to do anything for it."
Why? "He can be annoying, but I love him and if you hate him you are a FOOL!"
Why? "Reminds me of Sebastian TBH"
Why? "She's adorkable."
Why? "I'm not a huge fan of Jason's portrayal. But Kaji was amazing as the character!"
Why? "He stays true to himself no matter how much hate people give him over the way he dresses!"
Why? "Something about her character design and personality has always stuck with me for whatever reason. IDK what it is, but regardless she's cool"
Why? "Best rapper to ever exist."
Why? "One of the more complex, human characters from Danganronpa 2 that I related to strongly. And Derek Stephen Prince's nailed him to a T."
Why? "I'm ready to ROLL"
Why? "Bow before the might of Gnarnef."
Why? "Never expected Disney to create a yandere."
Why? "The Pokémon equivalent of Satan."
Why? "The only reason I watch free (even though I'm not the biggest fan of Jamie Marchi's take on her)"
Why? "I really love him!"
Why? "An emo edgelord who walks around with adorable hamsters on his shoulders and loves animals."
Why? "Best Danganronpa protagonist hands down."
Why? "Aye sir!"
Why? "Not a fan of Wendee Lee in this role. But I did enjoy Aya Hirano quite a lot..."
Why? "Yay! Blood!"
Why? "My favorite royal in Fates and seriously underrated!I honestly think she's more attractive than Camilla TBH."
Why? "Probably one of the most tragic characters in all of anime."
Why? "She's a lot of fun to watch!"
Why? "Were you surprised?"
Why? "He's a horrible villain and a huge scumbag, but I honestly like his style"
Why? "I fight for my friends"
Why? "Words cannot describe how awesome he is!"
Why? "I relate to him quite a lot honestly."
Why? "Death comes for us all."
Why? "My favorite AOT character."
Why? "She's hilarious."
Why? "The gambling prince himself!"
Why? "Yass queen!"
Why? "I love her even though she's a stalker."
Why? "You love to hate him...until you learn his big secret and everything he's done starts to make sense."
Why? "Another character who died painfully despite the fact that she did NOthING TO DESERVE IT!"
Why? "A lovable Tsundere"
Why? "Who the hell do you think he is?"
Why? "I can relate to him quite a lot at times."
Why? "So cute!"
Why? "His blade hungers for battle..."
Why? "Looks like he could kill you, when he's actually the biggest cinnamon roll in the game."
Why? "He's a kickass pink ball of happiness. How can you not love him?"
Why? "A really good mage with an amazing voice! Chris Patton really nailed it!"
Why? "She's cute as well as bubbly and somehow manages to not be annoying. Alexis Tipton's voice for her helps as well."
Why? "The only reason I watch Lucky Star."
Why? "Such a loveable incestious creep..."
Why? "He makes me laugh so hard"
Why? "You have to love the tragic, socially awkward and somewhat childlike genius."
Why? "She's honestly gorgeous."
Why? "She has a lot of spunk!"
Why? "Sigh. I tried to hate him, I really did. But he's to cute. Why is he so cute?"
Why? "He's L. Do I need to even say more."
Why? "All hail the great ruler of Britannia!"
Why? "Nohrian law is blunt on the subject of traitors. There is only one punishment. The sentence is death."
Why? "He didn't deserve to die );"
Why? "If you look up badass in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Levi"
Why? "I honestly don't know why I love her so much. Maybe it's because she's a cute, funny and smart bookworm? IDK, but she's amazing."
Why? "He'll take a potato chip...and eat it!"
Why? "Powerful, beautiful and kindhearted. Now if only I could summon her..."
Why? "Truly "silent but deadly""
Why? "My main in smash!"
Why? "I've never watched Elfen Lied but I heard about her past on WatchMojo and was in shock. I felt so bad for her..."
Why? "Poor guy."
Why? "I will defend this autistic (it's a head canon of mine) dork with my life."
Why? "So cute!"
Why? "The very definition of best girl. Such a lovable tsundere as well as passionate and caring. And both Caitlin Glass and Pile nail it."
Why? "The best Disney villain."
Why? "Gotta love her!"
Why? "SHINY!"
Why? "So cute and lovable."
Why? "A snobby rich girl with a heart of gold!"
Why? "Finally! A character played by Christina Vee who I actually like!"
Why? "A itsa me!"
Why? "The hero king!"
Why? "A true representation of artists everywhere and I honestly wish that she hadn't vanished so early in the series."
Why? "I'm to much like her for my own good."
Why? "She's weird, bubbly, happy and tons of fun to watch!"
Why? "She's honestly adorable. "
Why? "It's high noon..."
Why? "My main!"
Why? "I love her, and it sucks that her life is so awful!"
Why? "I'm one of his fan girls."
Why? "I want one so bad"
Why? "An awesome clone with a mine of its own!"
Why? "She's bubbly, determined and a lot of fun! However Lani Minella's take is far from my liking..."
Why? "Lani Minella's take irks me so much TBH. However Natsuko Kuwatani brings out every aspect of the character beautifully."
Why? "You can never count Midori out."
Why? "A yandere I can get behind."
Why? "Seriously underrated!"
Why? "Favorite pokegirl!"
Why? "She's lazy, cute, poetic and an all around angel! She's definitely one of the best characters in Fates. And Danielle Jodovits nails it."
Why? "I really love her for some reason even though she's evil."
Why? "He might have killed someone, but he deeply regretted doing it and even respected their secret (unlike Togami)"
Why? "He's voiced by Todd Haberkorn!"
Why? "She was loyal until the extremely bitter end."
Why? "A great new character!"
Why? "He's complex, creepy and just plain awesome. And Bryce Papenbrook and Megumi Ogata nail him to a T."
Why? "This guy is seriously awesome."
Why? "HEY!"
Why? "Nico Nico Nii!"
Why? "Poor girl."
Why? "Words cannot describe my love for her. She's mysterious, beautiful, elegant and a little though as well as a badass dragon."
Why? "I'll do my best!"
Why? "Probably the best performance that Erin Fitzgerald has ever given. Just listen to her screams in the cosplay scene!"
Why? "The anime equivalent of Deadpool."
Why? "Cute as well as funny and kind!"
Why? "The robotic version of a sassy gay friend."
Why? "This guy is hilarous and plain awesome."
Why? "No one can hide from the light!"
Why? "Jamie Marchi's performance is incredbile."
Why? "I honestly have a huge crush on her."
Why? "Words cannot describe my dislike for Cindy Robinson's take on her. E.G Daily however pulls off the character beautifully."
Why? "How could you not love him?"
Why? "He's cheese obsessed, stupid and voiced by Max Mittleman! What's not to love!"
Why? "The only MLP character I really love."
Why? "I relate to his laziness quite a lot."
Why? "One of the greatest Disney Villains ever. No question."
Why? "I love this guy (and not just for his awesome twin pistols)"
Why? "She has a truly troubled past and is loyal to Subaru no matter what (even though that twat doesn't deserve it). I adore her so much..."
Why? "My best girl from Aqours. She's calm, compassionate and truly loves music."
Why? "Nya!"
Why? "A greatly misunderstood character who you can't help but love!"
Why? "I love Robin! She/he is so relatable at times and funny!"
Why? "The lobster lord"
Why? "I know I already have crushes on about 7 other fictional characters, but I have a huge one on her as well. And let's be honest who wouldn't?"
Why? "The Han Solo of Fire Emblem"
Why? "There's nothing quite like dating your teacher is there?"
Why? "She's the perfect balance of feminine and muscline, and Amanda Celine Miller pulls off the character fantastically."
Why? "My second favorite sailor scout!"
Why? "I thought she would be a Mary Sue at first, but I was so wrong."
Why? "My favorite sailor scout!"
Why? "I didn't care for her to much at first, but after she committed suicide so that no one would get executed I fell in love with her character."
Why? "Bow down to her!"
Why? "Such a devoted friend..."
Why? "Ben Diskin's best role by far."
Why? "Monsters only attack evil people like republicans and we're not old enough to vote yet!"
Why? "Most relatable Danganronpa character ever. I also like with Erin Fitzgerald did with her voice."
Why? "She's insanely cute yet elegant."
Why? "I can't help but love her!"
Why? "I'm really feeling it!"
Why? "Probably my favorite male lord in the series. He tried to do the right thing and it lead him to his tragic death."
Why? "The only SAO character I care about (or like for that matter)"
Why? "Smile, your dead. XD"
Why? "Her character design is incredible and stays true to her VA."
Why? "She's so fun, as well as innocent! Well...if you take out her love of Friday the 13th that is! But all things considered I love her!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters from Echoes."
Why? "A deeply tragic character who would do anything for Ike."
Why? "Is it bad I relate to him?"
Why? "She's so fun to watch and has great character development."
Why? "This favorite section is mine..."
Why? "I honestly love her so much. She's a sweetheart who always tries her best, and I hate that she gets so much hate from the Chrom Fangirls."
Why? "A great villain!"
Why? "I didn't like her at first, but in time I grew to like her."
Why? "An incredibly tragic character who didn't do anything wrong."
Why? "Call him christ"
Why? "Kindhearted and cute."
Why? "The Yandere goddess of Fire Emblem herself! As creepy as she gets she's still entertaining and is willing to talk about more than her crush."
Why? "A perfect mix of badass and attractive and she isn't annoying like most female love interests."
Why? "Shes a classic fire emblem character!"
Why? "One of the cutest things you will ever see."
Why? "This guy has enough guts to dissect a vampire (who was once his wife) in order to find out how to save everyone. I have mad respect for him."
Why? "He's cute, funny and cuddly! What's not to love?"
Why? "Both sides to her personality are well developed and fun to watch and her backstory is tragic. And Amanda Celine Miller's voice is perfect."
Why? "She's crazed, passionate and the only real character in the game. Sure I do prefer Kaito, but she is hands down the best girl in V3."
Why? "Shy yet a powerhouse on stage!"
Why? "Kyle Hebert truly shows off his vocal range to it's fullest as Validar."
Why? "I have a feeling she will be a great villain!"
Why? "The cute, crazy goddess of nature!"
Why? "Unlike most love interests she actually stands for something besides her crush and has use in the plot!"
Why? "Not a big fan of Jason Librecht's take. But I love Hiroshi Kamiya as him."
Why? "What's not to love about him."
Why? "He's a total bro."
Why? "A great source of comedy in an extremely depressing show. And Greg Ayres is a perfect fit!"
Why? "Sharp, relatable, tragic and human. Also Michelle Ruff and Megumi Toyoguchi do a fantastic job with her voice!"
Why? "Greatest Persona character of all time."
Why? "I actually prefer him to yato!"
Why? "My favorite Brittney Karbowski role to this date!"
Why? "Tied with Esmerald for my favorite Sailor Moon villain."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Why? "My favorite anime "
Why? "SAO was garbage but this show was amazing! I guess the writer learnt from his mistakes."
Why? "It's glorious!"
Why? "Really funny!"
Why? "Great show with amazing characters!"
Why? "Still miss this show. Sigh. I still haven't found something to replace it with."
Why? "I watch this whenever I finish Hirasugi and it works!"
Why? "As embrassing as it is to admit, I actually really enjoy this show. It might actually replace gravity falls."
Why? "A really silly and fun anime!"
Why? "First anime I ever watched."
Why? "Way better than the actual series!"
Why? "An insane roller coaster ride that never lets you go."
Why? "A great show I definitely want to return!"
Why? "A hilarious show with a good plot."
Why? "This show was a bit stupid, but I still love it nonetheless."
Why? "Loved this when I was seven (even though it was mostly re-runs at the time)"
Why? "A way better love story than Twilight!"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Lion King
Why? "Do I even need a reason?"
Why? "A true classic. Here's to hoping that the live action version won't ruin it."
Why? "This movie left me breathless. I love it so much."
Why? "First anime movie I ever watched."
Why? "A great movie with a great main character!"
Why? "What can I say, I really love hoopa."
Why? "Best Pokémon movie ever."
Why? "The sequel U never knew I needed."
Why? "This movie was my favorite pre-k through second grade, and I have a right to still love it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Sailor Moon
Why? "Usagi has an amazing voice!"
Why? "Can we all just agree that Wendee Lee is the best Lyn? Lani sounds way to old (no surprise there)."
Why? "Really goes to show that Lucina's new voice could've been way worse."
Why? "All of his voices do a fantastic job!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Why? "Started my obsession with fire emblem."
Why? "By far the best game in the DR franchise."
Why? "The mot brutal and f***-up game so far, which I honestly like (even though the dub is shaping up to be a disappointment)"
Why? "The greatest Fire Emblem game by far. The story is absolutely amazing and the voice acting is really well done."
Why? "Was enchanted first time."
Why? "A great game with a great cast."
Why? "A great game with great graphics!"
Why? "Really addictive"
Why? "It's a classic!"
Why? "My first brush with Nintendo!"
Why? "I love it even after 2 years"
#1 All Time Favorite
Gravity Falls
Why? "I nearly died on all of them!"
Why? "Great voice cast!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "I'd make a Stranger Things reference but I don't know what would work..."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Love Live!
    Why? "I enjoy this franchise to much for my own good honestly. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure whatever or not it's the anime or the game."
    Why? "Plain awesome."
    Why? "Don't you just love watching your favorite characters die brutal painful deaths? );"
    Why? "I will always love Disney and if you have a problem with that you can leave this page."
    Why? "The beginning of my road to the trashcan..."
    Why? "Do I even need a reason?"
    Why? "I love marvel so much!"
    Why? "The first franchise I got into!"
    Why? "My guilty pleasure."