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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Ryan Drummond
Why? "He had such energy and excitement! And he once told me that if given the chance, he would come back. He loves his work."
Why? "Stimpy, Philip J Fry, Bugs Bunny, I could go on."
Why? "Godlike voice from Yami & Mephiles."
Why? ""Faker? I think YOUR the fake hedgehog around here! You're comparing yourself to me? Hah! You're not even GOOD ENOUGH TO BE MY FAKE!!""
Why? "One of my favorite comedians."
Why? "He was truly menacing as Eggman."
Why? "One of the great child actors."
Why? "He's really talented, even doing a great cover up for Jeremy Iron's Scar in the song "Be Prepared"."
Why? "Serah Farron, Anko, Blaze the Cat? there seems to be a connection here because I love all of those characters."
Why? "Most memorable Fox McCloud. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"
Why? "He IS Star Fox 64. Just about every memorable character outside of the main heroes is this guy."
Why? "He's one of the few voice actors that my mother know from somewhere else."
Why? "A great voice actor who has affected all of our childhoods in some manner."
Why? "The one and only, Mickey Mouse."
#1 All Time Favorite
Blaze the Cat
Why? "She is one of the more progressive female characters with a rather deep personality."
Why? "He is one of my favorite animal characters."
Why? "He's potentially a great warrior."
Why? "A face that launched a thousand furries. Not only was she sexy but she was strong and smart."
Why? "One of the tag-along kids who actually does a great deal of help for the main hero."
Why? "He was quite a complex villain."
Why? "He's Totally RADICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Quite the dastardly villain for a pilot. "Can't let you do that, STAR FOX!""
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Sonic the Hedgehog
Why? "We do get political over our favorite voice actor. Personally, that's what makes it fun."
Why? "Because either way, we still get brilliant voice actors for Blaze."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic Adventure
Why? "Action-Adventure, my favorite genre. This game shows off the Dreamcast, my favorite system, with realistic graphics and innovative gameplay."
Why? "Definitely one of the best Sonic games, I kinda wish it took the "Adventure" part more seriously for the gameplay. Still an awesome game."
Why? "An action packed thrill ride that introduced my favorite character, Blaze the Cat."
Why? "I actually find this to be a great example of video game development, and sorta the Sonic Adventure 3."
Why? "A great spiritual successor to the Sonic Adventure games."