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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
James Arnold Taylor
Why? "He voices Tidus & Ratchet. Not only that but he's an awesome, nice guy"
Why? "The Hamburglar!!"
Why? "Gargoyles, Savage Opress, Otto, Lex Luthor, HADES!!! The list is endless."
Why? "His roles as Tiger & Jeremy are some of the best memories of my childhood."
Why? "This guy kicked ass as Mongul, and Zhao, but Dark Danny gave me chills with his cocky evil tone!"
Why? "Sokka!!!"
Why? "She brought a spunky personality to Chris, and she was sexy as Nan on True Blood."
Why? "His roles as Wakka & Kimahri in Final Fantasy X will always be my favorite"
Why? "Goliath."
Why? "He's the freakin' Batman"
Why? "'Cos it's freaking Kev Smith"
Why? "NUmbah 3 and Joo-Dee"
Why? "She's married to LittleKuriboh"
Why? "Her as Demona really showed she could make you love her AND hate her"
Why? "His preformance as Auron was one of the best I have ever seen in Final Fantasy."
Why? "The one and only Mr. Freeze"
Why? "He had me at Raphael"
Why? "Have you heard his Hulk?!"
Why? "The original Raphael, Carl Weezer, Pinky, and Yakko! This guy is an amzing talent, and an extremely great person."
Why? "His Michaelangelo was amazing, but he is CHOJI!!"
Why? "Her voice as Rin in Nagasarete Airantou is so natural, I'm not surprised she voiced Asuka"
Why? "He has so much potential and I see a great future for him"
Why? "Some of my earliest cartoon memories have her in them"
Why? "Raimundo, Eduardo, and Gibson FTW!!"
Why? "Mustang and Mori!!"
Why? "She's talented, sexy, and she voiced Dot!!"
Why? "His voice is like viagra"
Why? "Kagero"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "His one liners are hilarious"
Why? "The Best Assassin."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "This was the first dark cartoon I remember. Jeff Bennet kills as Brooklyn!"
Why? "This made my cousin and I closer. My uncle and I closer. And more importanly, it made my dad and I close."
Why? "This was the first Batman I ever saw. I was only 4 but I knew it was dark, and awesome. It'll always hold a place in my heart."
Why? "This series re-runs was my modern day introduction into the Real world of Batman."
Why? "I finally remember what this was called! I used to see re runs of this when I was just a kid."
Why? "I want to see where Aaron Dismuke will go"
Why? "This show had love, weird animation, and kick ass music!"
Why? "Numbah 2 was the man"
Why? "It's kick ass! Has an awesome theme song!"
Why? "This was a show that brought family together. It was my favorite show growing up. More importantly, its filler was GOOD!"
Why? "I'm from the U.S. and my and my bros used to watch this every weekend!!"
Why? "Great Memories"
Why? "Pretty good by filler standards."
Why? "This Green Lantern was the best!"
Why? "When ever I saw re-runs this is how I knew Spider-Man"
Why? "Super-Hero Static Shock!"
Why? "Sparx!!"
Why? "Truly a revelation in anime. Been watching since I was a kid, and I could easily say it's my #3"
Why? "This introduced a whole new world of Batman to me. Plus, watching these saturday mornings was a great time"
Why? "It offers a whole new old-timey feel to an already amazing series. Plus a female lead."
Why? "We got to see Batgirl. Voiced by Tara Strong no less"
Why? "I can barley remember this, but I know I loved it!"
Why? "This was my first exposure to Transformers"
Why? "It offers a whole new look on the DC Universe. Plus Khari Payton is killer as Aqualad"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "That flashback on Joker is EPIC"
Why? "Batman could have gotten some!"
Why? "Epic"
Why? "My favorite Pixar movie"
Why? "A beautiful peace of animation."
Why? "Absolutly flawless"
Why? "This is what introduced me to NIMH. A couple years later I grew to appreciate the Secret of NIMH 1"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "That laugh."
Why? "He's Batman. Duh!"
Why? "My favorite Superhero"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Final Fantasy X
Why? "Words can't describe why."
Why? "Altair will always be the best"
Why? "Loved the costumes"
Why? "Finally, Daxter get's his own game!"
Why? "Truly amazing. This kickstarted my interest in greek mythology."
Why? "That big ass hammer was awesome!"
Why? "Play it. You will know why."
Why? "A father??"
Why? "New twist on the game"
Why? "This game connected me, my uncle, and my cousin. I play it to this day"
Why? "This is a whole new side to Jak!!"
Why? "Playing this with my uncle and cousins when I was just 7 was some of the best time ever!"
Why? "Like the Swords"
Why? "This was my favorite video game before I ever had a console!!"
Why? "This was the best"
Why? "Bigger guns!"
Why? "It really does"
Why? "The Toys!"
Why? "Great twist to Ratchet!"
Why? "That Orca chase, gets me every time"
Why? "This was awesome!"
Why? "I'm 16, just bought it a month ago, and I LOVE it!!"