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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Daisuke Ono
Why? "彼は俳優の音声の 1 つの地獄 (one hell of a voice actor)"
Why? "The real wolverine!"
Why? "Chuck Norris. That is all."
Why? "His impressions are uncanny..."
Why? "I just love the energy and witt he brings to his roles"
Why? "The real sanji!"
Why? "FOOP!!!"
Why? "He's been in everything. I grew up on this guy's voice"
Why? "Tien and Kurama......Amazing!"
Why? "My favorite VA! She gives great performances & is a very nice person. If I don't like an anime I'd probably still watch it if she was in it."
Why? "TAMAKI!!!!!!"
Why? "One of the greatest voice actors of all time!"
Why? "A true VA Vet!"
Why? "Plays the hottest characters!"
Why? "His range is unbelievable. He is extremely talented. Even if the show he's in isn't in the best light. There's no role he can't play!"
Why? "Spider-Man, Batman and Tuxedo Mask.......what's not to love?"
Why? "Truly one of the best VA's The Ocean Group has to offer"
Why? "Wolverine, Spike Spiegel, Mugen, Kazuma and Roger Smith......need I say more?"
Why? "Keroro is outrageously funny!"
Why? "Great as shanks!"
Why? "A baritone voice that will be sorely missed"
#1 All Time Favorite
Sebastian Michaelis
Why? "One hell of a butler! ^^"
Why? "Funny as hell........breaks the 4th wall"
Why? "Once confused him with Sanji XD. True story"
Why? "It's Optimus, what's not to love?"
Why? "Wolverine....nuff said"