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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Michael Bell
Why? "Simply put, Michael is a big inspiration to me. His work in cartoons from the 80's as well as video games defined a generation."
Why? "He's Canada's answer to John Dimaggio."
Why? "The man was quite the talent, provided some great voices for both father figures and brutes, RIP to quite a legend."
Why? "Bruce's range as a voice actor is an interesting one, playing both children and adults surprisingly well for someone of his appearance."
Why? "Cree has that endless amount of Sass to her voice, she plays her characters young and old with the right amount energy needed."
Why? "A fine voice actor in the Anime industry. Alucard, Togusa, Tsume and many others. The man has an amazing range and incredible vocal delivery"
Why? "One of Canada's most underrated and very versatile talents. Lucas Kane, Pey'j & so many others."
Why? "David's come along way since he played Megatron in Beast Wars, he is quite the skilled actor with a wide range for what he has."
Why? "David Sobolov is one of a kind type of voice actor, the best kind to play threatening villains and brutes."
Why? "Abit of an underrated talent in the industry, his voice of LeChuck as well as playing Dr. Silberman in Terminator are huge standouts for him"
Why? "Ed brought different layers of voices to each of his characters. Wise and friendly to vicious and threatening, a sorely missed talent."
Why? "Best way to describe Elias Toufexis. His voice is a mix between Keanu Reeves & Clint Eastwood, Damn fine and underrated voice actor."
Why? "Harvey's one of a unique talent in the Toronto voice acting field."
Why? "I've always liked Hilary from the olden days of ADV, very versatile female anime actress and she plays children amazingly well."
Why? "A very overlooked voice director & voice actor, his skills are very meticulous in the business that he does not get much notice."
Why? "James adds such a gritty and dark tone to Max Payne, quite a talented actor & voice actor."
Why? "Janyse has something very soft and warm about her voice, something that make her performances welcoming and very easy to listen to."
Why? "One of the more recognizable Voice Actress from the 80's & 90's, Loved her as Princess Ayeka."
Why? "A veteran voice actress with a huge amount of talent to spare for the roles she has played over the years."
Why? "John Lee has something very special about his voice. It's smooth and intimidating yet soothing and embracing at the same time."
Why? "Hand's down the perfect Lucifer."
Why? "A talented and really gifted actor, Spawn and Goliath."
Why? "An actor of great talent with a mystical and imposing voice."
Why? "Kevin's work played an importance in my life growing up watching Anime, He was a fine voice director and actor. He will be greatly missed."
Why? "A voice actor with a very smooth and wide vocal range, memorable performances and delivers alot of character to the roles he plays."
Why? "One of the true unsung heroes of Voice Acting. Marc is incredibly talented."
Why? "The man is best known for Luke Skywalker & The Joker, he has given incredible performances over the years, a one of a kind actor."
Why? "If not for this man, we would not have voice actors or voice acting, God bless Mel Blanc."
Why? "Melodee has this wonderful deep and bold presence about her voice that works for strong and powerful female characters."
Why? "Amazingly Michael has a vocal range with which to play both serious and comedic roles, Such a rather underrated actor."
Why? "An underrated and talented actor/voice actor, needs more work."
Why? "A Pioneer from the streamline days of Anime voice acting, played some memorable and great characters over the years."
Why? "Neil's Optimus Prime is by far the best hands down, young but also commanding like Cullen's. Neil is a very underused and talented actor."
Why? "A talent I grew up listening to, Paul is quite the actor for playing wise characters and villains."
Why? "An underrated and talented actor, plays wise and cynical characters very well."
Why? "He is/was/and always will be Optimus Prime. Peter Cullen is a legend that brought an icon to life with his powerful and memorable voice."
Why? "This man gave me a childhood with the voices he did for Anime back in the day, specifically Kiichi Goto."
Why? "Something about Richard's voice is deliciously well rounded that he has an amazing range for the characters he plays. So underrated."
Why? "Scott's one of the most well known and incredible talent's in the business. A man with an upbeat, humorous and very versatile vocal range."
Why? "Despite being the voice of several anime characters back in the late 80's early 90's. I will always remember Sean as Big Mac from TUGS."
Why? "Kate Walker from Syberia, one of her defining and most interesting roles in her career."
Why? "To me Simon will always be remembered as Kain, he brings a unique and valuable trait when playing characters both heroic and villainous."
Why? "Tom had amazing range as a voice actor, played some memorable roles both good and bad. I really miss his work."
Why? "Tony was such a wonderful and talented actor with a powerful and booming voice, he is so greatly missed."
Why? "I can easily say without a doubt Troy has become the next "Nolan North" when it comes to voice acting, the man has talent and amazing range."
Why? "A memorable and distinctive sounding VA from the days of the Manga UK anime dubs."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of, if not the best video game characters in anti-heroism."
Why? "An incredible character that defines strength & will."
Why? "The most "Human" character to ever exist in Anime, a true representation of freedom from a higher and oppressive power."
Why? "One of the funniest and dryest characters from DC."
Why? "A quiet and emotionally reserved character, but at the same time abit of a dick."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The show that began a huge and wonderful franchise that still exists to this day, The show alot of people grew up watching and loving."
Why? "It's stupid at it's best but entertaining and enjoyable at its greatest."
Why? "Abit dated, but a good start to bringing Appleseed in Animated form."
Why? "A cyberpunk and Sci-fi anime classic."
Why? "One of Manga UK's best dubbed anime's, also one of Kawajiri's best but short lived works. Dark, gritty & hard hitting science fiction."
Why? "One of the slickest and detailed anime's of this decade, well voice acted and just amazing to take in."
Why? "Beautifully written little series, hands down amazing voice acting. I laughed and cried and enjoyed so much of what this series did."
Why? "Quite a unique Samurai anime with a blend of hip hop, one of Watanabe's best works since Cowboy Bebop."
Why? "From a english dub translation viewpoint, this has so many problems. However this show as a whole was very beautiful and one of my favs."
Why? "Next to Beast Wars & Beast Machines, this had some of the best storytelling and characterization in the Transformers Franchise."
Why? "Not everyone's cup of tea, but to me this my favorite transformers series. A fantastic continuation to Beast Wars that went dark and gritty."
Why? "A very well written and fantastic entry in the Transformers Franchise, one of my childhood favorites."
Why? "This show has started off incredibly well, characters are funny, setting is brilliant, voice acting is amazing. Alot of potential in this."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A very important film that brought Anime to a wider range in the US."
Why? "A wonderful part of the Macross Franchise."
Why? "A genre defining movie and one of Yoshiaki Kawajiri's best films. One of my all time favorites as well."
Why? "Fast cars, gun fights & lovable characters. An anime that deserved to be longer."
Why? "A very flawed (but very good first try) film to get LOTR started in motion picture format."
Why? "In many ways, this movie was a turning point for Transformers. It brought in new and creative ideas but left a strong impact."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Darkness
Why? "An underrated, beautifully written and superbly voice acted game. Deserved so much more praise."
Why? "An incredible game with an incredible story and wonderful characters."
Why? "One of the most beautifully rendered and well written shooting games of the next gen era."
Why? "An excellent sequel to Darksiders, beautiful and detailed world with a breathtaking mythology and great voice acting to make the game whole."
Why? "What more needs to be said, this game is art in it's purest form. A beautifully told story with some amazing voice acting."
Why? "Not as good as X but it goes over leaps and bounds and helps finish the story. Probably the last good Final Fantasy Game in the series."
Why? "A wonderful and highly adventurous game, the music and gameplay were immense and enjoyable from beginning to end."
Why? "An underrated and enjoyable strategy game from Koei, the start of a great little trilogy of games."
Why? "A groundbreaking masterpiece of a video game, brilliant writing, gameplay, voice acting, graphics & story."
Why? "One of the best western games of the next-gen consoles."
Why? "This game is very special to me, this was the first game I ever played on the Playstation."