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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Kevin Michael Richardson
Why? "Dude, this great man, has been almost everyone, why not add him!?"
Why? "He is one of my favorite black voice actors in anime and he inspires me as well to pursue voice actin^^"
Why? "His Sanji sucks, but his Xellos is amazing!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Panty f-ing Anarchy, that is all"
Why? "Words cannot express how amazing she is. Everyone around the world can say that they grew up with her, I mean she is just...wow, nuff said!"
Why? "The man is elmo!!!"
Why? "Learning about how she got into voice acting inspired me to take the same road as her. Finish school first then go for voice acting :D"
Why? "I freaking love her. Rogue, Ayesha Clan-Clan, Roll even Kitt Won!"
Why? "If we say digimon, she is Guilmon, but DBZ and this is a huge shocker to me, She is Goku........seriously look!"
Why? "Jak and speedy.....nuff said :D"
Why? "She can be old lady, a young boy, or a hot girl. thats what is awesome about her voice^^"
Why? "In real life she is an extremely sweet and kind person. And in anime her voices always make me smile, truly an awesome voice actor :D."
Why? "When you hear this man talk, it gives you chills!! When it comes to voicing a bad guy its a tie between him and Tony Todd"
Why? "This is Steven Jay Blum!!!! This is the man whom I grew up listening to as well as one of my inspiriations for wanting to be a voice actor!"
Why? "This man is like the Steve Blum of Funimation!"
Why? "His voice is a voice that demand order among his troops. If i was an army general, I would want his voice."
Why? "He can be an emo pansy like sasuke or an heroic champion of justice like Ben Tennyson"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "That cool attitude combined with her british accent, and combat skills= ultimate badassery!"
Why? "Because the ctarl ctarl empire is awesome!!!"
Why? "I hate him....yet i feel sorry how archer has screwed him over many times lol"
Why? "Go ahead take his knife...I dare you"
Why? "NOT A MONKEY!!!!"
Why? "In any situation when people threaten him he says the following: Bite me!"
Why? "Chicks dig giant robots"
Why? "Imagine the hotshot plastic surgeon who drives a nice car and is arrogant. Plus with Daran Norris it makes it better :D"
Why? "Ignore the pain......its only going to get worse!!!! AHAHAHA!!!!! Man i freaking loved Rampage!!"
Why? "Ruthless....efficient.....and extremely lethal, thats why I like Ron ^^"
Why? "Lets be blunt here, Terriermon was a little smart ass, and thats why we love him lol"
Why? "He actually reminds me of me.....except I am not an assassin lol"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Steven Universe
Why? "This show is just...perfect!! The story, the characters, the voice acting and the music!!"
Why? "At first i hated the show....but the more i watched it, it was getting better and deeper. I strongly recommend it :D"
Why? "I was transported to a far away planet a world where monsters rule! Played the game like an ace now we're in this place to save the monsters"
Why? "Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Iron Man
Why? "Eric Loomis outshines everyone, he actually sounds like Robert Downey Jr."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Video Game
    Why? "Witches, guns, and hair that stransforms into weapons......what more could you want :D"