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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
JK Simmons
Why? "He's awesome. I love how his voice sounds, and he's played a lot of my favorite roles."
Why? "I just absolutely love this man. He created one of my favorite TV shows."
Why? "An actress with many, many voices, you can hear her everywhere. Her standout role to me is as Azula."
Why? "His deep, classy voice impresses and inspires me. He plays some truly great characters."
Why? "An irreplaceable talent, she voices many great characters. I especially appreciate her performance as Celty"
Why? "Kristen Schaal is hilarious. I loved her performance as Mabel."
Why? "He's got a great voice, and he's voiced so many good characters. Personal favorites of mine are from the Professor Layton series."
Why? "He's known for the best portrayals of two of the most renown characters in media: Luke Skywalker and the Joker. Plus, he seems pretty cool."
Why? "He's not the biggest voice actor, but he gave the best performance as my favorite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze. May he rest in peace."
Why? "Very versatile and the voice of some great characters, including Yuki Nagato. Plus, she's a fellow Michigander!"
Why? "Don't really have much to say. Good voice and range. Play's many memorable characters. She's pretty great."
Why? "Every character he voices seems to stand out. His voice is ideal for the most intimidating of villains."
Why? "He's just really likeable whether on screen or voicing characters. He has a great voice."
Why? "It's Steve Blum! He's voiced so many great characters and some of my favorite villains. The slick quality of his voice is also really cool."
Why? "The most well known voice actress in the industry, Her range and talents seem to know no bounds."
Why? "Todd's has a very unique sounding voice, and it works so well. Whenever I hear him voicing a character, it makes me smile."
Why? "He voiced one of the best Disney villains ever. His amazing voice and sinister tones continue to inspire me."
Why? "He's not the biggest voice actor and most of what he's been in I haven't seen, but still: HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE!?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "She is the face of fear. Sometimes a villain, sometimes an ally, her honor and depth as a character impress me greatly."
Why? "Take a wild guess."
Why? "He's very different from me, but i relate and sympathize with him so much. Plus, he's hilarious."
Why? "Not important to anything at all, Lotton is the ultimate underdog. Every moment he's on screen is a comedic gem. Keep trying buddy!"
Why? "He gets a lot of crap he doesn't deserve and he never gets the girl, yet he remains virtuous, kind and a loyal friend."
Why? "She makes me laugh whenever she's on screen with her crazy physical humor and quirky voice. She's also a great friend to Ryuko."
Why? "My favorite character in Trigun, Milly brought some great comedic relief. She's nice, respectful, positive, and surprisingly deep."
Why? "My favorite Batman villain ever. He's such a fascinating character with such a sad backstory. Somebody please give him a hug."
Why? "I don't really have much to say. He's just awesome and he's one of the best preachers out there."
Why? "Classy, deep, and humorous, Layton is a character anyone would want as a friend. Few characters have inspired me more than he."
Why? "Revy is certainly interesting. She's sympathetic, yet frustrating. She's someone you fear, yet a reliable, funny, sometimes deep ally."
Why? "A very interesting and dangerous character, Roberta is someone you want to see things turn out well for in the series."
Why? "Rock goes through the most development throughout the show, and being a fish out of water, it's hard not to root for him."
Why? "How can you not love him. He's so classy, cool and somewhat deep. Plus he's voiced by my favorite dub voice actor."
Why? "An honorable conflicted character, Vash always impresses with his skills and personality."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "This show has it all, and a little too much. Great characters, comedy and action! You learn to ignore all the fan service after a while."
Why? "A fascinating, fun series with some of the best characters I've seen."