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Tracey Moore
Why? "I love her voice as Sailor Moon, but I still like Terri Hawkes' voice as Sailor Moon too."
Why? "Because I grew up hearing her voice as Tails, and I always support her no matter what. ^_~"
Why? "She made Rouge sound like a real sexy women to me that why."
Why? "His voice as Knuckles always makes laugh whenever something funny has happen to him. His voice makes my day too. ^_^"
Why? "I find his talent inspiring. ^_^"
Why? "Bella Hudson, sounds like a true princess of voice actors to me."
Why? "Her voice rules as Amy thats what. ^_^"
Why? "I find his voice as Silver intriguing that why. ^_~"
Why? "I almost sound like her voice as Cream myself. I find her talent inspiring too. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Knuckles the Echidna
Why? "I have a small crush on him. tee hee hee"
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Voice Compare
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