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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Liam O'Brien
Why? "Amazing at conveying emotion, be it tragic, comedic, confident, or evil."
Why? "Very hard for me to separate him from Zura at this point but Ishida is extremely expressive."
Why? "Grump"
Why? "Pretty phenomenal range. Her tough characters are exceptional but she can play sweet ones (to the point of being unsettling at times)."
Why? "Best VA of youthful and tsundere characters out there. Only one who can do a Rie Kugimiya role justice in English."
Why? "Someone give her some different types of roles! I'm a fan of her standard voice but I'd like her to branch out, she's excellent!"
Why? "An outstanding actor with a vast range to boot. Wish he was more prominent in western animation."
Why? "She's one hell of an actor. Never a bad performance."
Why? "Often I'm surprised a character is Eri Kitamura. And that's a great thing."
Why? "Kinda amazed by her vocal range, she can take on a huskier voice than Sawashiro or a ridiculously high one."
Why? "While a lot of his characters sound very similar, each performance is imbued with life."
Why? "This guy is just so damn good. He can sound chill, threatening, wise, etc all simultaneously. Whatta VA."
Why? "What Johnny lacks in range (and he lacks vocal range IMO), he makes up for it in spades with acting quality."
Why? "No brainer. Typecast to hell in dandere roles but is always great."
Why? "Favorite female English VA. Extremely talented, with a large vocal range; adept at playing kooky and commanding characters alike."
Why? "Hard to not like this guy. Definitely recognizable/typecast but an excellent VA."
Why? "Cool and smooth, but has a great deep voice too."
Why? "Though she's not in the stuff I see/play that much anymore, she's a damn good VA and I'm happy she's getting her due."
Why? "In my opinion the single best VA based solely in Texas."
Why? "Her voice is INCREDIBLY soothing."
Why? "Extravagant range in genre and role."
Why? "The quintessential tough guy who is a really good actor and director."
Why? "Damn this guy is amazing."
Why? "Wise, rough, calm, cocky... Rikiya Koyama may not have a lot of pitch range, but he's a damn fine actor."
Why? "An up and coming VA who is very good at bringing out a commanding aspect of her characters while leaving them sounding youthful."
Why? "Being Yamada from Working is enough."
Why? "Favorite female seiyuu. Probably the most soothing voice as far as moms/sisters go but when she lets loose, like Beatrice, she's phenomenal."
Why? "Can't go wrong with this guy."
Why? "I legitimately think this guy has not been bad in anything."
Why? "His Dio is excellent but Koyasu is very versatile and can be hammy, chilling and/or funny."
Why? "Todd's very expressive even if his vocal range isn't top tier and he always does a fantastic job."
Why? "Favorite male seiyuu. Out of all seiyuus, Sugita not only has good range but extremely expressive delivery."
Why? "Nowadays he's shown he can be really subtle and nuanced. Great lead and character actor."
Why? "Generally she does one of two voices, but she's generally really good as a VA and a very good director."
Why? "Only now am I hearing him utilize his full range in different roles, and he's exceptionally talented. Gray is meh by comparison."
Why? "Everyone likes him cause of AoT, and he's good there, but Kaji has amazing range making him extremely versatile."
#1 All Time Favorite
Gintoki Sakata
Why? "Tomokazu and Gintoki just works. He's an expressive and inspiring character with plenty of screws loose."
Why? "All hail the trashy goddess, real best grill. Megumin GTFO"
Why? "An awesome heroine, if a tad freaky."
Why? "Diancie's pretty cool, and it's awesome that Caitlin Glass voices her."
Why? "Super cool and inspiring guy, even if he's not always very morally sound."
Why? "As a Final Fantasy fan, Gilgamesh is a great easter egg that links the Final Fantasy series together. John DiMaggio is great as him."
Why? "Finally, a female JoJo. And she's damn great."
Why? "You sometimes wonder if this guy has the morals to actually be a hero."
Why? ""That's a nice watch... Too bad you won't be able to tell time after I break it. Break your face, that is. ORAORAORAORAORA""
Why? "Cutest hurlorine."
Why? "You just wanna hug her."
Why? "I'm not Zura, I'm Katsura!"
Why? "Number one narrator and straight man, voiced by a favorite VA of mine in both languages."
Why? "The Link in Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild is filled with personality."
Why? "Favorite Pokemon."
Why? "GUN IT!"
Why? "Best girl."
Why? "While his Objection isn't the best, Hebert is great as Edgey, who had a phenomenal character arc in the series."
Why? "cat"
Why? "Ain't no dissing the Major."
Why? "Love this little mofo."
Why? "Phoenix has evolved into a great and loveable character, and Sam Riegel's performance seals the deal."
Why? "Best member of Teen Titans, and my favorite performance of Tara Strong."
Why? "Epitome of a badass in anime."
Why? "Not a fan of Mela Lee's portrayal at all. Kana Ueda gets it down though."
Why? "Rohan is an a-hole, but he ends up stealing the show in every episode he's in."
Why? "Natsume grows to be an amazingly kind character that you just want to give a hug and see happy. Kamiya gives a restrained performance."
Why? "Awesome protagonist and my favorite Cristina Vee voice role"
Why? "They should give Seo her own show."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Gurren Lagann
Why? "Not a massive fan of the dub solely for the way they pronounce Simon (see-mon sounds... wrong) but it's a phenomenal show."
Why? "An excellent show on its own merits, but one of the few shows out there where the dub is waaaay better than its original."
Why? "This is an anime I saw for the dub and I was pleased."
Why? "Quality's a tad inconsistent but worth the watch. Glad Aniplex did a simul-dub - rewatched this for the dub too."
Why? "Didn't see the dub yet (cause I have an attachment to the original VO) but this is an excellent anime, especially S2."
Why? "Best dub ever."
Why? "This is better than S1, which was pretty stellar to begin with. Hope Production IG gifts us with a third GIG!"
Why? "An absolute classic is brought to life in beautiful anime form. Based David Production."
Why? "Dub cast and acting were on-point, but dropping the u's off of everyone was jarring. Still, great and weird anime."
Why? "Dub is serviceable, but the show is laugh out loud hilarious."
Why? "A beautiful introspective anime with great characters and wonderful writing. You get sucked in after a while."
Why? "One of my favorite dubs and anime ever. Impeccable English voice acting."
#1 All Time Favorite
Ghost in the Shell
Why? "Not the best dub IMO, but the film is a classic and one of my all-time favorite movies (definitely favorite animated feature)."
Why? "An excellent film. Usually 3 hr films aren't as well-paced as this. Fantastic dub too."
Why? "Most people like 5 more but I prefer this one as it has some really good character moments."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Why? "Stunning in every way. Each mechanic is deep without being granular and they all fit into each other beautifully. Impossible to get bored."
Why? "I'm a sucker for a job system. The VO was generally better but all of the females had weird audio mixing."
Why? "Everything was better over its predecessor except the mini-games in the trials. I HATED Hangman's Gambit, eff that noise."
Why? "A fun, multi-faceted Fire Emblem. Children unnecessary though. And for you localization haters: the localization and dub were great."
Why? "Stood the test of time for me. I can come back every few years and enjoy every second of it."
Why? "Etrian Odyssey + Persona fanfiction = a match made in heaven."
Why? "To me, the third best Ace Attorney. But man was that DLC case disappointing."
Why? "Sun and Moon gave the franchise a swift kick in the rear and is so much fun. Only complaint is loss of horde battles - easy EV training!"
Why? "While the atmosphere is way too low stakes for an SMT game, the voice acting is phenomenal and the gameplay is super tight."
Why? "Damn amazing. Patrick Seitz directed a great dub cast in this polished remake."
Why? "Fun, albeit tough game (mashup of turn-based RPG and a tactical RPG) and the voiceover was really good! Would recommend."
Why? "The story is less polished than its predecessor but everything else is better."
Why? "A dang fantastic MegaTen came, full stop."
Why? "Absolute favorite Sonic game."
Why? "Pretty top tier dub along with a great game and story. Doesn't reinvent the JRPG wheel but is very well done."
Why? "My favorite Zelda to date. It made me fall into an obsessive love with the franchise."
Why? "This was a fun journey and the British dub gave it a nice original feel."
Why? "The story may have been average but you can be sure that I enjoyed the hell out of this game. Went with Keith for my MC voice."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya
Why? "Excellent short, excellent dub. Didn't need to change from CG to animation partway through but both look excellent."