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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Steve Staley
Why? "All the characters he plays end up becoming my favorite"
Why? "The man called Jayne from firefly"
Why? "Wash on Firefly and a damn good VA for the Green Arrow another example of the type of actors I love"
Why? "Jubilee and Claire Redfiled since the beginning enough said I hope she does Claire in her next appearance or else I aint touching."
Why? "Its Rick Grimes one of my favorite live action characters of all time and Andrew Lincoln seems like a super awesome dude as well"
Why? "Indeed he Rox at what he does and Absolutely thought he was the business as Ceasar looking forward to what he does in Star Wars"
Why? "She is all over the place anime web show video games and Attack on Titan, I love thos type of VA sthat pop out everywhere"
Why? "His Kai, Yata, Numbuh 1, Harm, Eddie Brock, Xehanort, Hes just one of those VAs that make wanna watch a show cause he is in it He is so cool"
Why? "He is Amuro Ray, Quatre Winner, Setsuna F. Seie and all sorts of awesome characters Light Yagami, and even Jin Kazama and sounds cool simply"
Why? "Walter White, Hal, Jim Gordon, and even Fei Long, Ive said before if they do a lil of everything games tv movies I always to tend to love em"
Why? "Cam Clarke the orginal Leo and one of the OGs in my book of VAs I am always happy when I hear him in current day animation and Video games."
Why? "Casca became a favorite character of mine and its thanks to how awesome Carrie voiced her and now I always get excited to hear her in more."
Why? "He can play the funniest characters (ex. Red Guy) and can play very threatening bad guys (his version of Cobra Commander RULES!!!)"
Why? "Starscream and Cobra Commander Nuff said"
Why? "After hearing on Progressive then Rick and Morty and now even in Samurai Jack he is becoming a favorite of mine indeed"
Why? "HE IS THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!!!!! and his is also the once farmer now machine samurai Kikuchiyo!!!!!!! Badass voice as well!!!"
Why? "The fact that he used Hook Swords and he knew how to use them and how he would go so far for vengeance made him really interesting."
Why? "He just has one of the most AWESOME voices ever!!!"
Why? "She has a great singing voice, good looking, and she plays NOEL VERMILLION!!!! Have got to hear her more in anime"
Why? "Just the type of actor I love, he comes out in cartoons, Live action TV, Big time movies, and everything and Badass in all. And a GREAT Bane"
Why? "He simply has a great voice and also did a friggin great job as Zuko thats best I can say and I also love him in Jake Long GREAT STUFF."
Why? "SOLID SNAKE!!!! and his dedication to the character"
Why? "Just met him and Man he was the nicest dude EVER!!!! And he is awesome in every role I heard Depth Charge is a classic one at that."
Why? "His voice was just so memorable as I was a kid my favorites being his Itchy, Tiger, and Kooz."
Why? "Love all the characters I have heard him play, and also felt great to hear him in Young Justice as well, I still gotta watch UP though."
Why? "Always impressive to hear in new shows I love him as Tiger Claw and especially Ezekiel Stane now that was a killer bone chilling dude!"
Why? "This is one the coolest VAs in animation and in real life one of the coolest people I have ever met also to be honest and Latino Pride Man"
Why? "HE IS FRANK WELKER he has bin Fred Jones from the beginning to this day and He is the KING OF VAs for real and nuff said!"
Why? "This guy has more range than the most precise gun not sure if that was a good way to put it but I am always amazed when he play a new role."
Why? "This dude is amazing from Live action to animation I love seeing and hearing him, Uncle Ruckus maybe funny, nut I LUV his Mutant Leader."
Why? "I honestly first got my taste of Giancarlo in the DC animated movies and he just had a cool voice then I saw Breaking Bad and yes he is COOL"
Why? "I always loved hearing him especially in Samurai 7 but man his Ganta in Deadman Wonderland was jsut so friggin unforgettable"
Why? "He created GARGOYLES produced Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man and sounds pretty cool to boot. One of the best people in da business"
Why? "She played the evilest chick in Avatar the last airbender: Princess Azula!!!"
Why? "Aaaaayee he is the Fonz the first live action character I thought was cool as heck man n got me into happy days as a kid"
Why? "Has a cool and awesome sounding voice, can make a great English accent, (which Why I wish he would play Dudley from Street Fighter 3) but ya"
Why? "MANLY VOICE, IRON TAGER, and probably can voice a young looking dude and it will still match with the design Oh and he played Elder Sub-Zero"
Why? "Jason David Frank a childhood Idol and now is an all out badass! One of thr coolest people to be walking the planet ITS MORPHIN TIME!"
Why? "It's one of the funniest dudes in any form of media ever always fun to watch him or hear him"
Why? "Nowadays I am hearing him more and more and barely discovered he was also Enrico Maxwell but I was finally sold with his BEAST ASS BANE!!!"
Why? "He created Regular Show enough said and sounds great in all of his roles. Best show on CN for me"
Why? "Ive been hearing him since I started watching cartoons as a 5 year old has an AWESOME voice plays great characters."
Why? "He sounds like my favoritge VA Steve Staley although when he uses his I'S Style voice he sounds BADASS and he is Armin as well and I love it"
Why? "He played Tai in Digimon and his voice was stuck in my head til this day he shoukd still voice act damn shame he retired from it :"("
Why? "I just love hearing her voice work, I really can't explain why, I hope to hear her more later on"
Why? "Has about the one of the MANLIEST voices EVER and he played Goliath which was an OG hero back when I was only like 4."
Why? "Always memorable in all her roles VA or Live Action and just ROCKED as Chesire"
Why? "The voice of Batman nuff said, I love the fact that its since I first started watching TV I have been hearing him and to this VERY DAY I DO!"
Why? "I heard him as Cyborg and thought he was cool I heard him as Aqualad and know he is awesome and I now he did a good deal other DCs n HE ROX"
Why? "It's because he is Jon Snow simple enough and I appreciate him reprising for the Tell Tale's game"
Why? "She pops out in a good deal of shows but most of all she was ROUGE!"
Why? "This guy just simply has one of the coolest sounding voices and I thought he sounded Great as Joachim Armster (my first time I heard him)"
Why? "He had a fine definition of an EPIC VOICE when it came to Domon and He was the best Megaman X ever. I would be honored if he was my doctor."
Why? "He is Mark Hamill what other reason is their to Love his work. Joker Ozai, etc."
Why? "She play some tough characters, one of my fave roles from her is Hot Ice Hilda, I wish she could play Leona from KOF one day"
Why? "He played Ed which is AWESOME but when i heard him as Kira Yamato I was MIND BLOWN!!!!"
Why? "He is awesome in real life and awesome in animation especially his Martial Arts Skills they are badass as Spawn."
Why? "Even though I've only heard him in a few voice roles, and I'm liking his role in Black Ops 2 so far, he just has a unique n cool voice"
Why? "He has a BAD ASS voice, played the best Leonardo ever, and can summon up a great cast of VAs with NYAV post just like in Gundam UC"
Why? "She is all over the DCEU voice wise and live wise and then on Deadpool and also my celeberity crush lol"
Why? "The prime example of the type of actor I love to watch hear and would one day LOVE to meet."
Why? "NPH is just one of those actors I LOVE cause he puts his heart and soul what he does animated or live action and a damn good spidey to boot."
Why? "He gets to be the protagonists for Silent Hills plus he rox in TWD and Boondock Saints an all around bad ass all the way"
Why? "Im half Guatemalan so I cant help but look up to Mr. issac for repping Guatemala and Hell Star Wars for just doing his character so GREAT"
Why? "AWESOME VOICE and one of the first reasoons why I watch Venture Bros. He has the VOICE that one can easily recognize."
Why? "Robb Stark is my favorite in Game of Thrones and He made love Richard Madden and I love him more that he got Trevor and Alucard YEAH!"
Why? "One of myfavorite actors too watch as a child probably one of the first live action actors i started remember all over as a kid"
Why? "Super awesome dude and also that he is one of the VAs I have been hearing all my life throughout a bunch of cartoons a true master indeed."
Why? "He is the sworn enemy of all that is good and decent whats more to say and heck I like his normal voice it sounds cool Id love to meet him"
Why? "He is just so cool in live and animated definately a memorable dude and seems super cool irl too"
Why? "He is just awesome and unforgettable in all the roles I heard him in, especially his Samanosuke and Prince of Persia."
Why? "He was the first VA I seen in action in an ad for Aladdin as a kid and I am deeply saddened that he had to go so soon R.I.P Mr. Williams"
Why? "One of the coolest people I have ever met no lie!!! and plays very interesting roles Chris Redfield "C'MON""
Why? "He can act, he can do awesome voice acts, and hes jus plain BADASS!!! HELLBOY, SLADE, JUSTICE, and a pretty cool BATMAN."
Why? "I love all the roles he play one of my fantasies came true now that he is KY Kiske and honestly I can thank him for makin Donnie My fav TMNT"
Why? "He is Double D and a bunch of other cool awesom characters like Krypto, Baby Looney Tunes and Athrun Zala my favorite"
Why? "He has the coolest voices for practically any type of character, he played an AWESOME Wolverine, he seems funny and cool"
Why? "Steve in Full House and Disney's Aladdin in every game show movie I have seen him in."
Why? "The coolest of the cool in my Live action list."
Why? "One of the coolest voices in YJ and her personality in real life are as good as her looks her husband is one fortunate dude but yea she ROX"
Why? "She play Hinata who is shy and kicks Butt, She play Orihime who is more sweet than a fighter then she plays Audrey Burne who is strong!"
Why? "T.O.M, Wolverine, Spike Spiegel, Zabuza Momochi, Kyoshiroh Todoh, and the bad guy for The Legend of Korra a show always gets kool wit him in"
Why? "This dude has one of the coolest sounding voices period."
Why? "He sounds so unique and he was Lexington in Gargoyles and I love his Klarion but I would love to hear him more and more"
Why? "I love he pops up in a great deal of shows and was VERY happy to hear him in Young Justice also luvd him in Muppet Treasure Island an OG VA."
Why? "He is amazing as Liu Kang seriously he just ROX the part and i am glad he reprised for MK X"
Why? "A LEGENDARY VA I listend to as a child and to this day I miss hearing him so much that it saddens me that he is now R.I.P Ill never 4get him"
Why? "OG voice actor who can probably play any type of character from the Heroic and Loud Bang Shishigami, to the Quiet and evil Ulquiorra"
Why? "Loved him as Eddy and Miguel Aiman Ima be sad not to hear him anymore"
Why? "He is now practically everywhere he voice in & I never get tired of him, He is Jake Muller in RE 6, but I wish he played Aang in Korra xD"
Why? "His awesome and deep voice and plus he was the Iron Giant which was a really surprising thing for me especially becuz he is Dominic Torretto"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Slade Wilson a BADASS criminal mastermind of a Merc that can kick and outsmart tons of ass thats all I know to say about this Terminator."
Why? "Its the way she dresses especially in her Darkside Chronicles Attire I don't why but she I see the most style on her in all of Resident Evil"
Why? "One Hell of a lunatic, War mongering, doesnt give a crap as long as he gets to kick someone's ass badass my favorite Scott Mcneil role ever!"
Why? "A mysterious yet very AWESOME and cool villain and he looks downright VICIOUS, I cannot wait 2 find out more about this guy as the show goes"
Why? "He is just the definition of kool, calm, and badass."
Why? "Easily becoming my most favorite Tara Strong Role her development is just so cool and she is a badass in her own right"
Why? "He is a samurai and I am a sucker for samurais and he was one of the coolest anime samurais I have ever seen sad he doesn't some out in Zero"
Why? "He is Epic, he is awesome, he is the man of Justice, He is BANG SHISHIGAMI!!!!!!! MAN I LOVE THIS GUY HE IS JUST SO EPIC!"
Why? "He is BATMAN Enough said."
Why? "Pretty much my favorite charater in DOA he has an Awesome outfits an awesome Beret and has one of the coolest fighting styles ever, SAMBO!!!"
Why? "I can relate to this guy sometimes"
Why? "She is a cool and awesome hero, not to many powers but those are the kind of heroes I love."
Why? "My favorite character in Berserk she is tough, awesome, and a total babe"
Why? "Curious George One of my childhood heroes of all time I have a love for him That I cannot explain he is just so cool along with his show."
Why? "A bad@$$ in my book and I wish that he would come out in the new movies"
Why? "Most Epic, Loudest, and TOUGHEST Gundam Heroes ever SHINIG FINGER, BURNING FINGER and has a killer english VA!! Mark Gatha!!!"
Why? "I always had loved using him in the video games and he is the smartest and right now my favorite in the current show nut pretty much he ROX!"
Why? "He pretty much kinda reminds me of magneto and poor guy is doing everything because if his loved ones doesnt justify it but a great villain"
Why? "Thanks to episode 6 I like this guy even more he is the true definition of a dude with BALLS OF STEEL!! I dont care wat others say."
Why? "I just loved his constant "passages" from his Book of Rage always was fun watching this maniac on Jonny Quest"
Why? "FLINT I don't know why but he is my favorite Joe, mostly cause I have seen more of him than I saw of Duke and also he has an awesome beret."
Why? "Hero in one of my favorite game series and one of my favorite characters in SMASH"
Why? "He took out Frieza and Cold like nothing has some beast duds awesome Sword and and is the son of Prince of all saiyans... "BURNING ATTACK!""
Why? "My favorite Marvel hero since Marvel vs Capcom"
Why? "One of the most badass of badasses."
Why? "This game for some reason I like to call one of the best dads EVER, he is caring, kind, self sacrificing, and his name is George hahahaaa."
Why? "This guy from what I remember was BAD@$$ as F&^% and HARD!!! I gotta rewatch the episode to see why again"
Why? "The Great American Buffness with the theme song that goes with anything!!!! And he will flip upside down just tokick someone in the face!!!!"
Why? "Man this guy was WILD and funny. I don't what else to say about him"
Why? "She is probably the most purest of the characters that I know so far, Stupid Naruto should realize that she has the hots for him already."
Why? "HE WAS RUTHLESS in the first 5 seasons and just so "Gangsta" I just love his design and I don't know why My favorite bad guy in TMNT 2003!!!"
Why? "Not stereotypical all Muscle, looks like a Demon and is really fun to use, and Mr. Price ROCx as him I hope he comes bak for Chronophantsama"
Why? "This foul mouthed big daddy is real fun to hear and fight Put him in Marvel vs Capcom 4 lol"
Why? "One of my favorite characters to use in Virtua Fighter I was es[ecially happy when they added him in Dead or Alive also I love his YEAH!!!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters to use in MK 2011 and hell she is awesome and hella hot as well hahaha"
Why? "As brutal as he was I alwasy though he was a badass and he used the Hookswords very AWESOMELY sad shame it ended badly for him though"
Why? "His name is Justice sounds cool but is he Justice not really but he was no stone cold killer like Afro so he says but I think he was stylish"
Why? "He is a bad ass, smart ass, somewhat tragic hero whom by whatever he chooses it may just get worse for him STEVE STALEY voices him AHHHH!"
Why? "he is just cool although he is somewhat flawed he is still an awesome character and he is killer style as well."
Why? "Thanks to Young Justice for introducing him to me and Thm Adcox voice acting I just have obsession with his craziness hahaha "NOOOOOOO""
Why? "One of the most if not most Honorable caharcters in any show I have ever seen He won all my respect during ep. 15 for sure!!"
Why? "What can I say about this handsome badass that has an awesome Scorpion style Knife coming out of his wrist"
Why? "She is a tough beast with tons of style and character, when I finally seen her woop some ass I was astounded!!!"
Why? "THE MAIN MAN I love this guy in Superman, and it was great to see him in Young Justice He is my favorite Superman villain"
Why? "Normally I hated Time Travel, Dimension Hopping story arcs in shows but Bishop made me change my mind he made the stories AWESOME!!!!"
Why? "Him and his brothers were some of the coolest fictional gangsters ever I loved there style, honor, and coolness especially Luck's."
Why? "The Metallicats are awesome bad guys mostly due to their Gangster style and Mac and Molly Mange were funny as heck to boot."
Why? "This guy was just DESTRUCTIVE, and just so fun to listen to and give Batman a hard time BLOW IT ALL UP!!!"
Why? "The most bad ass Mayor with a stache not even the Super Mario Bros. can handle just cool epicness and Manliness at it's finest."
Why? "Probably the closest character I got to a favorite in Persona 3 she is as badass as she is sexy and I LOVE to use her in Persona 4 Arena"
Why? "The Metallicats are awesome bad guys mostly due to their Gangster style and Mac and Molly Mange were funny as heck to boot."
Why? "My favorite character in Zootopia hahahah "Ice Em""
Why? "The second I saw his Byakuyan the second I heard him talk (my true intro to Mr. Staley) I automatically new this guy is VICIOUS and he is"
Why? "My favorite espada especially since he gave Kenpachi a run for his money and Mike Sinterniklass voiced him as well."
Why? "Who doesnt like this old Canadian badass he gots all sorts of awesome stuff about him. A hero who takes it to da baddies like a baddie!"
Why? "I think she was one of the more interesting characters in MGS 2."
Why? "She is my favorite character in KI she has an awesome fighting style like the coolest theme in GOLD and I just love her weapons as well."
Why? "My new favorite character in Star Wars simply by the backround they gave him that and he is real cool"
Why? "Best and most Badass kick butt bodyguard in animation history and willing to shoot back if provoked and then some HEADS UP UGLY"
Why? "My favorite Belmont in Castlevania he is cool has a cool Style of duds said the most epic mess to Dracula and put him in his place and YEA!!"
Why? "My first favorite character from Naruto hot blooded master hand to hand combatant!!! Also he is quite funny but proves to be dangerous!"
Why? "My favorite Marvel heroine since I watched X-Men the animated series on Fox Kids."
Why? "My favorite Marvel villain mostly cause he is smarter than his appearance gives off, and Just love how he tends to rumble with Logan alot."
Why? "Rob Paulsen voiced him so well I constantly talk about him when me and my friends bring up Batman Gotham Knight."
Why? "My other favorite character from Virtua Fighter I first started off using her than her bro Jacky both are so fun to use especially in DOA 5"
Why? "Hisagi My favorite Lt. of Bleach cause he looks badass, fights badass, and is BADASS and gots some cool manly scars, "REAP... KAZESHINI!!!!""
Why? "One of my favorite MK heroes since I learned to play this game she has awesome moves and is awesome in MK 2011 she is a blast"
Why? "He is Needles Kain the serial killer clown of Twisted Metal, He has flames instead of hair sounds crazy yet knows and loves what he is doing"
Why? "Its mostly cause of his English Voice actor but after that He pretty much also became the reason why Having Ice Based Powers is so cool 2 me"
Why? "Probably my second favorite Belmont since he is so badass and to me looks almost similar to his decendant Richter."
Why? "Super awesome stylish and love his constant coin flipping"
Why? "This dude was an awesome Mob Boss Style villain the way he talked, threatened, and all that was Awesome Brian Bloom Rocked as Ultraman!"
Why? "My love for Monkeys and him being my most used character in the game, and I honestly just love his personality."
Why? "He was my favorite bad guy from X he has the coolest weapons and awesome Getup"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Young Justice
Why? "An amazing show thats in tha same level as AWESOME as the 90s shows Justice League and movies, Dark actiony twisty just so DAMN AWESOME!"
Why? "Killer Cast, Killer Soundtrack, Killer Story, Killer characters, Killer Fights, One of the best short animes out there."
Why? "This show is AWESOME EPIC AND JUST PLAIN BEAUTIFUL!!!! action great characters and an awesome season 1 finale that I never get tired of."
Why? "NOw this anime was a whole lot of FUN thats all I got to say about it SO MUCH FUN, Issac and Miria were also some of the coolest characters."
Why? "One crazy anime that left big time disturbed but at the same time wanting more Marc Diraison is GUTS"
Why? "This show is just plain Action packed badass op, cast, foulness, violence, jokes, characters, and finally ROBERTA!"
Why? "Thanks to the Greenback Jane Story this is even better than the first half Man the crap talk is so fun to listen to."
Why? "Everything about the show is super friggin great the characters the plot everything it had a little of everything!"
Why? "So far So friggin great also it's great to hear Matt Frewer in animation again"
Why? "One of the best of the after 2006 list of anime (Its difficult for me to get into anime that come after the year 2006) Powerful, emotional!!"
Why? "A classic forever and always great characters action fun and some good stories as each ep goes on and some sad stuff as well."
Why? "Curious George is a show I LOVE to watch it always makes me feel good inside I love the characters Jeff Bennet ROCKS as Ted and I LUV GEORGE"
Why? "A really cool and Bloody good time and a great show to premiere with the return of Toonami I hope dey continue it some day cuz this show ROX"
Why? "A fun show thanks to the numerous Disney characters and shorts they air on the show."
Why? "It's DBZ nuff Said"
Why? "The show lasted a long time even during the days where CN was dying for me (its coming bak up a bit thank goodness) lots of laughs and fun!!"
Why? "Just a really interesting and awesome as hell show cool characters great action all that good stuff one of my favorite anime of all time."
Why? "A very well balanced show with a little everything in it Drama, Love, Action, A SUPERB STORY, and all dat good stuff GREAT GREAT!!"
Why? "One of the BEST animes of its year it had more hope compared to the first show but left me wanting MORE AND MORE more interesting stuff."
Why? "I wish this showed continued it was pretty damn AWESOME"
Why? "There is not enough words to decribe how GREAT this show is its just got so much."
Why? "A fun show indeed tons of fun characters with great and funny moments and let me not forget how much I love Hak Foo that dude is NUTS"
Why? "A true example of an action adventure show with great characters, villain, and tons of suspense and I was born in the 90s this show is TIGHT"
Why? "It was the bees knees when it came out and to this day it is still one of the greatest."
Why? "One of the best Gundam shows to be honest"
Why? "It's Gundam with great animation, great story, and one of the greatest cast I have ever heard just a little bit of everyone here BEAUTIFUL"
Why? "A Very Powerful Show for various reasons Everything in this show was well done especially the voice cast I wish I can hear Jack Taylor More."
Why? "One of my top 5 anime, It just has everything an action anime needs."
Why? "A true example of a very fun to watch show Man this show truely does need to be brought back to Disney XD it was hilarious!!"
Why? "Gotta love the stuff theygo through its like everything you think can go wrong happens to them but it tends to be resolved"
Why? "A great show I havent seen the original movie cause I have no access to it but I am hoping to see it soon but this show was just epic"
Why? "Before Avatar the Last Airbender there was Samurai Jack a real badass show with a bit of everything to enjoy"
Why? "Random as a fish cooking sushi and I LOVE IT!!!"
Why? "Dark, Edgy, and Keith David."
Why? "The first anime I actually watched without TV hahaha and a damn good one at that"
Why? "So Much Nostalgia off this and crazy when I watch it now haha especially when the Metalikats and Dr. Viper are involved."
Why? "I actually like this show it is hilarious, cool, awesome, and actiony, with hints of dark tones and light tones it's so far a good show."
Why? "The funniest show on Adult Swim, it's just so funny and sadly kinda true at some points sorry to say"
Why? "Its good to be a kid who grew up watching Super hero cartoons and now I get to watch live action hero greatness as an adult"
Why? "The show is VERY VERY GOOD and I already like it better than the first show which was probably one of the GREATEST shows I have ever watched"
Why? "Bought the dvds on Amazon and tell me wgy I tend to binge this way more than I can most other abimations this show rocks especially season 2"
Why? "A perfect show with a perfect amount of drama, action, laughs, and crazy moments it's a shame that it did not continue."
Why? "Really interesting take on vampires and plus its by Guillermo Del Toro and it shows"
Why? "I feel elements of Inuyasha and Gundam from this show it was interesting and pretty crazy but it had a great story n characters. Dilandau!!"
Why? "One of the coolest show on TV right now I just love the change in the characters as the show goes on"
Why? "This show was beast man forreal very underrated from my crew and all that but just another good show that got buried to qucik!!!"
Why? "I can't explain why I love dis show the whole irony and destruction, the good vs. evil this show makes it AWESOME"
Why? "Probably the best animated X-Men series in terms of story telling and being fateful to the comics"
Why? "A very good show all around I just love the casting choices the stories they tell and the nostalgia all AWESOME"
Why? "A show I stumbled that I thought had alot of style and awesomeness, one of the greatest shows Cartoon Network has EVER aired"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Why? "Amazing Story, Amazing characters, Tony Jay, and HELLFIRE!!"
Why? "Same reasons as the first Afro Samurai hoping they can make at lest one more sequel some day with a cast as good as this one."
Why? "Just like another person said its a Batman anime with Kevin Conroy Enough said!!!"
Why? "It is among the best of the DC animated movies killer action, killer characters, AWESOME STORY and just one hell an epic I can watch alot"
Why? "Bayonetta ROX and I know this movie will as well."
Why? "It was it was a fun movie"
Why? "THE ANIMATION WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL THE ACTION WAS AMAZING THE STORY thought condenzed WAS AWESOME, everything was just so damn cool!!"
Why? "A proper ending to a GREAT show, it gave more hope to a show dat tended to have very dark events happen to the characters and stuff like dat"
Why? "One of the greatest movie EVER!!!!"
Why? "It woulda been cool if this was canon to the Justice League show with the Justice League cartoon heroes as well but anyway this movie is A+"
Why? "Now this movie was a animated fanservice when it comes to DC animation jeez almighty all the cameo, action, violence n 4 me Perlman as Slade"
Why? "Pretty damn great animation, interesting story, epic music, awesome fights, and the way Ryu was in this anime seemed so cool a great SF flik"
Why? "This too me is the definition of a VERY FUN movie."
Why? "Movie really hit me because Andy was going to college and so was I and this movie just pretty much reminded me my childhood is over!"
Why? "The movie was so freakin Awesome when it was on Toonami I loved every minute of it and it was a good cast of heroes as well shame no Hawkeye"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Kanji Tatsumi
Why? "I always love it when there can't be a reprisal but the replacement ends up sounding as great as the original."
Why? "My favorite character in RE all her voices were great but Sally Cahill was the best since she rprised her role more"
Why? "pretty good people have had him but Ron Perlman was the best yet he never got to voice a true Deathstroke and I hope he does soon."
Why? "My favorite Street Fighter character, all his voices fit none of them really failed."
Why? "Kind of like Sonic it seems like as his voice changed he was growing up"
Why? "It's a pretty good comparison since all the voices sound like he has been growing in age but I cannot decide who is the best fit sadly"
Why? "I started of Hearing Megatron with David Kaye, but Frank Welker was amazing, most of the VAs that voiced Megatron did outstanding"
Why? "An interesting change of voices for good old Siegfried."
Why? "The ultimate example of David Kaye characters getting switched to Michael Dangerfield Hall who i believe can do da characters well enough"
Why? "I love all the diffrent ways his voices were portrayed especially how Cal Dodd voiced him in Marvel Nemesis he sound AWESOME like that."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Resident Evil 2
Why? "This is the game that got me into Resident Evil and My number one favorite Video Game to this day!!!"
Why? "Only a few PS3 games got me hooked and had me talk about alot!!! this is one of them n wit Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, n Arleen Sorkin, NICE!"
Why? "The Sequel to one of the greatest games this gen has to offer and it was just as good if not better than the first game, So much cool stuff."
Why? "Now I have a reason to get a PS4"
Why? "A good addition to the Arkhamverse and especially since Slade finally joined the fray and Troy Baker as Joker AWESOME as for the rest GREAT!"
Why? "I love the cast and characters also love the game WAY better than DMA or GoW the story is alot of fun and I wish THE SEQUEL WOULD B ON PS3!"
Why? "One of the coolest Fighting games of it's year stylish everything and one of the greatest stories in Fighting games EVA now waitin on da nex"
Why? "Now that the cast has been confirmed I know Ima love this game for sure!"
Why? "If you are a castlevania fan man this is a fun game to play I truly wish they can bring this back on current gen systems"
Why? "Now this is a hell of an epic reboot as a fan of Castlevania I approve of this game the music is like some of the most epic ever especially"
Why? "One of the best 4 player fighters I have ever played and it gots a killer cast awesome music and just straight fun to play with friends"
Why? "The game is vicious but it's one of my favorites because of the awesome mix of cast members they got ITS AMAZING!!!"
Why? "The game has so much style man the characters the music everything its just kinda hard"
Why? "Awesome fighting game period, a mix of cast members from all over DC animation well blended together and I hope there will be more to come"
Why? "A really awesome co-op game I didnt play it so much ironically I bought it but its still a really cool cool game"
Why? "Definately one of the coolest movie based games to date, it seems like Mad Max is always done right and the cast on here is really cool too."
Why? "Messed up from the beginning but very great as it goes a truelly great example of games with awesome narraration and a great Protagonist"
Why? "An awesome sequel to an already great story the crap that is thrown at Max just gets worse as he discovers love again, lies and betrayal"
Why? "and again the story of Max Payne continues but this time in Brazil this game just improves in many GREAT ways and does not fail to impress."
Why? "The most tragic, and most interesting story out of the X series Iris, Colonel, were great and it was sad with what happened to them."
Why? "A very interesting chapter in the Megaman X saga is the best I can say but none the less it is AWESOME!"
Why? "My favorite Metal Gear Game of all time the fact that Sake pretty much became the mentor was a badass moment to me, it was just amazing."
Why? "A REALLY GREAT reboot to a great franchise, the best moments of the series all packed in one game just wish they had more classic based dlc."
Why? "Pretty damn good Naruto game 4 player action on the psp sadly no game sharing but screw it, if you like Naruto this is a good one here."
Why? "One of the greatest Franchises on the Playstation that sure as hell needs to continue"
Why? "A great return to the roots for Resident Evil it felt good to play it and I will definitely be replaying it a good few times."
Why? "Probably the 3rd or 4th game I have ever played on the N64 and possibly one of my top 10 games on it plus Dash Rendar is as G as can be"
Why? "One of my dreams come true and also the main reason I got my 3DS and it was hella worth it indeed!!!! Looking forward to the future rumbles!"
Why? "Damn good sequel for a really cool game"
Why? "I kinda think this game is a little overhyped in my opinion I dont agree with the 10 outta 10s but I think it is indeed a REALLY GREAT GAME"
Why? "A great story that pretty much puts you in what can be one of the worst situations that some people think will be an awesome thing NOPE!"
Why? "One of the first good games on PS3 and to this day still looks better in da graphics dept than most fighting games on da system."
Why? "It truely did blow part one outta the water indeed and Dingo was friggin awesome made me hope for a for sure sequel hopefully."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Kids WB commercials were so awesome because all these characters from many very different shows would meet together and do stuff, NOSTALGIA"