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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Christopher Sabat
Why? "The Mel Blanc of Funimation."
Why? "One of the best voice actresses of the decade. Shes great in all her roles from Haruhi to Dende."
Why? "Does a great job at playing villains with a slimy/cowardly personality and he seems to also be pretty good with the non villain stuff."
Why? "Best King Cold voice IMO."
Why? "His performance as Dr Weird is hilarious."
Why? "I really enjoyed his performance as Lief in Deltora Quest. And he does a pretty good voice for Megaman."
Why? "Can pull off any role from a timid little boy to a commanding woman."
Why? "He's great in his other roles but because of his Cell he could suck in every other role and still be one of my favorites."
Why? "He does a great job as Marth in SSBB and he is great as Android 16 in DBZ and a pretty good voice for Tenshinhan (Tien)."
Why? "His Jeice was one of the best new voices for the Dragonball Kai dub and his Able is also very well done."
Why? "Mainly for his voice work on Futurama."
Why? "He voices his characters with alot of charisma and his somewhat deep voice suits alot of his characters. Also hes great at doing commercials"
Why? "Minimus was one of my favorite characters as a kid and alot of it was due to this guys performance. He aslo did a great job as Buzz and Hugo"
Why? "Her voice work as Goku is enough to get on my favorite voice actors list let alone her other great voice works."
Why? "Ever since I was a little kid theres been something about his voice that I like."
Why? "One of my most early inspirations to get into voice acting I remember when I was 10 I would do impressions of all his different voices."
Why? "The voice of one of my favorite Vocaloids and she does a great job as Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh."
#1 All Time Favorite
Darth Vader
Why? "The Simpsons would be nowhere near as funny as it is without Homer."
Why? "Oh my gah this character is funny."
Why? "One of the best villains I have seen in a series in a long time. He's characteristics reminded me a bit of Zant from TOZ TP."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Simpsons
Why? "To all the people who bash this show because it isn't dark, why so serious?"
Why? "It has it's flaws but it's still a fun series."
Why? "The great story of DBZ but with less filler and a awesome new dub."
Why? "Even though it was pretty much a video game walk through it was still a fun movie and it had an awesome OST as well."
Why? "A great fun adventure series that doesn't take itself too seriously."
Why? "Despite being a show that seems to be more suited for girls I can't help but enjoy this series."
Why? "A good, fun light hearted show that will at least make you giggle or smile."
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Why? "Best Dragonball movie to date."
Why? "It's animation, characters, music, and story make other Disney movies look like cheep flash cartoons."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask